Balancing the Divine Energies at Great Spirits Ranch


Posted Via Android By Ken Sheetz

X marks the spot of a huge series of meditations at

Wow.  Will the Illuminati ever give up trying to block our work with their chem trails? No matter, like it or not, they are shifting to the light.

Since arriving on the ranch, where owner Debra Malmazada says no egos are allowed, on January  25th, there have been a never-ending series of meditations of a planetary scale.  Most are focused on balancing and healing the divine male and female energies as well as major releasing the strangle hold on the flow of abundance to the light workers of earth.

At the core of so many of the meditations, all epic on the sacred vortex at Great Spirits Ranch. much like the one I have felt at Mt. Shasta, is a lessening of our planet’s duality.

More details to follow! See Galactic Enforcer Angus’s spiral meditation below! Super cool.