Lee McCormick Dreams With DreamShield of a World Free of Addiction

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

DreamBlogger – Ken Sheetz

Cheryl Brown, Bradley Quick and Dr. Sarah Larsen

For the first part of the day I acted in my dual capacity as a filmmaker and holding space for the energy of Dreamshield that Lee was generating with the enthused crowd of 60 people while Bradley Quick, my guest with Lee’s for the trip, who hosts a radio designed to to help people overcome addiction called The Quick Fix, and who had given a brilliant speech to Lee’s recovery client he night before, acted in the humble capacity as crowd control with Dr. Sarah Larsen.

When singer and one of Nashville’s spiritual leader Lee McCormick of Spirit Recovery agreed to host a DreamShield on 2/12/11,  inspired by my vision of a cure for earth’s addictions by 2012, to be unlocked in our DNA through meditation at his medicine wheel, I had no idea what an amazing day he would dream up around the occasion.

If anyone, cynical as myself at times included, needs proof DreamShield is divinely guided just an amazing human being like Lee showing up for the work is proof enough.

Then we were treated to tales of amazing spiritual adventures by Sarah Wellborn of Mt. Shasta, a spiritual guide who we’d met in December and who led our planetary mediation to heal the ozone layer on 12/21/11.

Last before the meditation was world famous UFO expert Renato Longato sharing rare footage of UFO’s that not shown in America’s media. Here’s just a taste of his amazing lecture.

Unfortunately Renato’s awesome presentation was new and ran long, 3 hours, and we lost the chance for our other Sarah, Dr. Sarah Larsen to speak at the Spirit Lodge.  This had also strangely happened to Sarah at her own magnificent 10/10/10 event when Dr. Robert Casar, our host and LA 10/10/10 sponsor, went long in his talks.  But as on 10/10/10 Sarah took things in stride.  For her this day was about being at the medicine wheel to activate the DNA to cure earth of addiction and it would be there she would shine I was sure.

At last it was onto the medicine wheel for DreamShield’s planetary meditation to set the intent to heal the world of addiction.  All the events Lee had planned built the crowd of about 60 into a powerful energetic state.  But I still worried — still mourning the loss of my father, just 3 weeks ago, whose addiction to drink had plagued my childhood and which was blocking my ability to communicate with the spirit world or wherever this stuff comes from in or outside me — if I’d be able to honor the greatness of the day Lee had created at the medicine wheel.

Here’s the video my social media company BuzzBroz.com, the venture that got me into all this spirit stuff, is promoting for Lee on YouTube and which after seeing inspired my vision that inspired Lee’s big day, an amazing doorway to a better tomorrow that we were only half way through.

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Six Simple Steps to keep your Mind Sharp!

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Dream Blogger – Dr. Sarah Larsen

Dr. Larsen is one of the founders of DreamShield: Planetary Meditations for a Gentle 2012

If you meditate your brain changes so you can perform better.

Research using neuro-imaging technology has shown that meditation techniques can promote significant changes in brain areas associated with concentration. *

In the past,  it was always assumed that extensive training was required to achieve this effect. So for those who would like to boost your cognitive abilities, without the monk-like discipline, time commitment, and cost; this information is so timely!!

Psychologists studying the effects of a meditation technique known as “mindfulness ” found that meditation-trained participants showed a significant improvement in their critical cognitive skills (and performed significantly higher in cognitive tests than a control group) after only four days of training for only 20 minutes each day. They got smarter and more efficient!!

“In the behavioral test results, what we are seeing is something that is somewhat comparable to results that have been documented after far more extensive training,” said Fadel Zeidan, a post-doctoral researcher at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, and a former doctoral student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where the research was conducted.

“Simply stated, the profound improvements that we found after just 4 days of meditation training– are really surprising,” Zeidan noted. “It goes to show that the mind is, in fact, easily changeable and highly influenced, especially by meditation.”

The meditation training involved in the study was an abbreviated “mindfulness” training regime modeled on basic “Shamatha skills” from a Buddhist meditation tradition, conducted by a trained facilitator.

“The simple process of focusing on the breath in a relaxed manner, in a way that teaches you to regulate your emotions by raising one’s awareness of mental processes as they’re happening is like working out a bicep, but you are doing it to your brain. Mindfulness meditation teaches you to release sensory events that would easily distract, whether it is your own thoughts or an external noise, in an emotion-regulating fashion. This can lead to better, more efficient performance on the intended task.”

“This kind of training seems to prepare the mind for activity, but it’s not necessarily permanent,” Zeidan cautions. “This doesn’t mean that you meditate for four days and you’re done – you need to keep practicing.”


One of the best known and most respected Zen masters,  Thich Nhat Hanh, has been my teacher of Mindfulness!

I teach a process that allows you to get more done based on Mindfulness Teachings.
Basic Model:  Six Simple Steps to keep your Mind Sharp!

Doing this allows you to be more effective and bring your complete attention to a project before you begin it! (total time 1-3 minutes)
1. allow your body to completely  relax
2. close your eyes
3. simply focus on the flow of your breath occurring at the tip of their nose.
4. If a random thought arise,  notice and acknowledge the thought and simply let ‘it’ go by bringing the attention back to the sensations of the breath.”
5.Open your eyes and begin the project.  (Work,  working out, and just about anything!)
6. Notice the cooler air coming in each breath and warmed air leaving periodically through the project!
Subsequent training builds on this basic model. You can learn  physical awareness, focus, and mindfulness with regard to distraction.
Set aside 20 minutes every day for a quiet Mind Meditation.

*This study appears in the April 2 issue of Consciousness and Cognition. Zeidan’s co-authors are Susan K. Johnson, Zhanna David and Paula Goolkasian from the Department of Psychology at UNC Charlotte, and Bruce J. Diamond from William Patterson University. The research was also part of Zeidan’s doctoral dissertation. The research was presented at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society’s annual meeting in Montreal.

“Findings like these suggest that meditation’s benefits may not require extensive training to be realized, and that meditation’s first benefits may be associated with increasing the ability to sustain attention,” Zeidan said.

“Further study is warranted,” he stressed, noting that brain imaging studies would be helpful in confirming the brain changes that the behavioral tests seem to indicate, “but this seems to be strong evidence for the idea that we may be able to modify our own minds to improve our cognitive processing – most importantly in the ability to sustain attention and vigilance – within a week’s time.”

Learn more about Dr. Sarah Larsen at www.drsarahlarsen.com

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Stormy Road to Mt. Shasta Turns Sunny

“Look at every path closely and deliberately, then ask ourselves this crucial question: Does this path have a heart? If it does, then the path is good. If it doesn’t, it is of no use.”  – Carlos Castandea

DreamBlogger Ken Sheetz, AKA “Eagliscious”

Marta, Dr. Sarah Larsen, Mica Monet and little Cloe

Only a little over a month ago I was at Mt. Shasta with a sweet Hollywood producing couple Cali and Chris Rosen to meet 10/10/10 sponsor Lee McCormick.  Until Lee’s timely invite I’d only heard of Shasta as a soda pop.  Now, here I was on December 19th tossing my stuff into Dr. Sarah Larsen’s minivan, on my way to American spiritual mecca Mt. Shasta to pop some power into the DreamShield.

Our planetary Mt. Shasta mission: Heal the ozone layer and start the battle to rescue humankind from cancer.  A cancer that is at this very moment threatening to kill my father and a close family member of Sarah Larsen’s.

It is raining heavily as I hop into the van with Mica Monet, an amazing hypnotherapist and healer who can channel higher powers.  I am happy as this gives our team the advantage of direct spiritual communications for this Mt. Shasta healing journey.  As I take the wheel I am concerned that this Shasta trip does not coincide to the binary dates that have become the pattern of the events.  Dr. Larsen, a palm reader and holistic doctor, had convinced me the trip was a must based on the coinciding of the lunar eclipse and winter solstice, but I am worried about driving in such horrible weather.

The psychic Mica Monet sits up front beside me.  Mica is, like so many people I meet in this work, male and female alike, is as beautiful on the inside as the outside. Mica’s serene beauty takes my mind off the road and relaxes me a bit.

Earlier that day I opened the energy to power this mission to Mt. Shasta in the middle of a rain storm in NoHo park, rain that was flooding the coastal areas of California.

Mica meditated that the storms would clear and, sure enough, after we crossed the mountains of Simi valley the rain became less, and with the help of a new windshield wiper I purchased from a gas station along the way, we had clear road vision for the vision work ahead.

Mica plays navigator for this trip. As the road spins out before us I recall missions in deep space where I am captain of a planetary scale spaceship and she my navigator.  Mica is planning to do a lot of inner child work and self love development in her practice in 2011.  So she chose to warm our 4 person dream team up with a meditation on what we most loved about our self.

My dear father was drill sergeant in the Korean War.  His lack a father from the age of 8 in his life meant my dad had learned all his nurturing skills from the U.S. Army.  What a drill sergeant does to make a obedient solider is to tear them apart in boot camp, making my childhood 21 year-long boot camp.  So I welcomed Mica’s exercise as she started off with, “I love my big beautiful brown eyes.”

“I love my nose,” softly offered the sweet and shy Mexican American Marta, a client of Dr. Larsen’s, from the back seat.

“I love how I love life,” said Dr. Larsen, grateful for Mica’s love meditation.

Now it was my turn and I was stumped.  But everyone waited patiently.  As a child my father told me I had “fat ugly lips” so I finally started with, “I love my full and sensuous lips.”  Immediately I felt my spirit brighten and the inner child within me smile.

Sarah Larsen, giving up time to be with her family for the holidays to do this vital planetary healing work, chimed in, “I love the beautiful family I’ve created with Greg where we all live in bliss.”

On and on for the first hour of the 9 hour trip we spoke of what we each love about ourselves. And with each answer became funnier and funnier until we were all laughing hysterically.

My last self-love was for an amazing a scalp condition that causes my hair to fall out in clumps when stressed.  The hair then grows back white.  My head’s been doing this natural tattoo work for the past dozen years.  In the past I’ve masked the calico of white patches with hair dye.   But every summer I take a break from the hair dying and check what patterns emerge on my head.

7 years ago when I moved from Chicago I discovered a map of North and South America.  I’ve lost the picture or I’d share it with you here.  I had no idea what to make of that and showed it to my brother who will tell you, photo or no, I am not making any of this up.

So here I am 7 years later in a minivan with three angelic DreamShield planetary healers on a mission thankful for a scalp condition I found embarrassing for a dozen year saying, “I love the eagle shaped hair pattern on my head.  People spend fortunes for tattoos and here I grew my own!”

The ladies had me turn on the minivan’s dome light to show them the eagle made of hair.  Their giggles prompted me to add. “I’m eaglicious!”

The trip quickly passed with fun and work on self-love and self discovery.  We did one of my favorite exercises from SoulDrama where you tell you childhood superhero and then have that hero speak about how they help you even today to achieve things and protect you.  Mine is Superman, Sarah’s is Wonder Woman along with Marta and Mica.  Mica rethought and made her hero the Bionic Woman.

Eventually Dr. Larsen’s dream team of super heroes got drowsy at the end of the 9 hour ride.  Mica and Marta were sound asleep as we hit a blizzard about an hour out from Mt Shasta City.  But I am from the midwest where snow driving is a normal thing.  Now, after a stressful last hour filled, we arrive safe and sound in the winter wonderland of Mt. Shasta at 6 AM as the sky was just getting light.

After a breakfast at the Black Bear Cafe we set off to get into our rooms and join with the other amazing members of the dream team that have journeyed from as far off as Arkansas for this vital mission to heal the ozone layer and battle cancer.

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