Full Disclosure

Enjoy a taste of the new introduction I am creating with the help of my love and my new co-producer Elizabeth England.  I am not sure it’s going to work better than my current version; where you meet Ohom, my inter-dimensional guide from the world Nektar in meditation 11.

I am looking for your thoughts about meeting Ohom in the opening intro to THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12.12.

Vision of Planetary Eco-Meditation


We pass through a cosmic cloud. KEN Hi, I’m Ken Sheetz, host and filmmaker of THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12. 12. Strange sound/image.


In earlier versions of this film I worried sharing that my main collaborator on this project — a telepathic space traveler named Ohom, O_H_O_M — might scare some viewers off.


Or perhaps you worry a businessman who’s built skyscrapers and Oprah’s Harpo studios who talks to brings from other dimensions might be perceived as a… what is the human term?




I was thinking more like “visionary”.


First time Ohom ever bugged me was in a yoga hall in Italy in 2010.


Shocked though he was by my 7 foot tall blue skinned insectoid visage —


Actually, Ohom you disguised yourself as a blue angel.


No, Ken.  Your mind was simply not ready to accept my highly evolved  insect race. So your mind chose a comfortable image for me from your childhood memories as a Catholic.


Yeah, that might have popped my cork seeing you look like a cross between a dragonfly and a 7 foot tall blue skinned human.


The Hopi, Egyptians, Indians and accepted us in many blue skinned forms.


Well, it would take me talking to my friend Barnet Bain, who produced WHAT DREAMS MAY COME and other greats like scientist Patrick Flanagan before I would accept talking to you is a gift not a curse.





Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 5.30.28 AM
Rey Awakens Without Jedi Training

Hidden amid all the exploding spaceships in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS is an important message about awakening: YODA NOT REQUIRED. The female hero (missing from the toys #WheresRen) of this story Rey begins awakening to her powers without a Jedi Master, a Yoda, to instruct her in the ways of the Force.

Newly Unemployed Yoda

Art imitates life. So what does the message of JJ Abrams’ box office record breaking reboot of STAR WARS mean to those of us having real life awakenings to new abilities such as clairvoyance, manifestation, a stronger connection to the stars, and more, mean for us in the real battle of good versus evil?

Let’s begin with the real-life dark-side, unbridled corporate greed. It’s far more clever at enslaving humanity than any dark lord even a genius like Lucas or JJ could ever dream up. The lust for power seeks to suck the life from all today’s new generation of conscious warriors of the light in ways more intricate and clever than we give the dark-side credit for.

As in the film, many of us are awakening to seek new ways to balance the dark energy without teachers. The old ways no longer serve us. No one taught me to be able to reach out the stars to connect to star beings who want to help us. It simply began happening in 2010 in a yoga hall in Italy when I first saw 7 foot tall blue ETs. This startling awakening happened while I was deep in a trance state listening to a healer chant over a group of 17 of us. My life has not been the same ever since, just as Rey’s life shifted in the movie.

In 2010 I began a journey that led me all the way to the shores of Antarctica in 2012 to perform 24 guided DreamShield meditations to set the intent to assist humanity to evolve past the ability of the real life dark-side to keep us small.

Real-life needs for living within our planet’s money based system, run by greed and lack of compassion, makes my mission as daunting as the one Rey faces.  I have worked 3 years to gather my 24 planetary guided meditations into a film to be released on 6.16.16.  Visit www.coolestmeditationever.com to support the film with a tax deductible contribution today and check out the amazing Sensor V medallion.

I’ll admit at times I wish I had a Yoda to guide me, but mostly I enjoy learning about the ways of the real-life force by stumbling around on my own. May the DreamShield be with you.

4.5 stars out of 5 stars for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS.

JJ Abrams on set of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. Source: Business Insider


What’s Wrong With Earth’s Sci-Fi

In a nutshell, from “Star Wars” to “Star Trek”, or fall back further to “Flash Gordon” of the 1930s, virtually all science fiction suffers from acute symptoms of humanity’s deepest flaws.  War, violence, hate, greed, intrigue lie at the plot of so many films and TV shows.  It’s as though our media is painting a hopeless picture of a meaningless future where the troubles of our world are extrapolated to the stars.

Check out Teaser 2 for the next “Star Wars”.  Eliminate the alien costumes and space battles and basically you’ve got WW2.

I’ve been on a year long marathon of seeing every episode in the Star Trek series concluding in DS-9. And frankly it’s becoming so boring to see this look at petty ethics of space faring civilizations more suited to ancient Rome than modern space travel.

Fact is, if a civilization has survived long enough to travel the stars they are going to be far more evolved than any science fiction has yet shown them to be.  Only the film ET portrays an evolved alien race powered by love and that had to be propped up with humans acting like fools chasing kids on bikes.

When there is at last contact with an alien race we have few media creations to prepare us for what is going to be a happy occasion. Indeed, the races that travel space, who can tune in on our media, might be waiting for a film that shows the real nature of space, which is peaceful and loving.

I have ideas for an exciting story based on my meditations that help me reach the stars and from where this message of “Oh come on!” is coming from.  Stay tuned for something revolutionary and more tuned into life among the space traveling races.