Fed Up… America’s Sweet Conspiracy

“If only a small fraction of what is already known about the effects of sugar were to be revealed in relation to any other material used as a food additive, that material would promptly be banned.”—John Yudkin MD, Ph.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S.C., F.I. Biol., Prof of Nutrition at London University

originalFive stars for FED UP, the new documentary film from Exec Producer Katey Couric, who also narrates the film.   The vivacious Katie and fellow exec producer Laurie David, producer for AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, work in divine harmony to lay bare the sweet conspiracy of a mad food industry poisoning us all.

FED UP struck me deeply because I have two kids, a boy and girl, born 1979 and 1982 respectively, who battled obesity their whole childhoods, and who continue to battle their waistlines now in their 30s.  Until FED UP it was a mystery how my kids got, no nice way to say it, fat.  It made no sense, my sweet ex-wife-to-be cooked the same hearty meals as her mother and my mother… and yet our kids became ever more obese as the years passed.

I realize now, hindsight painfully 20/20, that I too started to pack on weight around the time my kids were born.  This after being so thin most of my life that I had to drink shakes to gain pounds.  I chalked it up to a change in my metabolism at 27.  Thanks for the brainwashing, food giants.


Imagine my outrage learning the truth from FED UP that the root cause of my family’s suffering was simply that my kids and me were daily, unknowingly, ingesting, concealed by lack of proper labeling of Nutritional Standards,  ten times the World Health Organization’s suggested levels consumption of sugar per day.  Indeed, a modest 25 grams per day is what the WHO recommends in their new publication of May 14, 2014.  Likely, even that is high as this stuff is an addictive poison when not ingested through fruits and honey.


Note: This WHO info is more current than the film which reports the WHO’s standard as twice as high at 50 grams.  My guess is the release of FED UP caused the WHO to update their standard to suggest ever less sugar out of shame.  Shame, as Katie points out in her sure to win a doc Oscar, for the WHO taking a half billion dollar bribe decades ago to keep their WHO mouths shut about who is escalating the dangers of too much sugar consumption in our global diets.

Katie’s FED UP does not mince words.   The famed news personality bravely depicts our food industry as downright evil, though not using that term as say an Alex Jones does. Katie therefore gives FED UP mainstream credibility Alex cannot, despite the fact he’s just as right and has been sounding the alarm for decades.  FED UP is therefore the ideal tool that we the conscious community need to end this food fight before we are all too lethargic to jump from the pot, like the proverbial frog who boils to death as the temp, the sugar content, is slowly turned up.

GMOs are not touched upon in FED UP at any length.  Nor are brain damaging MSGs talked about,  nor are strange lethal chemicals and pesticides embedded in processed foods like a wolf in sheep’s low-fat clothing.  The laser focus on sugar plaguing our food supply is what makes FED UP powerful.


As the poster plays with the big and fun “F U” top of the blog, let’s stick it to these F’ers where it F’ing hurts: F’ing Sales!  Boycotting sugar is not needed.  All we have to do is eat the WHO proper amount of 25 grams of sugar consumption a day.  Then we all get healthy and the food giants must either cater to the enlightened American consumers’ new tastes or these despicable money-grubbing corporations, who do know they are killing us my the millions, will go the way of a triple-decker burger left on the counter in the sun for three days.

And good riddance to bad food corps.  The CEOs of these obesity purveyors should in fact be in prison for what they are doing.  What I suggest, eating the proper WHO amount of sugar, is forgiveness on an epic scale they don’t really deserve.   But let’s move on.  Putting these F’ers in jail misses the point.  Let’s transcend this bull.  America getting healthy is the best revenge.

It’s up to us to help get the word out about FED UP ourselves.  Because I predict, distribution of FED UP will be fought tooth and nail by the soda pop makers where it hurts.  Namely, forcing theater owners not to ever show FED UP.  Why do I predict the foodsters can and will bully the main stream theaters into not showing FED UP and, worse, get away with it?  Simple: Movie houses make over 50% of their revenue selling sodas in ever larger sizes.  That’s beverage leverage, my fellow fat Americans.

Wow.  Update to the blog.  I hate it when I am right at times like this when everyone, EVERYONE, in the world needs to see this film.  I just did a 40 miles radius search of LA and as of 7.18.14 not a single theater is showing FED UP.  Not one movie house in a city of 8 million?!  Yup, for a doc this amounts to my prediction coming true of a distribution shut out by the foodsters. Clear as a bag of sugar coated donuts in a cop car. 

You see, docs spread through word of mouth and they need time to generate an audience.  WHAT THE BLEEP? took nearly a year to germinate into a mainstream hit.  No matter.  We can still the foodsters with the DVD when it come out.  Hold a sugar-free, with no artificial sugars as they only worsen sugar addiction, private screening party.  Watch on VOD and NetFlix when released there with your whole family and save them from the pain I went through my family where all our weights were out of control, spawning eating disorders and obesity for the Sheetz’s. 

The days of the studios and theaters blocking what we can use as amazing tools to teach our global soceities to be healthy are over!  It’s up to us, dear readers, to get FED UP seen by “We the Fatties” that me and so many have unwittingly become at the hands of these ultimate, all too real, film villains, the food companies.  This tragedy of a nation and a world addicted to sugar, a world, must and will have a smart happy ending!

10515210_10152263829232029_2208458233204990333_oNEGLECT IS DEADLY

At the moment I am living in little Sedona, nestled in the red rocks.  Sadly, I am battling health issues caused by the negligence of an absentee landlord causing damage to my lungs.  It was caused from my unknowingly breathing loose fiberglass for 8 months, like I had been unknowingly eating too much sugar before seeing FED UP, before I finally figured it all out why I kept getting sicker and sicker in my rented home.  The pointlessly neglectful landlord will be made to pay for their negligence with a lawsuit.  I must do this as otherwise the next occupant will suffer my fate and maybe they won’t be lucky enough to survive.  People die in Arizona from contaminated HVAC I painfully learned from my doctor treating me here, and I am not out of the woods yet.  I almost passed to the other side a few nights ago.

I mention this HVAC debacle, blogged about in great detail in another post JUNE’S NEARLY LETHAL MERCURY RETROGRADE, the names changed to protect the guilty, as my plight is painfully symptomatic of the global issue of massive neglect exemplified by FED UP.


I am still based here in Sedona for amazing crowd funding project launching 8.1.18 to finance the R&D for a mass affordable Neurophone.  It’s a profund device first invented back in 1957, and subject of feature story in a 1962 LIFE Magazine article about scientist Dr. Flanagan.  Only 17 at the time of the LIFE story WHIZ KID FOR SURE.

Dr. Flanagan’s techno-meditation device he called Neurophone, is not a phone.  It’s way smarter than a smart phone as it’s been proven in many scientific studies makes you smarter.  Currently Deepak is updating studies of the Neurophone, of which he endorses enthusiastically as  “I tried the Neurophone and it’s one of the most amazing experiences of my life.”

Indeed this amazing invention of Patrick Flanagan’s, who Deepak calls “A gift to humanity” undoes the neglect of our mass media, out to dumb us down and a sugar industry feeding off us like vampires in one fell swoop.  Join the volunteer group to spread the word today and click on this NEW NEUROPHONE link.

The Neurophone project I must finish before leaving beautiful Sedona all fits with the intent of FED UP.  Dropping sugar consumption to 25 grams per day as the WHO recommends is smart.  I saw FED UP at the genius art house here The Mary Fisher that scientist Patrick Flanagan and his wife help back with donations.  I like sitting in the seats there that carry their name tags.  Amazingly I feel better after just a few days of closely reading labels for grams of sugar and making the calculations on daily intake I should be doing.   FED UP points out the free pass by the FDA to flood America with sugar by not listing it’s over-serving madness on packages.

Sugar is pushed at us constantly.  Foodsters are nothing more than sugar dealers feeding the bad habits they market to an addicted America. Indeed, I detest the way the main stream movie chain across 89A from the Mary Fisher, the 6 screen Harkins, forces their innocent kid vendors, for whom many this is their first job, to up-sell sugar.  Order your giant small soda, larger than a large used to be way back when bottles of Coke were small, and the young Harkins vendor boldly asks, even when you ask them not to ask, “For only twenty-five cents you can have a bigger size, sir, and how about some candy with your popcorn?”

Ironically, back in my millionaire Chicago real estate mogul days, I served many of the corporate giants poisoning us today talked about in FED UP.  I still cherish my hard-earned  title as a Chicago Sun Times developer of the year for angel client Oprah Winfrey and as a broker of the year for devilish clients like Quaker Oats, McDonald’s, Sara Lee, Target Stores, NBC, Chase Bank and Allied Mills, to name but a few.   The main villain of FED UP, Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Atlanta, has never been a client, but I had hopes.  Speaking of which…


In 2002 I wrote a fictional screenplay about Coke addiction.  I titled it THE REAL THING.  It’s about a London reverend who runs a drug rehab clinic back in the year 1985.  Reverend Fear looks down on junkies he treats at his clinic.  This fitness freak, kung fu-loving preacher smugly feels himself a far better a human being than his cocaine and heroin addicts.

The tale takes a strange twist for the smarmy Reverend Fear when Coke changes to New Coke, and the old formula is taken off the market and suddenly unavailable.  The reverend then sets off on a hilarious quest to hoard the last of the original Coke. Through his trails and tribulations fighting gangsters over the last supplies of Coke, the Revered realizes he’s no better than his junkies and finally becomes the real thing in battling addiction.

What inspired the screenplay was my own addiction to Coke, the soda.  In real life I was living high as real estate consultant millionaire in 1985 when Coke was discontinued, in what is considered the greatest marketing blunder of all time.  Back then I drank at least 3 cans of Coke a day.  But I kept trim working out daily at Chicago’s famed East Bank Club like a mad man.  I remember clearly the shiver of rapture that shot through my body and brain taking a swig of Coca-Cola.  New Coke didn’t give me that buzz.

timenewcoke-copyI wrote an impassioned complaint letter to Coke in May of 1985, bitterly asking they bring the old Coke formula back.  The Pope wrote such a letter himself.  There were even riots for old Coke to be brought back in Portland.  Look up New Coke on Wikipedia sometime.   It’s all there, Coke junkies like me and the Pope going into angry withdrawal across the globe.

My father was a severe alcoholic, jealous of my amazing successes.  I was thrilled to look down on him from my pile of money, chugging a Coke.  So it was in this strange moment that arrived for me in Coke’s sudden 1985 removal of its product that my severe withdrawal symptoms came to shocking light.   Seeing I was as addicted to Coca-Cola as badly as my father was addicted to booze humbled me.

But I clowned about hording Coke beverages wherever I could find some as I stockpiled what was left on store shelves.  I kept my horror of being a Coca-Cola addict to myself.  My wife and kids go a kick out of my hamming up my bizarre behavior.  90 days later, Coke came back by popular demand as Classic Coke.

My real-life story of my shock that I was addicted to Coke stuck with me until I began writing screenplays in 1996.    And by 2002 I was sending out the awesome story of THE REAL THING to studios.  After dozens of pitches, there was a nibble of interest from a major studio for this action-comedy cola tale, based on my true addiction feelings!

Just one catch; the studio exec asked me to get Coca-Cola to sign off on the story, perhaps even back the film. I knew from my cravings and the worldwide outrage that Coke was addictive as hell, just not why.  Still it came as great shock to me when Coke’s chief legal consul sent me a letter on beautiful Coca-Cola Atlanta HQ stationary, stating emphatically:

Dear Mr. Sheetz:

We have carefully reviewed your screenplay THE REAL THING.  Unfortunately, we find your story equating a healthy safe product like Coca-Cola to something as addictive as cocaine and other illegal substances, used no less by criminals and junkies, to be highly offensive to the fine brand of Coca-Cola beverages and our related products.

Coca-Cola Bottling Corporation of America hereby gives you formal notice that should you, your firm Overactive Imagination Pictures, or any studio you may sell this screenplay to, seek to produce and distribute this film to the public at large we shall take the strongest legal remedies available to our company to halt production of THE REAL THING by any and all means.

Thank you for giving Coca-Cola the courtesy to offer you our feedback and avert production of THE REAL THING before productions cost and legal damages were incurred for any of all parties concerned.

All the best to you, Mr. Sheetz. in your other film endeavors.


Coca-Cola Bottling Company of America

So imagine my vindicated laughter in the Mary Fisher theater here, an oasis of fine art film in the desert, when FED UP Katie Couric reports: “Brain scans show sodas are 8 time more addictive than cocaine.”  Yep, my screenplay THE REAL THING missed the mark by 800% by imagining Coke was only 100% as addictive as cocaine, the other coke.  One day I hope to find studio with the cajones to work with me to produce THE REAL THING.  Perhaps Katie’s film FED UP leads that to happening.

Until FED UP I’d been thinking it was some mysterious artificial cocaine formulation in Coke that’s the famed addictive secret ingredient locked in the Coca-Cola corporate vault in Atlanta was simple sugar.  So addictive is Coke it would take me 20 years from the time my 1985 discovery of my sad addiction to Coca-Cola for me to actually kick my Coke cola habit.

Imagine my outrage learning from FED UP that any brand of soda is as bad for the body as Coke as they all contain massive sugar.  And even worse that sugar in all processed food, l,ow-fat or otherwise.  What a deadly joke to pull in humanity.  Still, there is something even more addictive about Coke than all the other sodas for me.  I’ve only been free of Coke enslavement about 7 years.  I suspect Coke takes the prize for addicting its customers based on it #1 spot on the global consumer charts.

Back when I was writing THE REAL THING a girlfriend I briefly dated from Columbia told me Coca-Cola was in fact a CIA front.  I poo-pooed her fears.  I just did a Google search after all my denial and yes. it’s all over the web.  Ho boy.  Here we go with conspiracy theories again about the Man seeking to kill us.


Through comparative brain scans FED UP shows sugar is 4 to 8 times more addictive than cocaine.  Personally painful.  How clearly I see life’s turning point for me and my two kids of when, as FED UP shows in great detail, something went very wrong in our collective consciousness around 1980.  In compensation, following pressures by Congress and the heath gurus to reduce fat in what America consumes, the food industry began removing the tasty fat, but replacing it with more tasty sugar.  Now, the food industry had “inadvertently” learned a way to sell more processed foods: Sugar addiction.

This twist of a Congress’ good intentions to a harmful end is not unique.  The dark side is clever, relentless, patient and insidious.  It works in what I am dubbing an Unconscious Conspiracy throughout our whole society, planet-wide.

Take geo-engineering for example.  It starts with good intentions: Save the world from global warming.  But what do we get? Chemtrails raining down aluminum, barium and a host of other chemtrails killing our forests and people at levels never seen before.  Or clean nuke power becomes Fukushima built on the ocean on a fault line.  There are 23 Fukushima like plants around the world, all built on fault lines, many in California.

Recently I picked up a Reiki magazine at the health food store and sure enough it was filled with an overall agenda to corporatize this sacred healing art into a brand to be pedaled like soda pop in bringing we free spirits back to enslavement to conventional religions, a whole other blog in itself.

The malevolent pattern of evil warping good intent to dark ends repeats on all fronts.  As Darth said to Luke, “You have no idea the power of the dark side.”  It’s no longer enough to protest for change, the process must be followed through to the end and the good must learn the same skill sets to subvert bad into good.


Despite the mounting evidence, I still don’t believe there’s some master Illuminati conspiracy to wreck our world.  However, this persistent naivety on my part  matters little as the Unconscious Conspiracy of greed makes the corporations unconsciously act like an Illuminati.  The way to battle to Unconscious Conspiracy is for those of us conscious of their crimes, intentional or otherwise shame those in power.  Shaming the evil double-thinkers and masters of the Unconscious Conspiracy is in fact how the protestors of the 70s ended the Vietnam War.   Shame was what bright light media people, teamed with enlightened politicos, used to beat the tobacco industry into submission.

Speaking bad shaming.  Back in the 80s and 90s I was shaming my kids to be in great shape like me.  Yeah, you would not have liked me when I was a slave to corporations.  Ironically, it turns out with my high sugar diet, when I used to easily consume 3 cans of Coke per day, I was a FILO.  A FILO is a fat-on-the-inside-light-on-the-outside person.  America’s considered 30 % obese right now, however factoring in the FILOs, like me, America is actually 51% obese.  At the rate we are growing fatter, inside and out, we will be 75% obese in 10 years as a nation.  Walgreens and CVS are the pharmas are gearing up for diabetes as their bread and butter, pardon the pun.

FED UP beautifully documents to corruption of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign for healthy eating.  Peppered throughout the film we watch Michelle, a mirror to her husband’s bad record of no hope and no change, kidnapped by the very fast food makers now providing 80% of kids health harmful school meals.

FED UP  brilliantly places today’s soft drink makers side by side in footage before Congressional hearing as the execs deny the harmful effects of sugar, side by side with the tobacco players whose lies were outed in the 90s.  Sugar is the next big thing to be dealt with and we the consumers are the ones to sound the battle cry.


Share the outrage at America’s Sweet Conspiracy.  Share this film.  Take your entire family to see FED UP.  And one day, mark FED UP as a must own DVD to use as a tool to enlighten and daily inspire you, your loved ones, a planet.   My highest recommend for five DreamShield star ships.  FED UP is part of the magic of the 1.11.11 DreamShield meditation to transform Hollywood into a tool for change.

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