“Proceed without fear of peril!” – A motto my father William Kenneth Sheetz lived by

DreamBlogger – Kenneth William Sheetz

After some tough work of rearranging my travel plans to attend my father’s the funeral in Wisconsin, I found myself walking the gangplank to go on a cruise in the Bahamas.  A cruise I could have canceled as a death in the family would have easily let me out of the penalty for cancellation.  So why was I here?

Let’s back-up to last week while my father walked in the twilight between life and death and paid me a visit.  Dad was a steel worker most of his working life and he made me an amazing suit of armor.  “DreamShield is about a gentle 2012, but gentle don’t mean weak, ” Dad instructed me. “Put this armor on. You need it for the work of 2012 and beyond.”

This was no ordinary suit of armor my father fashioned for me.  It’s silver and shines a powerful red energy from within .  As Dad put the armor on me it bonded like a second skin.  The helmet adjusted to cover the bridge of my nose.  “Wow, thanks, Dad!” I said, sounding like my kid-self on Christmas.  Dad smiled proudly and was gone.

When I arrived at Milwaukee’s Mitchell Field Airport at Midnight, two days before the funeral, my brother picked me up.  It was an icy  8 degrees and I was frozen, having adapted to LA’s warm winters.

After sleeping in late the next day, my brother drove me up to Dad’s amazing place he rebuilt from scratch in his 70s, where I was to help my stepmother prepare for the funeral.

On the way, my brother and I got some lunch (I wish I’d listened and had the burgers).  We talked about Dad who was bear one minute and a lamb the next.  But we got through all that because we knew Dad loved us.  Lunch done, my brother and me bought flowers for Dad’s funeral from he and me and our baby brother Bruce.  We covered our baby brother’s share because he’s Jehovah Witness and funerals are not in the playbook.

Arriving at the Sheetz home in Jefferson, Jackie, my lovely stepmother, 15 year dad’s junior, was very happy to see us.  My brother and Jackie had become a lot closer since my father’s losing battle with cancer but he excused himself quickly to pick up suit for the funeral, which he was buying the moment my father died.  Psychic runs in the family.

I walked about the house. unpacking my things for the funeral visit, and Jackie called to me, wondering if I’d like some coffee.  We got separated in the circular traffic pattern and she laughed, “This silly layout.  Your father and I did this all the time, losing each other in this big home” Tears welled in Jackie’s eyes.  She fell into my arms and wept, “I never thought your father would die.  I don’t know how I’ll go on without him.”

I took Jackie’s tear streaked face in my hands and looked her deep in the eyes and said, “You don’t need to go on without him, Jackie.  Dad not dead.  He’s just on another plane of reality.  Would you like to do a mediation with me and visit him?”

“Right now? We can do that?!”

I nodded and gently took her to the kitchen where we sat down by the picture windows.  We held hands while the lovely birds pecked seeds from the feeders.  I explained the power of the OM for dimensional travel. After three OMs Jackie and I were in Ireland, the magical land of my father’s family roots.  There sat Dad perched on a boulder overlooking the emerald countryside, not so emerald this time of year but still gorgeous.  Dad pointed to a flock of sheep and shushed us to speak softly.

“Well, I finally made it here.  Had to die to do it.” I spoke to Jackie on my dad’s behalf.

“Oh that’s him!” Said Jackie. “Always the kidder.”

“Jackie, I want you to do whatever you want with the property.  40 acres is a lot for one woman to care for.  Hard for me to help you from this side.  And one more thing.”

“Yes, Bill?” asked  Jackie softly.

“Give Kenny a kick in the pants for me.”

Jackie and I had a great laugh as we ended the meditation.  We opened our eyes and I could see Jackie was feeling much better.

The next day the funeral was lovely Irish celebration of my father’s life, just as he wanted it to be.  Over 100 people came to pay respects from all across Wisconsin and America.

Wiliam Kenneth Sheetz 1928-2011

Shortly before the funeral I hesitated about going on the cruise, but Dad visited me and we went on our first DreamShield mission together to raise a star ship hidden beneath the great pyramid at Giza in Egypt.  Dad has been blessed with upgrades to all his skills as welder and mechanic and he fixed that star ship for the work of DreamShield in no time flat.

“This flying saucer’s gonna come in mighty handy.” Dad proudly told me as we flew the ship to a new secret base for the work of a gentle 2012. “Go to the Bermuda Triangle on this cruise, son.  We got work to do.”

Funny, I’d not even know the cruise would take me in deep into the Bermuda Triangle — a failed ancient astronaut experiment according to experts that is responsible for wars and great strife upon our world — but Dad knew.  I was off to do a planetary healing that with my “Da” and I’d soon learn why he’d given me armor as protection against a storm of dark energy we’d battle together as father and son in the Bahamas.

And I know Dad will be with me as I journey to Nashville 2/12/11 for a critical DreamShield mission to cure the earth’s people of addiction.   Simply sign up at this link on Facebook and be part of the dawn of the Golden Age of humanity.  And it’s going to be fun! Lee McCormick is a great host and we have one of the top ET experts, Dr. Sarah Larsen and addiction guru Bradley Quick as speakers.  I’m going to try my first sweat lodge.  No photos, I promise.

Enjoying these amazing spiritual adventures?  Make a PayPal donation today at DreamShield.org.

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