Duck and Coverage – Staying Real While Seeing the Unreal

“If it can be imagined it is real.” – Pablo Picasso

Pablo, I love you for saying that.  It means every thought that enters my mind has validity.  And for this wild and Looney Tunes vision, occurring in the wee hours of 3.28.14, when I chuckled myself back to sleep, Picasso’s wisdom comforted me.

Patrick Flanagan and Stephanie Sutton in Love Forever

I told the amazing Patrick Flanagan and Stephanie Sutton of PhiSciences today, as we worked on a breathtaking crowd funder for NewNeurophone that will make the world smarter,  unreal in itself, that I don’t think myself nuts when I get nutty visions.

As I explained Pat and Steph, and now share with you, dear reader, the universe is a big place and ordinary Hollywood people like me, and greats like Lucas, who’s never come out in the open like me, are very sensitive and pick up on real energy reaching us from across the stars.  Writers are channels.  And I would venture to say no idea we ever get is fictional, but real somewhere in the vast cosmos.

But, and a big bite you on the butt “but”, to take your visions as literal reality is a mistake.  Why?   Because you end up as an egotistical jerk.  Such is the dark road to making yourself a prophet or pope of a new religion.  And we don’t need any more of religious nonsense!  Science and spirit are the way to healthy enlightenment.

And, boy, do I see too much of a serious attitude about visions here in Sedona. A place where the red rocks, laced with iron and crystals, amp dreams to such a profound degree that even the gas station attendants here are psychic to some degree that’s unnerving at times.  Enough so I leave Sedona regularly for visits to the real world.

A double-think works to keep me real and humble about the epic visions I get.  One that sent me all the way to Antarcitca on 12.12.12.  One that keeps me real and humble even in the intensity of Sedona’s many vortexes and in a land filled with Hopi spirits of the dead.

The double think that keeps me real is to simply treat my visions as both real and unreal.  This simple trick keeps me grounded, while letting my heart soar. It is something I learned from famed producer Barnet Bain.  Barney, as he lets me call him as we became pals in a 2010 New Jersey workshop called Souldrama, is currently working on adapting JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL to the screen and produced the awesome film starring Robin Williams, WHAT DREAMS MAY COME.

Last night, I was blessed to be invited to an intimate Sedona inter-dimensional birthday party for the amazing healer and channel Laurel Lyons. Her friends Gaia and Shannon did some healing with crystals bowls that were as exquisite as the large white bowl of Laurel’s. The harmonies were superb. Laurel channeled Pleadians and she gave wisdom for each us as gifts, we lucky party guests.  And I love how Laurel is spiritually powered up yet grounded.  I met Laurel through my wonderful assistant on the crowd funder, Genevieve Munoz.

A portal opened as the sound healing party guests worked their magic on Laurel and us all. In my mind’s eye I saw a pine cone glowing red-hot. Talk about a healing activation for my pineal gland!

After the great party, filled with good company, wound down and I went home. And all through the night I communed with a race of beings who evolved from ducks! They are from a world called Dalphine, millions of billions of light years from here and in the 6th dimension.

images-1Friendly and straight forward the Dalphines introduced themselves, saying thumbs down for Lucas’s HOWARD THE DUCK but that they love Daffy and Donald Duck as more accurate representations of their species. So this means they have a temper, can be acerbic and love pranks. Quack!

The Dalhine world is like none other we’ve ever seen; a series of flat rectangles floating in a cluster forming a giant cube. They call Dalphine a flock world. It’s an artificial world they built when their original world was destroyed by asteroids, eons ago.

Ohom, my Orion higher self, confirmed the Dalphines are members of The League of Ghost Worlds, here to help humanity avert self extinction. But he warned me the Dalphine’s can be tricksters, and a little, well, Daffy.

I share all this profound silliness with you, while taking non of it too seriously, while looking for the serious message within.  Namaste.

Spirit reporting the wackiest vision I ever had for Drop by and see the new website.

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