Last summer I was guided to join a tour group headed up by Dr. Sarah Larsen and her husband Greg Larsen that was heading to Egypt. It had been meeting Quest Tour’s founder Mohamed Nazmy, author of Love Is My Religion, that had clinched my decision to join the epic March 2016 journey.

I had not had such strong spirit ET guidance since 2012 and Antarctica; and I decided this time to not have the trip go down to the wire again so I bought my expensive ticket early, way back in September. Then something wonderful and quite unexpected happened. My soulmate Elizabeth England came into my life at the end of 2015.

Ken and Elizabeth at Enchantment

I immediately called Sarah Larsen and told her about Elizabeth and I uniting and how I did not want to go to Egypt without my soulmate.  It had taken a lifetime to reunite us in this lifetime and I told Sarah I would rather postpone the trip to 2017 when the Larsen’s Miracle Makers would go to Egypt again. And that seemed the end of 2016 Egypt.

But Sarah and Greg surprised me by holding a 2016 space for Elizabeth, a friend they had known for years, to come to Egypt with me.  They arranged for me to pay the trip off in installments. I hate debt but this felt right and so I agreed to the payment plan. What’s amazing is the money materialized and I was able to pay Greg and Sarah Elizabeth’s ticket before departure for Egypt.

The miracles don’t stop there. Two weeks before departure for Cairo where the journey would begin, I received an amazing message from my ET guide, Ohom.  I was to receive a download in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza that I would relay into the collective consciousness to end global warming – ending warming of the oceans is a mission Elizabeth passionately shares via her awareness raising Ocean-Nation.org project.

Elizabeth is far more of planner than I am and she wowed me with a series of YouTube videos about Egypt. This was sure to be the trip of a lifetime and Ohom my spirit guide had told me of Elizabeth being a perfect mate for me way back in 2012. Ohom should open an ET dating service as it has been perfect indeed. Yes, we have our ups and down like any couple but we get through the downs fast and come out of it with a positive POV.

So on our way to Egypt, we traveled through LA from Sedona to join the Larsens’ Miracle Makers group and had a fun night of Karaoke with our LA pals. Soon it was time to leave.

Travel on 4 flights for 25 hours was grueling. And stressfully, an Air Canada person took my trusty carry-on I’ve been using for years, saying it was too big when it’s not. The attendant made such a fuss we gave into having her check the bag, afraid we were going to be kicked off the flight. Despite my telling the irritating Air Canada we were on the way to Cairo via Toronto the bag was short tagged and lost in Toronto.

Elizabeth and I arrived, minus my carry-on, at the 5 star Mena House Hotel practically on the same grounds as the Giza Pyramids about 11PM Cairo time. Sarah and Greg had waited up for our group’s arrival with the others members of the group I later nicknamed The Loving Eight. But we were all too tired to stay up as our group wake up call was for 5AM to see the Sphinx and begin two weeks of initiations at sacred sites representing the seven chakras.


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From the heights of these pyramids, forty centuries look down on us.
Napoleon Bonaparte

By Ken Sheetz

A powerful Shaman told me, in 2011, that before 12.21.12 got here I would do a powerful meditation to correct the energetic geometry of the Luxor pyramid to match that of Giza.  Now, over a year later, on June 13, 2012, the time had come to fulfill this part of my mission.  Hard to believe it has already been two years now of fantastic planetary meditations to many energetic points around the world- with many more to come, so stay tuned to this blog.

Lynda Valliche
Lynda Valliche

Despite being TSA-worn from the short hop flight from LA, I went straight to the Luxor hotel/casino and met my meditation partner for this DreamShield work, Lynda Valliche.  I explained to Lynda what we’d be doing over a coffee in the Starbucks tucked away in the vast lobby.  The actress , singer, business woman and healer was enthused to begin and so we headed into the sloped elevator and up into the pyramid.

I had booked a private room, 17-106 (any numerology experts out there?), for the meditation because I knew it would be impossible to meditate in the noisy casino/lobby or grounds of the hotel.  Lynda and I chatted excitedly as we made our way to the room across the 17th floor balcony, past the endless inverted rows of rooms.  I sensed ET beings taking up positions in each of the hotels hundreds of rooms to power the meditation.  The air of the giant hotel was totally electric.

While I used my Mac and Google to research the proper dimensions to make the Luxor an energetic twin to Giza, Lynda took apart the cushions of a lounge chair and arranged a comfortable place for us to meditate, near the sloped glass of the curtain wall.

Ken Sheetz’s natural eagle hair pattern appeared in 2010. I said It’s proved an amazing tool in his meditations.

Soon, Lynda and I were deep in meditation.  I held forth my hands to the windows, which floated in the sunlit reflection of the mirrored glass, looking quite alien.  I told Lynda I sensed the ET angels in each room putting their hands forth with us.  But as soon as I set the intent for the angels to create an energetic match to the Giza pyramid, I felt a resistance to the energetic expansion. After struggling a bit longer with the expansion I described the unexpected resistant energy to Lynda.

A moment later, Lynda’s guides sent her a message.  She explained she was being told that the mission had changed, that she and I were now to join the Luxor to a secret pyramid somewhere else in the world.  She asked me how I felt about this.

I said it rang true because the eagle pattern that appeared mystically in my hair pattern when I first saw the angels create the DreamShield in Italy in 2012, had begun to tingle.  I turned my energetic of the eagle loose and it blazed out the Luxor hotel windows and was quickly in high orbit, scanning the earth at impossible speed.  Soon, buried beneath a mountain in China, my mystical eagle located Lynda’s guide’s hidden pyramid.  Looking through the eagle’s eyes I gazed upon a giant China pyramid as it glowed with a white energy like the Luxor’s.  A shudder ran through me as the Luxor pyramid began adding thousands of levels to its ever-expanding base.  Deep into the earth the Luxor rapidly grew, while the pyramid in China did the same. Heading for a collision at the earth’s magnetic iron core.

Soon the two pyramids joined, not in a collision, but gently intertwining at the spinning earth’s core.  I felt pure electricity blast through me, but I was unafraid knowing Lynda and I were both well protected by the host of ET angels in the Luxor’s every room and on every new level added to the pyramid.  I saw an eagle-eye vision of a new giant diamond that spanned the earth between the opposing pyramids.

The planet size diamond now began to turn and blast out a powerful wave of energy that swept across the entire universe.  I marveled at the sight of alien races on many worlds welcoming this wave of new energy.  I was delighted seeing our work wash over countless worlds.  I was everywhere at once.  One with the cosmos, realizing the shift of 2012 is universal and earth’s role far more than we realize in our human form.

The dazzling visions faded and I lowered my trembling hands.  After sharing what we each saw and felt, Lydna expressed her dislike for the term “angels”.  I explained it was the best term I could use given how similar the ETs that work with me look to angels, except they are 7 to 10 feet tall, blue and have spiked wings that glitter. One can imagine that primitive man would think these ETs angels Gods. The explanation seemed to satisfy her a bit and we laughed it off, hugged good-bye and she hurried off for some fun with family and friends in good old 3D Vegas.

Alone in the room, the sun setting over Vegas, I walked to the sloped glass wall of the pyramid and touched it.  My happy face hung suspended in a reflection.  I chuckled because I had seen my face like this in a dream the previous week and now here it was.  Confirmation.  You see, I still have some lingering doubts from time to time about all this vision stuff.  The ETs give me these signs, like the eagle on branded on my head, to remind me this all real on another dimension of reality that affects ours.  I smiled at my alien-like reflection, amazed how these DreamShield meditations never turn out how I, or in this case a shaman in 2011, might have preconceived them.

And for these surprises in the planetary meditation work I am grateful.  The unpredictable nature of what we do keeps us safe from the dark forces who underestimate the power of the work.  I love how the element of surprise keeps all this so much fun for me and my mediation teams, from 2 and up in size, that been blessed to be a small, but vital, part of the shift to a gentle 2012.

Before she left the Luxor, Lynda made sure to tell me her guides say that outcome of the Shift is not yet certain.  I agreed because this is a free will world and the future has many possible outcomes.  But assured her that if we do the work my guides tell me humanity will not fail.  Change will come.  And it won’t be overnight change like some happy movie ending.  It might even seem hopeless at times.  But over 50 years, change will come and our world will be saved from our species’ self-destruction.  This has been a protected world since May of 2010.  The game is over and who knows if the process might accelerate?  But it certainly won’t be longer than 50 years, the speed at which a planetary transformation manifests currently.

In one epic dream after the Luxor meditation, I stood in a large group in ceremony at Great Spirits Ranch, where I am based in 2012 and blessed with amazing support.  And I saw an old friend get possessed by an alien presence.  My old pal’s face filled with black veins and then he assured me in a strained voice, “Everything will be fine.  Don’t give up.”  Talk about keeping me on target!

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