On just his second day in office, before our two person meditation team even left Washington DC, Trump signed an executive order resuming work on both the Keystone and Dakota Access oil pipelines. He did so without so much as a mention of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe at a North Dakota site whose lands and waters may become forever poisoned by this decision.

As backers of the water protectors, we at are outraged Trump began his presidency in such a disrespectful fashion. Despite all our good wishes for his becoming a successful president in attending his inauguration, our meditation team was thrown for a loop by his support of the oil industry over treaty law.

We sought cosmic guidance in many meditations upon our return to our base in Sedona Arizona. Still, our spirit guidance remained clear — transmute fear centering around Trump, a thin-skinned man with his finger on the nuclear trigger, to love. We were reminded daily by spirit, during Trump Twitter fits and his Muslim ban, that this transmutation is ALL we are to do through Trump’s first 100 days, daily, and then intermittently for his entire presidency.

No matter how distasteful and scary we sometimes find the meditation work to offset this man’s potent energy, even when he seems at times unhinged, we must and will carry on. Your support with both your donations and in spirit joining in the intention to shift fear to love is so appreciated and far more important than you can know.

It’s been explained to us by our spirit guides that the USA as the #1 consumer and polluting nation–an invisible empire fueled by corporate greed, lust for oil and war–must be shifted to the light if humanity is to survive.

We must surrender to the fact that, for however how long he lasts in office, the universe selected Donald J Trump to be exactly where he is currently — stirring the pot.  Indeed, in the face of so many bizarre lies from the Trump administration, including a flat out effort to curtail if not eradicate the free press–a valuable freedom ever with all it’s faults–we are seeing a renaissance of protesting and activism. For in every action there is an equal an opposite reaction.

However unpleasant and painful Trump’s time in office is to we who love mother earth and all her creatures great and small on this precious blue world, we must hold the space that LOVE TRUMPS HATE.

Deep thanks to all who have been contributing to our Indiegogo that has paid for the trip to DC and our initial filming. Our next phase of the work is to interview conscious leaders about how to cope with the fear field Trump engenders and to meditate for solutions.

Please contribute yourself if you like what we are doing to bring hope to a hopeless seeming situation at LOVE TRUMPS HATE. 3 days left of the campaign as of this posting!



An Inauguration of Love

Why The Inauguration of Love Meditation?

A million people will be in D.C. for the inauguration–all carrying strong and polarized emotional energy–creating a powerful fluid field of energy for seeding 24 intentions for quantum change. The extreme polarization of liberals versus conservatives from the contentious 2015-2016 election cycle show no signs of abating. It’s time for an ‘Inauguration of Love.’

Right now the Trump presidency looks hopeless to most liberals–fears are running wild of attack on, or neglect of civil rights and the environment, and anxiety about looting or warmongering by a cabinet of detached billionaires.  While many conservatives are elated, many are worried their world of ‘business as usual’ has been turned upside down by the brash Trump and his Tweets.

Love him or hate him, Trump is about to be our 58th president. Let’s choose love over hate. And do so with a sense of humor.


Get cool perks and support the new film at THE INAUGURATION MEDITATION.


Exactly 4 years from its original filming, THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12.12 premiered to a sold out the Sedona Film Festival Mary Fisher theater on 12.12.16.

This happened despite a crowded local press field due to the holidays and resulting drought of normal local press.


“Director of Buzzology Elizabeth England packed the theater using our many page on FB, Twitter, Instagram and our highly targeted email list,” says Ken Sheetz.

“I was happy to step up and free Ken to finish the movie in time for the premiere,” adds England.

“I needed that time to add the great notes Elizabeth gave me on editing,” says filmmaker Ken.

A meditation event followed the film along with the Q&A. A successful format that will be repeated at a number of special screenings.

BuzzBroz plans to show the film theatrically in Sedona in January and be onto other markets like LA and Chicago.  And you can now watch on Vimeo OnDemand!

Congratulations President Trump and President Hillary

My ET spirit guide Ohom said to me months ago, here on my blog, it did not matter who wins the election, Trump or Hillary. I took it to be a hopeless statement from the usually optimistic Ohom.

But Ohom revealed to me just last week what he really meant by it not mattering  who wins tonight — and in this universe it’s looking like Trump — is quite positive! A lot awakening is coming.  Witness Glenn Beck now praising Obama. Trump and Hillary are both shifting to light too!

Now, I understand a dream bugging me for months now.  In the dream I was Trump’s social media manager for his new presidency.  Trump was young again in the dream and he was listening to me that he had to feed the poor, heal the sick, end war, be a champion for women rights and to stop being so damn mean.  Trump was listening and nodding yes!

I woke up in a cold WTF sweat!  I breathlessly told my love Elizabeth the dream. She hugged me back to sleep. Whoa!  Now I see it.  The shifted youthful new Trump of light in my dream is what we can look forward to.  I know, it sounds crazy.  But awakening has happened to me.  I was heartless Chicago real estate mogul for 20 years.  Chicago’s #1 broker in ’87, builder of Oprah’s Harpo Studios.  I crushed all competition.  And I am living proof, as is Elizabeth who has awakened from a military life of 14 years, Trump will awaken.

So no wringing of hands tonight. Ring the bells of joy! Good times are coming, whoever wins, T or H, for us all.

160421145817-nasa-spots-massive-space-bubble-orig-vstan-dlewis-00000000-large-169This Bubble Nebula NASA spotted is a new universe rippling right for us. A wave of bliss like we’ve never seen! A true victory is near.

Congratulations to whoever wins. Be ready for change, change in your own heart and soul President Trump or President Hillary.

Now I also see why Ohom asked me to build him his own Twitter page ET OHOM yesterday.  Please follow him.  I will channel Ohom directly and he will answer your tweets.  Many of you are going to need the same calm amazing advice he gives to cope with this crazy world of our new president.

In closing, whoever wins tonight in the Quantum timeline T or H.  Relax.  The nastiest elections in history are over.

Our Laughable Sad Elections

Early in this election I decided to sit out voting. I am still of that mind. More so, as the doo-doo of these two dodos float to the clogged toilet of our politics’ surface.

After all, why vote for one of two rotten choices?  Our two party system has failed to produce a viable candidate. Bernie, we miss you, old man.  You were right, Hillary could not win.  You were the one.  All water under the gate.

But take heart, the President is not really running much of the show anymore. This sicko circus “the man” is putting on is all to distract us from the oil pipelines illegally being shoved down on our Native Americans throats, endless war, global warming, rotten treatment of our vets, the destruction of the middle class, failing Social Security, a failed Obamacare, a collapsing Department of Justice, a paralyzed Congress, ETC.

These elections are, in other words, political mind candy.  The sad joke is people think their vote for Trump or Clinton will make any difference. Did we learn nothing from Obama’s milk toast presidency where the only hope was we’d have some change?

I confess, I watched all three Clinton/Trump debates. My excuse was I am doing this strictly as a media expert and observer.  Much to my surprise, the debates were worse than I expected.  All three “epic” debates amounted to nothing more than a nerd wrestling match. No serious topic was ever truly discussed.  Blah, blah, blah until I wanted two do an Elvis and shoot my TV set.  Flat screens are not as fun to blow up so I simply went to the toilet.

“Idiocracy” the film has come true.  Hillary only won the trilogy of nonsense debates on the momentum of Trump “locker room” wisecracking about his pussy grabbing and a host of women stepping forward to say he molested them. All of whom he’s threatened to sue after he wins the rigged elections. What the hell?!   Is this really happening?

Eat your heart out George Orwell.  “1984” pales in comparison to all the insanity of brain washing dumped on our heads daily, along with increased chemtrail activity and frequency broadcasts. all to make us stupid cattle.

But what fascinates me most about the craziest election ever is that the FBI, despite Trump’s obscene behavior has without question decided to do their best to derail Hillary. And FBI efforts have indeed made this a horse race for Trump. Lucky for him. He was nearly DOE, dead on elections.

Then last night the FBI reopened investigations in a 2005 pardon Bill Clinton made to a wealthy backer who was in jail for tax evasion. This FBI action clearly shows we are in the midst of an unprecedented internal government revolt.

Strange as it is, I see all this as ultimately healthy. The system is trying to purge itself of corruption. The FBI made the choice of Trump as the lesser of two evils when it began to be apparent the Clintons were on their way back into office. Why wait until now?  Seems 2005 is a bit in the rearview mirror.

How to stay positive in all this I ask spirit guide Ohom?  He says, “Laugh.  It’s all part of a systematic destruction of the old, no matter who wins.”

Speaking of laughs. Trevor Noah makes a serious comedy statement video complete with penguins below.

Full Disclosure

Enjoy a taste of the new introduction I am creating with the help of my love and my new co-producer Elizabeth England.  I am not sure it’s going to work better than my current version; where you meet Ohom, my inter-dimensional guide from the world Nektar in meditation 11.

I am looking for your thoughts about meeting Ohom in the opening intro to THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12.12.

Vision of Planetary Eco-Meditation


We pass through a cosmic cloud. KEN Hi, I’m Ken Sheetz, host and filmmaker of THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12. 12. Strange sound/image.


In earlier versions of this film I worried sharing that my main collaborator on this project — a telepathic space traveler named Ohom, O_H_O_M — might scare some viewers off.


Or perhaps you worry a businessman who’s built skyscrapers and Oprah’s Harpo studios who talks to brings from other dimensions might be perceived as a… what is the human term?




I was thinking more like “visionary”.


First time Ohom ever bugged me was in a yoga hall in Italy in 2010.


Shocked though he was by my 7 foot tall blue skinned insectoid visage —


Actually, Ohom you disguised yourself as a blue angel.


No, Ken.  Your mind was simply not ready to accept my highly evolved  insect race. So your mind chose a comfortable image for me from your childhood memories as a Catholic.


Yeah, that might have popped my cork seeing you look like a cross between a dragonfly and a 7 foot tall blue skinned human.


The Hopi, Egyptians, Indians and accepted us in many blue skinned forms.


Well, it would take me talking to my friend Barnet Bain, who produced WHAT DREAMS MAY COME and other greats like scientist Patrick Flanagan before I would accept talking to you is a gift not a curse.




Why Has YouTube Banned My Hit Show “Kids Talk Politics” in America?!

OK, no more Mr. Nice Guy, YouTube!  Why in the heck can’t you get your act together and get my popular political channel KidsTalkPolitics fixed?

6.4 million views, real views not paid views, and 6,695 subscribers are denied hearing kids we interview talk about these crazy 2016 presidential elections.  This despite the fact we’ve been doing this show since our PBS debut in 200o for the Gore Bush debates lead-in, popular reviews in Parent Magazine, CitizenTube and have the #1 Amazon video for kids and politics 8 years solid.  Outrageous to be shut down!


Looks nice above doesn’t it?  But when you click a video link you see this:


OK, so Trump’s sexual exploits and now Bill Clinton’s affairs are all over the web and sweet videos about kids talking politics is banned in America? Disgusting.

I have tried repeatedly to get this fixed, YouTube.  Even visiting YouTube’s plush offices in LA personally only to be given a robotic runaround. Granted, KTP is an old 2008 account from before Google bought YouTube. The access got lost in cyberspace when the AOL email account that ran it got hacked.  But I can prove who the heck I am!  My name Ken Sheetz is listed on every video for crying out loud. It should take a tech all of 5 minutes to fix this nonsense.

Bottom-line, I see no sign of human life, no real customer service at either Google or YouTube.  I can’t even get an answer on why the USA ban!!! And this is one of my largest income producing channels.  Not cool.  YouTube owes me an apology and some bucks for dropping the ball on this mess.

Rant complete.  Hoping we are back online for election day.  If not look for the show on Vimeo soon.