Help Me Finish the Antarctica Energetic

By Ken Sheetz
The idea was simple. Spirit told me to give people something they could do about the fears of the Mayan pole shift. Offer the people a meditation in Antarctica on 12.12.12, 11 days ahead of the dreaded date, to shift the pole shift from catastrophe to a positive evolution of humankind.

Simple idea, but, wow, it was an expensive, time-consuming journey to a place as remote as Antarctica.  Add to my level of difficulty that it was for something as esoteric as 24 meditations on a magic date, all for something as audacious as helping save a world with the millions of others light workers awake like me out there looking to save the billions of our fellow humans still asleep.

This all added up to the fact that no investor would finance this adventure. No bank. No film studio. My spirit guides said repeatedly that’s how they wanted it.   They want this mission to be financed by the people via the new crowd funding.  Why I asked spirit and the answer came back that a each person’s donation was to spirit a vote for change, for a better tomorrow.

It was a hard journey. One day, as I reached the tip of Argentina I had no money for food or a hotel. But I did not fear that the crowd and my firends would get to Antarctica. Instead of fearing, I worked 36 hours straight without sleep in the lobby of a friendly hotel.  And in that final 36 hours WE raised over $4,000 on our IndieGoGo for the coolest meditation ever. WE. We the people.

When the final donation came in from sponsor Peter Bedard, I raced up the hills Ushuaia to the boat agent’s office only to be told it was too late.  The boat manifest was closed but there was another boat leaving on 12.23.12.  I was crushed.  How could we come so far and miss the date?  What would happen to the world?  Spirit was silent… Then the boat agent’s phone rang.  The Antarpply boat company had decided to add me to the manifest after all.

And on 12.12.12 precisely, I reached the eternal winter shores of Antarctica.  I performed the 24 planetary meditations my spirit guides gave me, one for each time zone of the world. I’d never done more than one planetary meditation in a day. Looking back on the videos I am amazed how I fought through the exhaustion to make them all happen on 12.12.12.

Amazingly, in the process of all this on the last meditation a rescue at sea happened of 12 people trapped on the Antarctic ice and I caught all on video. It was the first manifestation of the new age for me. I had just performed 24 meditations to rescue the earth from the Mayan pole shift as your representative of the crowd, for which I was so honored. Here it was really happening. And to find that two young lovers who were here in Antarctica to be married were saved, well, does it get any better?

Now, I am once again running low on cash reserves, of course having been editing non-stop since getting back to LA like an Antarctica Santa on Xmas Day with my gifts of new knowledge the vast ET presence of Antarctica had supplied me with. — Lots of public speaking for me ahead.  — I am traveling light because my luggage had been confiscated in Mexico because a crazed festival transport service had let me down.

There were many unexpected expenses. Angels don’t seem to worry about money like we do, like I used to. So I will do as I have been taught to do when low on money, to ask you, you the people help me finish the 24 meditation videos with small donations, in amount you won’t miss from your pocketbook, and for which angels will thank you, at

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