Griding: You’ll Never Think of Driving, the Same Way Again!

I first heard of the term “griding” (a.k.a. gridding) in 2010, near the outset of my spirit awakening almost 7 years ago as I began traveling.  Griding, I discovered in travels and higher consciousness talks with spirit peeps across the planet, is based the fact every human has an energy signature in their auras. It’s unique as a fingerprint.

In the time lapse we see something like griding in the taillights and headlights of cars and trucks on the highway.

Long Exposure Night Highway Motion Traffic Light

When an auric field is in motion a person leaves an snake of invisible energy wherever they travel, land. A signature I am blessed to be able to see this unconscious griding we are all doing, awake or not, when I use my third-eye.  This griding effect was intuitvely expressed in the movie TRON. Don’t worry, in real-life our energy snakes overlap harmlessly, except when we are at war.

In 2012 I got so tuned into this that on the LA freeway I began to see the hearts and minds of people light brighter than the headlights and taillights.  The griding I saw was so overwhelming in a city as dense with humanity as LA that I had to tune what I saw spiritually down to be able to drive.

When I look to the sky and see jet full of people I see huge grid line. The more people the more powerful the grid line, most powerful being the large cruises ships griding the planet.  Crisscross these griding energy fields in human movements across the planet and it makes a glowing of sacred geometry across the planet.


Shout out to a new friend Gary I told about griding and who saw no one has written about it before. So this is first.

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