“That’s all an angel is… an idea of God.”  – Meister Eckhart

By Ken Sheetz

Monday morning, August 12, 2013.  Passing on a huge ET angelic message I received at sunrise this morning, here in Sedona where I am on location filming THE FLANAGAN EXPERIMENTS.  I was not in meditation.  The powerful message from my ET angels, blue beings 7 foot tall from the Orion star system woke me from a light sleep state.

“A joyous morning to you, Ken Sheetz.  Share the news today in your work: The dawn of the Golden Age is at hand!”

The angel is in a joyous state of bliss, while yours truly is tired and grouchy, still mourning the loss of a dear aunt this weekend.  I don’t see the angel, this is all auditory transmission in my mind.  I sleepily ask, “Who is sending this message?”

angels in italy“You know me as Gabriele.  I was one of the three in Italy who awakened you for this mission of the DreamShield.”  Gabriele is referring to the epic Italy vision of May 5, 2010 where three seven-foot blue ET angels ignite a force field about the planet.  A vision that changed my life in ways I am still feeling.  And not all of them good.  At least on the surface.

“Hello, Gabriele.  Wait.  Aren’t you the angel that’s supposed to trumpet the END of the world?” I say, wishing the excited angel would just vanish and let me go back to sleep.

“The old age is done.  My new job is heralding the new world’s birth,” says Gabriele patiently.

“Great.  If I post this on Facebook can I go back to sleep?” I say.

“Of course!” says Gabriele.

“Before you fly; how long until we start seeing some serious changes to this reality?” I ask in my mind, where all this talk is occurring in the early dawn.

“Within six months you will see transformation take hold,” says Gabriele.  The great angel sounds amused at my suspicious nature.

My estranged kids

“How much change are we talking?” I ask, looking to pin the angel down.  “I’ve been getting messages like this for 39 months and, to b the work is getting on my nerves. A lot of people, including my two adult kids who are on hiatus, think I’ve gone nutso.”

“Their doubts will soon vanish,” says Gabriele brightly.

“And then there’s my uncle who invested in my film career who is not thrilled I put that career on hold to assist blue ET angels with the shift.  Spreading your message will not help them, or my lost investors in Chicago, feel warm and fuzzy about me. — Sorry to be so grouchy, Gabriele.  It’s Monday morning and I stayed up too late playing video game to forget about losing an aunt who loved me my whole 60-year life.”

I am depressed from spending hours on the phone this weekend, comforting many family who are ashamed and outraged that one our own met such an unseemly death in the Milwaukee County Hospital.  So much for Obama Care.

I angrily go on explaining to the angel, “My poor Aunt Alice was put through the ringer of our Matrix society.  Diabetes, poverty.  She died in coma like a human guinea pig.”

“Alice is with us now.  Do not despair, Ken Sheetz,” says Gabriele with great kindness.

But I remain ambivalent and say in my mind, “Give me some help in the sanity column here, Gabriele.  I know your life span is infinite, but we fleshies live short lives. Even only six months seems like forever to us. Especially when so much was promised and so little has happened since 12.21.12.  How much change are we going to see in this next six months?”

“Rest assured there will be dramatic positive change.  Rejoice, Ken Sheetz, and share the happy news to your loved ones on the web.  Farewell.”

The angel Gabriele is gone before I can say my goodbyes.  Perhaps they did not want to hear me gripe anymore.  Skeptical as I am at this stage, I still feel a tiny spark of hope from the angelic connection and go back to sleep.

Now I am up and writing of this, still in a rotten mood over the loss of my dear aunt in such a tragic fashion.  But here goes as I promised Gabriele:

The dawn of the Golden Age is at hand!

I need coffee.  Mondays.

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