Shaman Prayer

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Working with Laura De Leon of MyMysticMuse the other night on a meditation for the Shift to a gentle 2012, I flashed back to a former life as a Shaman of the Navajo named Eagle Man.  Here is a short story the vision inspired.


August 11, 1866

Wise face glowing from a fire, Eagle Man gazes up at sparks rising to the full moon.

“Now that the Whites of the North and the South have ceased war on each other, their sickness and hatred unite towards my people.”

The fire throws the shadow of a pack of wolves against the canyon walls that echo the powerful voice of the shaman.

“No matter how many Whites the Tribe’s warriors kill each return as 100 Blue soldiers.  We cannot beat the Whites and so I ask, ‘Transform them!'”

The embers race faster for the moon.

“As I add this final log, my fallen daughter, Little Deer, to the fire of my people…”

Trembling with rage and sorrow, Eagle Man slowly drops a young Navajo woman, his daughter, dead from a gunshot to her chest, from his sinewy arms off the cliff into the box canyon where a giant funeral pyre of the bodies of his entire tribe burns supernaturally bright.

…”Mother Moon, work with Father Sun to Shift the White hearts so that they, and all of this Earth, realize by the Winter Solstice that we are all brothers and sisters.”

The spirits of the tribe race from funeral fire on flaming horses, hooting and hollering as they soar for the heavens.  Eagle Man smiles proudly and dives from the cliff for the fire pit.

The End

We are waking up.  Many of us remembering past lives.  As Laura’s work helped me to remember this I find myself hoping that by Winter Solstice of 2012 my prayer from a past life will be answered.

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