The Hologram of Integrity

There are currently a number of quantum physicists proposing our reality may be nothing more that a computer simulated hologram. That does not ring true for me and my spirit guides.  We are the real deal.  But who can blame the gurus of science for dreaming?


Nonetheless, I have for many years used the theory that integrity operates like a hologram in the sense that any piece of hologram, or integrity in this case, can be used to know the whole.

I once had a top broker I caught stealing coffee from the office. I told my partner we should fire the broker because his coffee snatching showed he was dishonest.  My partner was incredulous at my severity and said, “We can’t fire a top broker over one lousy bag of coffee!”

I explained we were seeing a window into the broker’s character. He was a thief and would one day steal bigger things from us. I was only 37 and not the seasoned old wizard I am today. So relented to my partner and we kept the top gun broker on.  Sure enough, only 6 months later, the coffee pilfering broker used our company name to steal $30,000 with a forged check I was forced to cover.

Integrity is a hologram. You see a piece of person’s character you can can glimpse the whole nature of person, just as you can glimpse the whole object from a piece of its hologram.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 9.57.39 PM

Modern day example: I’ve know Trump’s crooked since his book THE ART OF THE DEAL from the unfair business practices he bragged about in his book. So I never feel an ounce of surprise, no matter how low he sinks or ever will sink.  But for many people it’s a new thing to see how much of a hologram people are. They are shocked as Trump sinks lower and lower.

Last night before heading off the Mara-Lago for another taxpayer funded golf boondoggle Trump had Jeff Session cruelly fire Andrew McCabe, who took over the FBI as Deputy Director after Trump fired Comey last year, just hours before his retirement.

It’s all part of our rather rude awakening when we see how much damage his lack of integrity will do to this nation. But what worries me is what we are not seeing of Trump’s misdeeds.

This morning the highly decorated 4-star General McCaffery declared Trump a serious threat to national security.

The bright side of this nightmare is that it’s exposing the weaknesses in America’s own integrity and the depth of our hypocrisy as as a third of we Americans still support his insane, racist, sexist regime.

How ironic porn star Stormy Daniels is accelerating the bringing it all to light. Be glad she’s on the case.  Mueller is a paid bureaucrat who can be fired. Stormy, on the other hand is a free agent and can’t be fired.

Does Stormy have the holographic integrity to go the distance and not take some huge payoff from Trump or to fold under his legal attacks? Well, interestingly, I met Stormy in 2008 on while I worked on a failed idea for a PG rated reality show about the porn biz. And base on my impression of her I’ll venture to say the typically clueless Trump is in deeper shit than he knows.


On just his second day in office, before our two person meditation team even left Washington DC, Trump signed an executive order resuming work on both the Keystone and Dakota Access oil pipelines. He did so without so much as a mention of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe at a North Dakota site whose lands and waters may become forever poisoned by this decision.

As backers of the water protectors, we at are outraged Trump began his presidency in such a disrespectful fashion. Despite all our good wishes for his becoming a successful president in attending his inauguration, our meditation team was thrown for a loop by his support of the oil industry over treaty law.

We sought cosmic guidance in many meditations upon our return to our base in Sedona Arizona. Still, our spirit guidance remained clear — transmute fear centering around Trump, a thin-skinned man with his finger on the nuclear trigger, to love. We were reminded daily by spirit, during Trump Twitter fits and his Muslim ban, that this transmutation is ALL we are to do through Trump’s first 100 days, daily, and then intermittently for his entire presidency.

No matter how distasteful and scary we sometimes find the meditation work to offset this man’s potent energy, even when he seems at times unhinged, we must and will carry on. Your support with both your donations and in spirit joining in the intention to shift fear to love is so appreciated and far more important than you can know.

It’s been explained to us by our spirit guides that the USA as the #1 consumer and polluting nation–an invisible empire fueled by corporate greed, lust for oil and war–must be shifted to the light if humanity is to survive.

We must surrender to the fact that, for however how long he lasts in office, the universe selected Donald J Trump to be exactly where he is currently — stirring the pot.  Indeed, in the face of so many bizarre lies from the Trump administration, including a flat out effort to curtail if not eradicate the free press–a valuable freedom ever with all it’s faults–we are seeing a renaissance of protesting and activism. For in every action there is an equal an opposite reaction.

However unpleasant and painful Trump’s time in office is to we who love mother earth and all her creatures great and small on this precious blue world, we must hold the space that LOVE TRUMPS HATE.

Deep thanks to all who have been contributing to our Indiegogo that has paid for the trip to DC and our initial filming. Our next phase of the work is to interview conscious leaders about how to cope with the fear field Trump engenders and to meditate for solutions.

Please contribute yourself if you like what we are doing to bring hope to a hopeless seeming situation at LOVE TRUMPS HATE. 3 days left of the campaign as of this posting!



Why Has YouTube Banned My Hit Show “Kids Talk Politics” in America?!

OK, no more Mr. Nice Guy, YouTube!  Why in the heck can’t you get your act together and get my popular political channel KidsTalkPolitics fixed?

6.4 million views, real views not paid views, and 6,695 subscribers are denied hearing kids we interview talk about these crazy 2016 presidential elections.  This despite the fact we’ve been doing this show since our PBS debut in 200o for the Gore Bush debates lead-in, popular reviews in Parent Magazine, CitizenTube and have the #1 Amazon video for kids and politics 8 years solid.  Outrageous to be shut down!


Looks nice above doesn’t it?  But when you click a video link you see this:


OK, so Trump’s sexual exploits and now Bill Clinton’s affairs are all over the web and sweet videos about kids talking politics is banned in America? Disgusting.

I have tried repeatedly to get this fixed, YouTube.  Even visiting YouTube’s plush offices in LA personally only to be given a robotic runaround. Granted, KTP is an old 2008 account from before Google bought YouTube. The access got lost in cyberspace when the AOL email account that ran it got hacked.  But I can prove who the heck I am!  My name Ken Sheetz is listed on every video for crying out loud. It should take a tech all of 5 minutes to fix this nonsense.

Bottom-line, I see no sign of human life, no real customer service at either Google or YouTube.  I can’t even get an answer on why the USA ban!!! And this is one of my largest income producing channels.  Not cool.  YouTube owes me an apology and some bucks for dropping the ball on this mess.

Rant complete.  Hoping we are back online for election day.  If not look for the show on Vimeo soon.

How to Smile Your Way Through This Stinky Election

Today’s planetary meditation is how to stay positive in the face of our world’s depressing stinky state of politics.

There’s lots of conspiracy talk about shadow governments really running our planet. It must be true because shadow energy is contagious and fear driven. One painful look at our sick American government shows it to be a shadow of it’s former self.

Today’s politics is like a decaying watermelon and we the ants forced to scurry here and there, desperately looking for the last bit of nourishment of red juicy melon goodness.  Fact is, both candidates are like choosing between two cups of yogurt far past their expiration dates. You can pick one but either will make you barf.

Sounds depressing until you realize decay is a natural part of the cycle of life. Bacteria feed and break down the old to be reborn into the new.

The trick to not falling into depression is to not focus on the old compost but on what is next. Why not a government run by Tweet polls on important matters? Perhaps we only need caretakers to carry out the wishes of the majority? Fire the politicians.

Above all stay positive avoid watching our equally decaying media heap manure on the compost pile of these elections.  You can get all you need to know stinky no-choice election from the comedians.  Bless them all.

Bernie Pulls a Kramer

In one of Seinfeld’s most famous episodes: Kramer hires a hard-boiled New York lawyer to rep him in a lawsuit against a major coffee company.  Unbeknownst to Kramer the Java coffee company is prepared to start out of court settlement talks at $50,000 and free coffee at any of their stores for life.

But before the coffee company can even say more than “free coffee” Kramer leaps to his feet and settles for a single cup of coffee.

Bernie Pulls a Kramer by Ken Sheetz

From the few concessions we are learning of, Bernie appears to jumped to his feet for the DNC and Hillary campaign shouting, “I’ll Take it!” and pulled a Kramer.  The Bern’s actions seem more motivated by fear of Trump than a true liking for Hillary’s corporatism. But the path of fear is never the way to the light.

Or is this shocking Hillary endorsement the master stroke of a 74-year-old political veteran who plans to fight on at the DNC as FDR did so long with a similar endorsement? One can only hope as Hillary is not a good fit with the principles of Bernie campaign backers and the path to brighter future we all are meditating for.

I really don’t know.  None of us do because of the old school back-room politics Bernie’s Hillary endorsement represents.  In any case, the sorry result is that large numbers Bernie’s supporters are feeling betrayed and abandoned like Kramer’s lawyer did to hilarious effect on Seinfeld, as you can watch below. Only in real-life abandonment is never funny.

And watch Bernie’s Kramer here from my favorite politico.