Equinox 2012, An Early Birthday Gift

Almost every wise saying has an opposite one, no less wise, to balance it. – George Sanatayana

By Ken Sheetz

I was born on September 21st, time of the Equinox depending on the year.  This year the Equinox is actually on the 22nd.  Long before my spirit work, the Equinox was more magical than just my birthday.  This morning, 9/10/2012, weeks ahead of the Equinox, I had a vision of the Yin and Yang symbol representing, not female and male,  but the balance of my dark side and light side.

As an adult who suffered as a child and into an adulthood from a loving father who was a “mean drunk” and a distant mother, I never liked any kind of holiday or birthday. They all seemed to set off Dad’s drinking and my emotionally unavailable mom could never make up for how rotten our resulting lives were.

Birthday’s in particular became a horror that brought out the worst in Dad.  After growing up there were many surprise parties where people were shocked I was not myself.  You see, I used to go into an annual depression in the weeks surrounding my birthday.  But as the work of DreamShield, and good old fashioned psychology over the years has served to heal me, I have come to enjoy some birthday attention.

In 1985 I named my corporation Equinox in honor of my famous astrological birth date.  Equinox Corporation’s motto was “Balanced Solutions” and the logo was equal day and night.  That balanced corporation served me to build Oprah’s Studios, a $162 million skyscraper, a billion dollars worth of leases, and, after my move to Hollywood, a PBS special, 3 feature film you can buy on Amazon and hundreds of short films with over 6 million views on YouTube.  But in 2009 as the recession deepened things got so bad I was forced to save the cost of maintaining Equinox and the corporate fees.  I’ve been doing business bareback ever since, without the shelter of a corporation.

Closing Equinox on my birthday in 2009 was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  But BuzzBroz social media services was born from that closing and DreamShield’s mission of a gentle 2012 grew out of BuzzBroz.  So all has worked in divine order.

As I lay in bed this morning. thanking the ET angels I have not felt my usual depression around my birthday, I thought of the Equinox.  Equal darkness and equal light upon the world.  I saw an vivid image of the yin and yang symbol.  I saw immediately how confined I have kept my dark energy.  A behavior that has made me something of martyr in business and relationship.

Instantly upon asking for balance from the forces behind the DreamShield I saw the confined darkness within my soul set free!  The freed darkness literally pounded the yin and yang symbol into a new inner symmetry to bong of the darkness expanding!

Then the yin and yang symbol began to spin until all was not a grey but an integrated energy that shone brighter.

After I started my work day had a quick test of the balance when I said “Good morning” to the ranch owner on the way to the office.  Rather than return my greeting Deb began to rattle on about work she needed done.  I gently but firmly stopped her and repeated “Good morning.”  Deb smiled and returned my greeting.  I felt whole, able to stand up for myself.

Yeah, I like the equinox of 2012.  Balanced light and dark energies.  The end of my fear of inner duality.  That it’s happening and near my birthday makes this birthday the happiest of my life.  This amazing performance expresses my joy at my inner ascension.

And be sure to join Ken for a UFO Skywatch in Malibu on 9/15 and 9/16.  Details and reservations at DreamShield.org

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