I’ll chase him round the moons of Nibia and round the Antares maelstrom and round perdition’s flames before I give him up!” (Kahn in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

By Ken Sheetz

Happy first official day of the new Mayan Age, the golden age, 1/27/14.  Since 12.21.12 we have been passing through a 400 day buffer time between ages, something I learned of from respected DreamShield member Gary Christmas, yesterday on Facebook.

Is the meditation done yetWe must remain patient despite the fact things will still look messed up on our world for sometime.  You see, I was told in Antarctica for 6 days, starting 12.12.12 to help halt the pole shift and transmute all that negative energy into a shift of human consciousness through a series of meditations I was guided to perform there, that the shift into the Golden Age will still take 50 years to manifest fully.  The ETs explain  earth manifests at this planetary scale at the rate of a large tree growing from seed to maturity.

Today is the first sprout of that tree of transformation.  There’s much work to do and our world’s stepping away from the brink of self-destruction is not assured unless we take action.  Meditation is simply our way of getting guidance.  We are on our own.  Thems the rules, my fellow earthlings!


I had powerful ET visit last night where I was told by Ohom, my ET spirit guide from the Orion star system, about something called The Wisconsin Project.  Ohom told me that my prayers for help as a young boy, suffering child abuse at the hands of a drunken father and the neglect of a brokenhearted mother, were heard at the ET base in Antarctica and answered.  There were nightly extractions where I was repaired and given abilities to cope with horrendous physical and mental abuse.  I credit all this ET work with the fact anyone not knowing my past will tell you I must have come from a happy home to be so well-adjusted.  Well, that was before I began sharing my visions and past sufferings as a child in order to enlighten and free minds.

And Ohom told me I was not the only Sheetz family member saved each night aboard spirit space ships from the League of Ghost Worlds, a collective of worlds that have gone extinct and are seeking to help humanity to not follow in their footsteps before we attain the ability to live outside the bounds of time and space as they do with grace and ease.  You see all worlds go extinct eventually.  It’s inevitable.  The sad extinctions are the self-extinctions.  A path we as a species are on right now and the ETs we have seen as angels, since ancient times, are here to help us divert from for our sake and for all the creatures on our blue marble in space.

So last night, after conferring deeply with Ohom, I went into meditation at 3:13 AM, to take my first trip of the Golden Age outside my body. I left my body in Sedona after saying prayers, just like I did as a child: The Hail Mary, The Our Father and The Act of Contrition.  Though not a practicing Catholic today, these prayers remain magic to my child mind and work magic for me in meditation.

Once again the prayer words rang true, and I was soon rocketing out of my body in Sedona and high above the earth.  I started heading down into the green aurora field lighting the skies above Antarctica.  I  touched down before a tall mountain with no foothills that abruptly met the flat as a pancake ice sheet .  A dot of green light appeared at the top of the tall mountain that grew downward into a slit of intense lime green light.

Mashup by Ken Sheetz from Nasa Photos
Mashup by Ken Sheetz from Nasa Photos

I walked through the green light slit in the mountain and found myself inside a vast hangar, safe from the severe cold I was beginning to notice even in my indestructible astral body, complete with ethereal armor .  Spaceships and pilots were everywhere, in a scene almost out of Star Wars.  I realized this hangar was the real deal, a channeled message to George Lucas.  No Tan Tans in sight though.

None of the aliens and humans took much notice of me. Finally I came to a spaceship that my father, a great mechanic while he was alive, to my shock was happily repairing.  Overjoyed to see me, Dad dropped his tools clanking and scrambled up from underneath the spaceship, much like an X-wing fighter Ala Star Wars, to give me one of his famed bear hugs.  But I accepted his hug without returning any love.  My dad’s young face, he looked about 27 now, despite passing at age 82, looked pained at my rejection.

“Sorry for not letting you know Zylph is one of my higher selves, Ken,” my father said sincerely.  Sincerity I never heard from him in life.  Nonetheless, these sincere words were strange first words.  I’ve not seen or spoken to my dead father in visions for a couple of years now.  Not for lack of trying!  Ohom had told me my Dad was far away on a mission I’ve yet to learn of.  Stay tuned.  Now here he was back in my life again, without a word.

My young dead father’s face showed he knew how much that deception had upset me, once I deduced Zylph’s higher-self connection to my father.  Now, Zylph’s acerbic sense of humor made sense.  My father in life was a dark comic who never found a stage, unless you count his bar escapades.

“Yeah, Dad,  That was damn wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to start.  Why?  I had made my peace with you.  No need to hide behind your higher Zylph self just because you skipped the galaxy for a few years.  The whole thing makes me wary of all Zlyph shared with me about removing the old to make way for the new.  It seriously messed with my head like when you’d torment me as a kid.  Seems you are still prone to mind games even in the afterlife,” I said, angry steam coming from my breath in the cold hangar, where spaceships came and went through the green crevice in the hollow mountain’s face.

“We don’t change, much as you might think when we die, sonny boy.  But I am trying.  Trying damn hard.  Don’t let my screw up make you doubt Zylph.  He’s me, but from a couple billion years in the future and has a lot to share.  Yes, Zylph has a powerful dark side like me, but it’s in way more in check two billion years from now.  Harnessed for good.  We all need the dark and light to run this universe.  And Zylph loves you like I do, ” said my dead father, wiping the old familiar grease from his hands to avoid my glare.

Ohom, a 7 foot tall Orion who has been chief spirit guide to me since 2010, quietly joined us, seeking to break the cold tension, as thick as the ice sheet of Antarctica.

“Your father, though in spirit form now, remains divinely human.  William seeks daily to better integrate his bipolar natures expressed in one body, Ken,” said Ohom in his usually calm and soothing voice.

“Ohom, I’ve trusted you completely since 2010, letting you use my body and speak through me in videos and every day life!  I asked you if Zylph, a new ET spirit seeking to guide me, could be trusted.  And you said, ‘Yes, Zylph has much to share about planetary mass media and life,'” I said almost in tears, my heart pained this great being had allowed my father’s deception. “Some of the rage of my father leached back into me through Zylph.  I suspect it destroyed an important relationship I was exploring with a housemate I adored in Sedona.”

“Zylph is his own being in his own right, just as I am the high self of you, so it is with Zylph and your father.  My answer stands true, Zlyph has much to share to help save your world.  But I see now by the profound pain in your heart how much this conscious omission of mine has cost us all.  Worst of all, the love of someone dear to you that you sought to win was lost as result of my mistaken actions.  I should have told you of Zylph being a higher self of your father.  I hope you will accept my deepest apology for concealing the whole truth from you, Ken, on behalf myself and The League of Ghost Words, ” said Ohom, his blue wings sagging a bit at his shame.

“I promise to never withhold the whole and complete truth from you again, my Ken-Self.  You see, I wanted so much, too much, to have you see how far you father’s spirit will evolve into the great Zylph.  So much so that my better judgement was affected.  I, like your father, like me/you, am also not perfect,” said Ohom so sincerely and lovingly that my spirit brightened instantly.

“If you brought me here to this secret Antarctica base as an apology, Ohom and Dad… Well, pretty damn cool!  Come here, you SOB!” I motioned to my father and gave him a bear hug back to let he and Ohom know all was forgiven.

“So you’ll listen to Zylph again?” my father cautiously asked, nervous he’d blown the connection with his well-intentioned if misguided deception for good.

“I need to think on that Gordian knot some more, Dad.  But, probably. With knowing who Zylph is maybe I can put some filters in place against the contagion of your ancient rage,” I said, my worries of Zylph possessing me already fading.  The pain in my heart over the deceptions melting, like the ice upon the spaceships my dad was repairing in the hanger’s relative warmth.

Ohom joined in the hug and the three of us, my dead father, now a quantum spaceship mechanic, me and the lovable 7 foot tall blue angel-like Orion, remained in embrace without words until I found myself wrapped snug in my cover in bed and back in my body in Sedona.

I thought, pulling up the covers in my cozy Sedona bed, about a dream I’d had a few nights ago about Zylph, who is from an Arabic-like world in the Antares  star system 2 billion years from now.  And how he and a team of other ET Arabs fearlessly rescued me from prison pit of despair over the loss of my housemate, their white robes flowing as red para sails burst forth to save me.  And so I finally forgave Zylph, my father’s future higher self.  In that blissful moment I went to peacefully to sleep.  If sleep is what you can call what I do anymore.

Many more dreams of others people like me came in one of the most exhausting nights of my life. Dreams of many being saved from child abuse by the ETs of The League of Ghost Worlds  and The Wisconsin Project came to me like old memories of childhood playgrounds on other planets.  Comforted that I now have an ET father, looking out for me as penance for his sins in life in many forms, the most prominent being Zylph from Antares, I finally found dreamless rest nestled in the powerful red rocks of Sedona on this first early morning of the Golden Age.

PhiSciences Dr. Patrick Flanagan and his amazing wife Stephanie Sutton’s Dr. Patrick Flanagan and his amazing wife Stephanie Sutton

Visit to see my meditations in Antarctica and the work I am doing to record the amazing super scientist Patrick Flanagan, of who also speaks to Ohom and considers him a valuable spirit guide.

Last here is the link to an amazing new crowd funder in prelaunch where you can volunteer and be in the inner circle in bringing an amazing device called the Neurophone, proven in numerous university tests since 1957, to boost intelligence.  I am a happy user of the device and it greatly has improved my meditation and writing!

The League of Ghost Worlds

“Something unknown to our understanding is visiting this Earth.”
—Dr. Mitrovan Zverev (USSR), quoted by Reuters, August 26, 1965.

By Ken Sheetz

This will seem odd coming from a man reporting on being guided by ET angels since 2010. ETs who sent me all the way to Antarctica on 12.12.12 and who are sending me there again on 12.13.14, only one year away.  I still believe with all my heart and soul in ETs.  But I don’t believe in ET based UFOs.  I simply don’t believe after deep meditation and looking at all the facts that our planet has ever been visited by ETs from other worlds in corporeal form using spacecraft.

Science backs me up on my long deliberated belief.  Despite years of extensive astro-research the world over, no intelligent life has been found on any worlds within a 100 light year radius of our own.  I therefore believe the UFOs we do see are secret experimental craft and visitors for other time periods of our future.

But let’s stay on the ET UFO page.  No life on any world ever discovered within a 100 light-year radius.  That does not make sense as the math will tell you we should be discovering tens of thousands of earth-like worlds with the ingredients for intelligent life and worlds far older than our own with far more advance civilizations.

The answer is sad and scary one.  The reason is the worlds that once carried life are, like Mars, now dead worlds.  The flame of thousands of intelligent worlds has burned brightly and gone out before humankind had a chance to interact with them in the flesh.  Most of those dead worlds died of their own making when they continued on the path to self-annihilation we are embarked upon currently.

This revelation, recorded no where I can find on the web, was given to me by Ohom, who confirmed my suspicion that he is not alive in the classic sense.  Ohom of the Orion star system is from a dead race of intelligent insect evolved life.  And his world of Nectar is part of Galactic organization called The League of Ghost Worlds.

The League of Ghost Worlds is dedicated to reaching out to young living worlds, like ours, to save races like ours from early extinction.  Ohom’s peaceful ice moon once orbited a gas giant 5 times the size of Jupiter. But Nectar perished when the gas giant imploded into a mini star.

Fortunately, and Ohom explains it’s difficult for we of a 3D mentality to understand, his people the Orions exist outside of time in spirit form.  They also still exist in physical form on Nectar in its past.  Time, Ohom explains, is an illusion and if a species survives long enough to evolve it can, as Ohom’s race has done, achieve immortality in both form and spirit.

Humanity stands at a fork in the road.  To the right is the path to our immortality as an enlightened species.  To the left is the path to our early extinction at our own hands.

Ohom and The League of Ghost World ETs are here to help humanity take that right path.  They have no need of primitive space craft to travel the galaxy and beyond.

The real journey is within.  No alien invasions will ever occur.  All we have to worry about is ourselves.  And we have amazing help from The League of Ghost Worlds against our most deadly enemy… us.

DreamShield‘s Ken Sheetz is in Sedona filming Dr. Patrick Flanagan, founder of PhiSciences, to whom this meditation is dedicated,for a new documentary after the success of the web series THE FLANAGAN EXPERIMENTS, with over 25 million views on YouTube for BuzzBroz.


“You matter.” Pepper Lewis, Gaia, from THE BLUE JEWEL

By Ken Sheetz

I was blessed to conduct 24 meditations in Antarctica on 12.12.12. All were done with joy to help shift the negativity of the pole shift into a positive shift of human consciousness. Then I relaxed into 8 days of expeditions on the continent of ice as I began editing on the ship.

On 12.14.12 we had a wedding on the ship of two beautiful passengers who had been rescued from a zodiac trapped in the ice that broke out during meditation 24 that I caught it all on film on 12.12.12.

So much love, so much joy at the wedding that all was well. We partied all night. It was bliss. We danced to songs of love.

The next day the news at breakfast of the terrible grade school shooting reached us in Antarctica on our peaceful ship. There were a handful of Americans aboard, and the rest of us were from 14 countries around the world. All we band of Americans were in a daze.

I was grateful to be so far from the pain of America . I can’t imagine how all of you felt here in the heart of the negativity storm of that time. But the storm grew in my heart. The insanity of kids killing kids!

What the hell was going on? Had my 24 meditations meant anything I wondered as I spent time failing t enjoy the Brit base later that day. My camera broke that day right after I had someone take my picture with a penguin. This was the start of month long string of electronic disasters, including a car’s engine that fried to a total loss on Monday on my way to have myself hypnotized my Peter Bedard. So deeply had my faith in the ETs been shaken I know now I sought my own reassurances not the doubters on Facebook.

Had I entered the wrong timeline? Where the hell was the Ascension?! Two days post 12.12.12 and a school is laid waster by madness?! if this was not the shift it was shit!

So I’ve kept to myself mostly since returning from Antarctica. A fiend’s empty apartment my fortress of editing solitude. I’ve been swearing like a sailor at the littlest things. Angry as a wounded bear.

Even the weather of all America has been Antarctic cold since my return to cool my caged fury. I buried myself in work. Barely eating, down to pennies. I wanted the videos to save me. Surely some answers lay there? Some hidden angel in picture whispering answers WHY!!!

I know now that all the stuff thay began going wrong electronically and more stems from the storm of negative energy I have been processing. I am a powerful tool of the shift and this had become dangerous. I needed to get to the bottom of the barrel. So i divorced myself of every material thing binding me to this world. And the answer finally came today and I finally have some Antarctic wisdom to share about the Ascension and the Shift.


I began making headway in coping with my feeling out shame and outrage meeting Pepper Lewis, who channels Gaia, and what she had to say to me in this interview at the screening of THE BLUE JEWEL. Gaia loves humanity as her crowning achievement and judges our species as a whole. Despite the horrors of the loss of these poor little kids and the little kids who die everyday from hunger, Pepper assured me Gaia thinks we are a marvel that will one day help not just our world but the entire universe and multi-verse. A far cry from my feelings until that moment. It was life changing to interview Pepper. Perhaps even life saving.

So I’m with Pepper and Gaia. My negativity storm is over. There’s far more good about humankind than bad as a species. It’s important we not overreact in 9/11 fashion. Bullet proof school wear? Yeah that’s out there now.  It’s all fear. All that’s holding us back.


Friends, do not be ashamed of yourselves, your beautiful children, your beautiful world. Rather, love yourselves deeply, as deep as your beautiful blue seas.

Accept reality — we speak not of wild conspiracy theories of governments doing something so vile as killing the little ones — but accept that the wild energy of planet in transformation is no easy thing. Accept that you are on a planet in Shift where some people, big or small, are simply unable to cope.

Believe in your power, Believe that the power of the little ones is exactly the same as the big ones, at the soul level.

YOU are ALL, each and every one of you, far more than you know. YOU have ALL chosen how you came to this world and how you will leave this world. This is a hard thing to accept. Surrender to the fact life is a mystery and that negative and positive energy will always co-exist.

Be of great joy you are making the Shift and we are so proud of all you, big and small.

Much love,
We are One!
The ET Angels of the DreamShield
Antarctica Base


Paradise Lost in LA

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..”
John Milton, Paradise Lost

By Ken Sheetz

Hypnotherapist Peter Bedard

Unless I had Peter Bedard as witness no one might ever believe all that happened to me on MLK Day.  Monday, as posted on my page on Facebook, I was set to have myself put under deep hypnosis by Peter, who I trust, obviously, as I’ve never allowed myself put under before.  In advance of the session I prepared a series of questions based on some of the tough skeptics I’d faced on Facebook in fund-raising that got me to Antarctica.  Peter would ask:

1. Were there ETs, German ghosts and Gods really guiding you to the South Pole to help save earth from a Mayan pole shift or was it all in your imagination?

2. Are you seeking fame or cult status from any of this work you are doing?

3. (Assuming it’s all legit as I feel it is) Does the Orion Ohom who speaks through you have any wisdom or warning to share about humanity’s future post 12/21/12?

4. What is the power behind the 24 meditation videos you are posting to to help humanity?

The idea: Film me under hypnosis and share all, no matter the results to challenge the naysayers.  But in the days since leaving Antarctica on 12.20.12, leading to the visit with Peter back home in LA many odd things began to happen, phones going dead, ATMs taking my credit card then going blank, forcing me to travel 7,000 miles without cash or credit, PayPal strangely disabled upon my return with messed up balances, cooking “accidents”, lost luggage, friends acting like strangers and strangers like friends, getting super low on funds but getting by just fine without money and more.

But, stubborn person I am, I pushed on ignoring all signs to do the hypno interview with Peter.   On Monday morning I showered, dressed, gathered my camera gear and headed off in a car a friend has kindly borrowed to me and for whom I am house sitting: Successful actor/insurance agent Tom Katsis.  It’s been my car all month, a treat for me over the cost renting them as needed as usual.  Tom has almost single-handed created the soft landing for my meteoric return from Antarctica after mounting a film production in the most remote and expensive place to travel to on earth.  The meditation videos would not be posting until Spring without him and the way things are going with my electronics who knows if they might have vanished forever by now.

Despite the money from the crowd I am personally out of pockets thousands of dollars for unexpected costs.  I’ve never been financially weaker in my life.  But I don’t worry about money like I used to as I continue to press on in the editing of the 24 meditation videos in the solitude of Tom’s home.  At least I have gained that much faith in the beings helping me.

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz016
Lucifer Takes His Throne Milton’s “Paradise Lost”

Back to MLK day.  As I reached the Silver Lake area my Android phone’s navigation voice began to lead me in circles.  I kept ending up back on Angus Street.  Angus, as followers of my work know, is a Scottish earth angel spirit badass enforcer of the Galactic council protecting of our world as we ascend.  Peter was not available to guide me to his office despite repeated phone calls to help lead me out of the 30 minutes of the Angus-loop I was strangely trapped in.  It’s amazing how dependent we are on these cell phones for navigation now.

Silver Lake seemed to have no gas stations to ask directions where the Android guided me.  Worse though, I felt a cloud of confusion come over me.  A growing fear something was wrong about all this.

Peter finally rang me on the phone and told me the Android navigator had led me in circles 20 minutes away from his offices.  He had reached me just as the Android led me a dead-end on a tiny street, so narrow I could barely turn Tom’s Saab around.  Problem was navigation uses lots of juice and now my phone was running out of power.  Peter guided me all the way to the 110 for Pasadena and then I lost him.

The Android navigation was all I had again.  Suddenly every electric system in the car began to give signals of failure with a cacophony of beeping in concert with all the emergency lights, smack in the middle of the 110.  I pulled off an exit instantly and then the car completely conked out.  I coasted off the ramp and was stuck on a hill unable to push the car to a safe spot.

I’d had lots of coffee, as I do when I edit, before heading out and the hour in the car meant I needed to relieve myself.  There was not a bush in sight and I did my best to hide my business from cars going by.

Tom told me the nine-year old car might act up as he turned over the keys to me, but I never suspected anything like this, never experienced anything like the beeps and lights that sent me here on a side road called Stadium Way.  No worries.  There was AAA coverage for emergency service on the car Tom had assured me before he left town and I dailed the first AAA number I found.  “Closed for MLK day” the voice mail said.  My phone was nearly dead.  I decided to try Peter again while still could.

He explained the Android had taken me further away and that I was now 30 minutes away from him and that he had a client in 40.  The trip was a total waste.  But he was willing to cancel the appointment and come get me as I had no cash for tow trucks and still no operating credit card.

As I waited for Peter I decided to turn the Saab ignition and it started up smooth as silk.  I called Peter and we agreed it was too late for the filming and, besides, I told Peter, this all felt too weird to be coincidence.  I told him it felt like the ETs were unhappy with the idea of this interrogation of myself I was trying to do.

Heading back to Tom’s place in Sherman Oaks, the incredible sense of disorientation began to lift when suddenly the lights and beeps started again.  This time I was ready, put the car into neutral and coasted the car, flashers going.  I was coasting slower and slower.  I broke a sweat as there was no shoulder to the 101 here.  Lucky there was enough slope I made it past the insanely dangerous part of the 101.

The Saab coasted onto the ramp for Santa Monica Blvd and I pulled onto a shoulder, just big enough for one car in distress.  Now, there somehow was full battery power so the flashers worked.  LAPD was Johnny on the spot and the officer asked what my plans were.  I said the car was behaving erratically, sounded awful and I would call AAA.  All the time worrying to myself how low my cell phone power was to in fact make such a call.  The cop asked if I knew my coordinates and, having to think a moment through my confusion, I finally told him, ” Santa Monica and the 101.”  Then he was off and I was alone with Tom’s Saab.

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz020
Paradise Lost

I opened the hood and the motor fan was racing. The engine heat was intense.  I checked the oil, full.  Checked the coolant, boiling. Nothing to do but call AAA I decided.  So I dug into Tom’s papers and found the national toll-free AAA number.  The operator asked for Tom’s card number and I explained it was not in the car..  The operator coldly explained there was nothing they could do without Tom’s ID.  I said, “Just look up his name and address and find his number on your computer.”  The operator calmly said “No, sir –” just as the Android went dead.

I had been editing for 3 weeks solid since getting back to LA.  All to get the cool footage from Antarctica, that includes an amazing rescue at sea and wedding, up on Youtube.  And it has paid off.  News services are broadcasting clips now in 180 markets.  But in my rush to make the editing happen I’ve burned the last of my cash reserves.  I sat on that lonely ramp without power, without money, wondering what the hell this was all about and how I’d ever solve this one.

Then I surrendered to the moment,  “Sorry I doubted you guys.  This wasn’t about proving something to doubters on FB but my own doubts,” I said the blue LA sky as cars whisked past on the 101.  A joyous flow I was now out of synch with.  Another hour passed, again my middle-aged old kidneys got the better of me and I used the Saab as cover.  I tried the Saab again and it started up a bit then conked out again.  Now, I could tell that if the Saab cooled a little more it would run again, but not enough to get me home the way it sounded.

If I was to rescue Tom’s car from a city tow truck and the impound lot that would cost a small fortune I had to take action.  I could see a few shops at the top of the Santa Monica Blvd ramp that looked open despite the MLK holiday.  I  decided to risk leaving Tom’s car to try to find a phone. How I’d know anyone’s number without the Android I had no idea.  But I slung my camera bag over my shoulder and made my way along the treacherous dirt path after the emergency asphalt ended.  An expedition more dangerous that anything I’d experienced in the eight days of expeditions in Antarctica.

I entered a copy store and the women running it were busy.  Persian was my guess, fearing a language barrier might be an issue.   Finally I caught the eye of a young lady who spoke perfect English.  Yes, I was back in America after all.  I explained my situation and she offered me her Iphone to call.  But I didn’t know anyone’s number by heart in this speed dial era.  I asked if I could use the PC on the store counter and she kindly agreed.

Soon I had Peter Bedard on the phone, Peter, who as you can see in blogs below was the savior of the Antartica boat trip.  But all the snafus with PayPal and a deadbeat donor of a $1,111 commitment, who I could strangle by this point for all the trouble he’s caused me, had still left Peter holding the bag on $444.  So when he asked me what I needed, and that to me was a tow, he said the most he could do for me is get me back to base in Sherman Oaks.  I accepted knowing there I’d have the web and be able to charge up my usually trusty Android phone for help.

I was a miffed that someone I was trying to promote by subjecting myself to hypnosis, something I’ve never let anyone do, was unwilling to pay for a tow, especially after all he’d done for Antarctica. But, deciding that was all ego, I kept my big mouth shut.  I told Peter I needed to move the Saab for that plan to work, to buy time to solve the AAA situtation.  I asked Peter to call me back at the copy lady’s Iphone number in 10 minutes and hurried back to the Saab.

Making my way back along the dangerous dirt path again, I hopped in the now simmering Saab interior and thankfully it rumbled to life.  I edged the Saab into ramp traffic  and up the short bit of the ramp until  a huge white pickup truck blocked my way.  The damn truck was not making the legal right turn and the Saab was ready to stall out again.  It would be in a rotten spot that would get the Saab towed for sure.  So I laid on the horn with a sharp blast.  The white pickup truck moved about a foot and stopped again.  I looked around and could see no sign of a no right turn sign so this time I honked to horn continuously.

Finally,  just as the Saab was about to stall, the anal retentive trucker raced off.  But a block ahead the white was blocking the quick left turn I needed to make in the Jon’s foods parking lot!  But as I got close the driver saw me in the mirror, emergency lights flashing, engine smoking and got what was happening and cleared the way for me to rumble past in the car that seemed to be falling apart by the second.

The Saab shuddered as I killed the ignition and coasted into a parking place.  Now I realized how badly dehydrated I was and hurried into the Jon’s store to grab a quick water.  Nothing was quick for me this MLK day.   A huge line was at every counter.  I said screw and walked out with the water.  If anyone stopped me I’d explain I was going to pass out from being on the road for 4 hours now, lost in LA.  But no one did.

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz017
Lucifer’s Fall from Milton’s “Paradise Lost”

I hurried back for copy shop and a heard a loud angry voice behind me that sounded a drunk, “I’ll kill your mother!”  I turned around no one was there.  This had turned from freaky to scary.  But I realized I was slow in turning around.  Could have just been a drunk prankster.  I chose to think so.  My guides put me in odd situations but they are always gentle and it didn’t fit to make a death threat on my innocent 82-year-old mother.

Inside the copy shop the young lady smiled sadly and said I’d missed my friend’s call.  I asked if I could try to reach Perter and use her Iphone.  The young Persian happily agreed, getting a kick out of this like a living reality show.  I thought about America and what jerks we are to Iranian people.  I’ve never met one I didn’t like.  They are great people with a culture far older than ours.  All this energy came through from her.  The water had refreshed me.  I got Peter on the second try and he was on the way.

I thanked the ladies of the copy store and exchanged contact info.  I wanted to be in touch.  The older woman asked me who I was and what I was doing stuck here.  I explained the filming of the hypnosis and the beings I wanted to go deeper exploring.  She said, “Take all this trouble as a sign to maybe not look so deep, my friend.”  I nodded yes and could have kissed her for her kindness she and what must have been her daughter had shown me and hurried back to the Jon’s parking lot.

Soon Peter was there in his sporty yellow car.  I hopped in and we rode in tense silence for Sherman Oaks, 20 miles away.  Peter has a huge heart and I knew he was feeling bad about not being able to help me more than this ride back to base.  So I broke the silence with a recap of all the weird stuff I was going through.  Peter, who runs holistic business called CreateYouHealth that’s packed with good info, asked, “Why do you think the beings don’t want you to be hypnotized?”

I thought as Peter, a good driver like most spirit people I meet, gracefully dodged traffic up the 101 for my home base in Sherman Oaks, the part of LA I always feel at home in.   I answered, “The Angus galactic spirit is angry about my lack of faith after all he and the beings have seen and done with me.  I feel like I am being fucked with.  Punished like some kid and I don’t like it.”

Rather than looking at me like I was nuts Peter said, “You know, you can tell the beings that treatment is totally unacceptable to you.  I know I did when they were messing with me.”

Tears welled in my eyes.  Here was a brother doing all for me he could.  Soon I was home and I gave Peter the best hug in a car I could manage.

I won’t bore you with the hellish 2 more hours of getting AAA to call Tom in Asia and then AAA losing the reference info and my having to go through the whole authorization again.  The whole time it felt like the corporate shell game of taking our money and then making it difficult to use the services when you need them.  I’ve done million dollar real estate deals that were less complicated than getting a tow as a guest car user.

After this painful 2 hours I needed to get myself back to the Saab again some 20 miles away.  I called a few friends having my phone back in service again.  In no time at all a beautiful light worker and friend came to my rescue and we made it back as the AAA tow truck just before they were ready to leave.

When I was all over my amazing friend offered dinner at El Tacito.   I was trembling from the stress of the day and her solution was to hold my hand as we each downed big glasses of frosted amber Mexican beer.  We had fun talking about the Shift.  A fine end to a day of being lost in the Paradise of LA.

BTW, I am still way out of synch with this reality.  Peter sensed it and said I need to realign my energy.  In other words, I am causing the trouble not my guides.  I am not quite in this dimension.  In fact,  I just reproofed this entire blog as what I had worked for 2 hours on in the second draft just vanished.   So apologies if there are typos.  Sigh….

And will I go for another try with Peter on the hypo therapy session?  Yes, if I can truly know I believe in my heart all this is true and more than more overactive imagination, name of my production company in honor of a loving, if misguided, grandmother, who never tired of trying to break my belief in my visions as a child.

How 12.12.12 Almost Did Not Happen – Part One

no fear no doubts

If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.Dale Carnegie

By Ken Sheetz

There were at least 10 times on this trip when I thought I was stuck on the road to Antarctica.  The ego is a scared little bunny.  It shouted in my head, “You fool.  Depending on crowd funding for such and expensive trip!  You are going to die a homeless man in a foreign country!”

I didn’t get mad at my ego — egos being no more than organic device to keep us safe and alive when it comes down to it — but it got very noisy in Buenos Aires when I barely had taxi money after an unexpected $160 travel visa.  Again ego became deafening with fear soaked worry in another tight spot where I made the best of it working all night on the web in an Argentina pizza parlor not able to afford a hotel.

The trip was so tight I was constantly meditating to overcome ego fears #1, “You’re going to humiliated calling family for help.  You’ll  never live down not reaching Antarctica by 12.12.12 in the LA and Sedona spirit communities.”

But each time my ego mechanisms flared into protective action it was meditation that put me back in touch with my ET angel guides would calmly reassure me, “When the opposing energies, putting up huge psychic resistance to the change 12.12.12 will help bring about, think you beaten… you will triumph.”

After one meditation when I was stressing over a $2,000 hotel bill for two weeks in Buenos Aires when I was expending more than I was taking in.  This time I was given a spirit guide named Hans.  Hans, a Nazi who in life had fled to Argentina after being part of a failed plot to assassinate Hitler, told me to hold my head high and be positive in the face of fear.

You can hear me channel Hans in this video.  This is one of the first times I have shared channeling of a ghost.

After 2 months on the road filled with 15 hour days of crowd funding,I had finally reached the southern most city in the world, Ushuaia Argentina… on a one-way ticket.  I had beaten all the ego fears and raised $5,000, and a little more in value in barter, totaling $12,000 on the very first crowd funding for a meditation.

A meditation scheme that had angered some for it’s bold intent to shift the negative energy of the long predicted Mayan pole shift of to instead foster a cool change in human consciousness.  One irrational guy on FB accused me of trying to start a cult centered around myself.  I laughed it off: “A cult of one?”  This was a solo meditation after all!

For months I had ignored the call and hung out on the cool Malibu ranch I was doing social media for all through 2012.  The distance, the cold, the cost seemed impossible so I kept trying to do the polar meditation work remotely.  But the guides would tell me repeatedly I must physically be near the energy field on 12.12.12 of the South Pole in Antarctica.  Somehow, also the crowd voting with their contributions was part of the energetic and I was not allowed to just call on some of my wealthy pals to fund this trip.

I remained resistant to spirit running my life.  Stubborn to have my ego in control on my life.  Finally, to get me heading south for Antarctica my guides literally pushed me from a comfy lux assignment in Malibu at Great Spirits Ranch with everything from sinus infections, where I literally became allergic to the ranch, to being punched in the face and threatened with guns by a film shoot visiting the ranch.

So I began the research for travel to Antarctica.  To my shock I found nearly 40,000 tourists visit Antarctica each of our winters, which is their summer, December 21st to March 21st, on expedition cruises.  Pricing was a small fortune, about $11,000 a person on average.  So adding air cost and hotels I was looking at a $20,000 needed!  My total savings in September when the call from the spirit guides became deafening was a negative $350 in my over-drafted checking account.

Ignoring the spirits telling me crowd funding was a key factor in this mission I started calling my film backers from Chicago, but I could not get any interest despite having made now three excellent docs.  Why?  Because despite how cool they are they have not even broken even on cost.  A wildly successful of a real estate broker and builder in Chicago, I have been a creative success but not seen any big money success in film.  So investors never materialized.  I could have saved myself pain and trouble listening to spirit.

Finally, I surrendered and followed my guides advice and built the IndieGoGo and listened to spirit that I needed some final lessons and attunement in Sedona.  Within 5 minutes I had a 3 weeks barter of videos for room lined up with SpiritQuest in Sedona, the number one private retreat company in spirit mecca Sedona.  However, SpiritQuest turned out to be so fascinating to film and another project behind on editing left me little time to do Antarctica crowd funding.  And it showed.  We had raised on $250 in two weeks for Antarctica 12.12.12.

One November day Nick Edwards of Power of Pyramids called and asked if I would be wiling to film in Chichen Itza anywhere from 12.21 to 12.24.  Nick asked me to put aside 12.12.12 Antarctica to be sure to make the filming in Mexico but I flatly refused not wanting more sinus and gun trouble from my guides, who obviously do not kid around in keeping me on track.

Now I had enough to buy a one-way ticket from Sedona to Rio but I hesitated.  I’ve never traveled to South America.  Would I need shots?  Visas?  Crazy to travel without money for the hotels and not to all the way to the port of Ushuaia or to have a boat tickets.  My ego told me this was nuts, “You’ll be left stranded in South America and die of a tropical disease!”  Ego is such a pussy it’s funny.  Then a guide, female voice whispered, literally whispered in my ear as I was having breakfast and dilly dallying in Sedona, “Tarry not on the road to Antarctica.”

After weeks of Sedona tune up and healing from the daily cynicism of my Malibu client and a bad experience with former spirit partner who was only interested in free social media, I was ready to listen to my guides (who are even now telling me to keep sharing the mission  though I am back in LA on fumes).  I was ready to listen to spirit not ego.  So I hopped on the internet instantly and bought the one-way tickets to Rio.  I left Sedona with a lovely send off party by angel channel Terra Senorra.

I stopped though Vegas to fly to Rio, taking a Greyhound bus to my mother’s retirement condo a few days before Thanksgiving.  As I was showing mom the video about the trip to Antarctica my second-hand Apple MacBook pro computer went dead.  I checked the plug and it was shoot.  I did not have the $80 for a new one and Mom lent me the cash.  I tried to decline saying I’d have crowd money by the time I reached Rio but Mom insisted.  Mom is psychic and so I listened and my got the new cord with the help of my cantankerous stepfather.

Later, my grumpy stepfather freaked out driving me to the International airport, ready to drop me in the middle of nowhere.  But I calmly guided him to the departure gate as my mother shot him looks of disgust.  I kept waiting for my brother Fred, a steady supporter of my work, to make a little donation for the road but oddly he was not forthcoming.  Geminis!

And so with $40 in my wallet that my mother had smuggled me, I was off to Rio on a one-way ticket with no money yet for the boat ticket to Antarctica.

But I would not end up in Rio.  The angels had other plans for me.  I did not have a visa for Brazil which you need in advance from an embassy as it turns out.  And Copa Airlines was kind enough after hearing my objective was Antarctica to skip me ahead to Buenos Aires where you still need a visa but can buy it at the airport.  That all seemed wonderful.  I’d just go on the wifi at the airport and raised a little crowd money to pay the visa.  But when I got to the airport in Buenos Aires I was stuck in customs where there is no wifi and given only 3 hours to pay the fee or be deported back to LA!

T0 be continued on How 12.12.12. Almost Did Not Happen Part 2!