Pattern Masters: The Darlings Conformity

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. – President John F. Kennedy

At breakfast today as I waited in line at the Coffee Pot here in Sedona, I watched, for all I could stand of the boredom, about 3 seconds of a mindless a soccer game.  And a mystery I’ve been pondering fell into place.  I’ve been flabbergasted my whole life, until today’s eggs and pancakes in the magical red rocks of Sedona, by the way society overly honors people who do repetitive things well.  We call them celebs.  I see now that celebs are society’s darlings of conformity!

For boring after boring example:

FirefoxScreenSnapz067Race car driving.  Nothing new is going to happen in any car race.  There will be a crash or two and one heavily branded car and driver will win.

Pro football. After a series injuries one team will win by moving an oval spheroid up and down a set of lines painted on grass.

Hit TV series.  What is a hit TV show like FRIENDS other than the same original performance repeated season after season with only slight variations?

Film.  Oscars given for executing genre patterns well.

Music. I can’t imagine being a member of a band like Kiss and dressing and repeating song and attire patterns for decades.

Golf.  Nough said.

Society rewards Pattern Masters for repeating templates and executing them well.  Be original and creative and you are likely to starve.  Van Gough died penniless as did Nikola Tesla.

Personally, I am not a pattern lover or repeater.  I am a  creative.  I live life more like my favorite art form, abstract.  Each time my life falls into a pattern I tend to bust it up and start over at something new. I will continue to meditate on patterns.  How they suck us into believing our original lives are lacking compared to the darlings of society who are doing nothing original or useful.

I am onto something big here in cracking the matrix of conformity that cripples our future and threatens our world, fame be damned.

Ken is currently in Sedona managing a coming crowd funder for making a smarter world but use of scientist Patrick Flanagan’s Neurophone.  Learn more at




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