Let’s Grow Up Before It’s Too Late

I lost a young friend yesterday to the rot of our society’s cesspool of disinformation that swirls about Trump on the right that loves him and that hates him on the left. We must regain the center if we are to thrive as a nation.

Now, I knew in my heart things might end badly because I noted this promising young man loved Trump from the day we were introduced. But I chose love over fear in getting to know the young man because I saw a spark of genius in him.

Let’s call him Bob for the rest of this blog.

What set Bob off yesterday was my expressing fears on FB that Trump has perhaps lost what little marbles he had before taking office. BTW, can you believe it’s still not one year yet since the tweeter in chief has squeaked into office?

But I digress at Trump’s agonizing slowing of time space. – Time is relative. For Trump lovers the first year must seem the joyous blink of an eye. – Bob was inflamed by my questioning Trump’s sanity based his recent FBI hostility on my home FB page.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 5.45.13 PM

Later that same morning, after making the above self-serving tweet, minutes before heading off in shinny limo to speak at the FBI’s National Academy, Trump blustered to the rattled press gathered on the White House lawn for god knows what stupid thing he might say, “It’s a shame what’s happened with the FBI” and claiming there are “a lot of very angry people that are seeing it.”

The mere fact I noted on FB how Trump’s erratic behavior towards the FBI might be evidence that president is showing sign of cracking up was to young Bob – who I’ve only treated with kindness and hosted in my home – grounds for his accusing me of being brainwashed by agreeing with the liberal media’s assertion, what he called a “party line story”, that Trump is increasingly becoming unglued.

Sorry, Bob, who unfriended me after I puzzled how, in private message, he could be so gung-ho about a racist. sexist wannabe dictator. I admit I goaded Bob into unfriending me because I wanted to shock him into seeing how blind he is about his blindness to the reality of Trump.  I regret doing that but I was frustrated that after nearly a year of Trump wrecking our republic in a multitude of ways; from pulling out of the Paris Accord to appointing a record dozen young inexperienced alt-right unqualified judges into our federal court system with lifetime spots we’ll be stuck contending with for the next fifty years.

Trump has had lots of help from the a Republican Party taken over by the Tea Party crazies.  And with the help of GOP, shamefully endorsing a potential sex abuser for election, rubber stamping Trump is doing damage on taxation and the freedom of our internet.

And still… Bob had not moved an inch to the center.

Now, in fairness to him, Bob may have gotten the wrong impression that I was sympathetic to Trump because he was fan of the meditations I did in DC earlier this year with Elizabeth England at the Inauguration of Trump. In the meditations we set intentions for Trump to rise to becoming one of our greatest presidents. Ambitious indeed.  But intentional meditation is scientifically proven as a powerful force for good. However, before we even left DC to return to Sedona, Trump was proudly singing an executive order to trample on the rights of the Standing Rock tribe.

Trump is sadly for us all might be immune to elevating his consciousness. We were not the only planetary healers hoping for the best and seeing that hope die over 2017. It appears his greed, copious diet of McDonald’s and paranoid anger to all who question keeps Trump on a low vibrational plane.  He has therefore chosen to be part of the old world of male white privilege decaying before our eyes on the basis of demographics alone.

It appears Bob confused my meditation intentions for Trump to rise to become a great president with the sad reality he’s been a god awful leader who will take us into a nuclear war unless removed from office. His low approval ratings bear me out.

Yes, Bob, my Trump sanity fears, are all my own. Fears formulated with my own observations of Trump’s tweets and quotes and a thing called my brain. And what I see in meditation are two reasons for Trump declining mental health.

One: Trump’s fear over the Mueller investigation is causing him to fall into a rage filled depression and he is suffering a nervous breakdown.

Two: Trump is suffering from Alzheimer’s or clogged brain arteries from his Ronald McDonald diet.

Besides his obvious FBI propaganda stunt to discredit the Mueller Russia probe, if we truly look we see in Trump’s behavior there are many other signs that the tweeter in chief is in rocky shape. Take his slurred and or incoherent speech patterns, extreme rage displays to staff punctuated by twitter outbursts, delusions of grandeur and radical overeating. All symptoms any of us with an open ears, eyes and mind can observe for without the filter of media, left or right. It’s an inescapable reality/horror show happening in real time.

What I find stunning is a fine young man like Bob is trying to actually make living as a journalist without a shred of objectivity. That’s not journalism. That’s being a mouthpiece for right-wing propaganda.

I meditated on this deeply and I am being totally honest with myself that I am not doing the same thing on the left as Bob. I am an independent who has voted as many times for the Republicans as Dems. Note I was no fan of Obama and his failed health care plan and back door dealings.

Back to Bob.  What is the magic of Trump’s ability to bamboozle Bob and other Trump supporters to the point they will not make their own judgements about Trump themselves and buy his fake news BS? For the answer I refered back to the famed book ESCAPE FROM FREEDOM by Eric Fromm that I studied at Northwestern University in abnormal psychology class.


Shortly after World War Two Fromm wrote his book to psychoanalyze Hitler’s rise to power. He writes of how all dictators share a common trait as possessing a vacuous souls. This vacuum of the heart makes dictators an empty screen we the people can project all the values we want to see in whoever is latest fearless leader.

And the reason we humans blindly do this over and over, not just with a Hitler, throughout history, according to Fromm is incredibly simple.  Fromm postulates that we as a species desperately want a father (note we’ve not had female dictator yet) who will gladly shoulder the burden of freedom and tell we babies what to think and do.

Looking on the bright side, the trick in meditating about dark things in dark times, is perhaps Trump at some point when the insanity grows worse will serve as the last straw that forces us to grow the hell up as species. We must rise to love our freedoms instead of seeking escapes in petty dictators. Bob, you, me, all of us, must learn to see disinformation on the left and right and to tune out media pundits of both persuasions.

Together let’s stop blaming our money making niche media and look outside our little bubbles and find the center of our own conscious convictions in balance and harmony.

Let’s grow up before it’s too late.


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