There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared:  twins.  ~Josh Billings

By Ken Sheetz

Holy Multi-dimensional creatures, Batman!  They live among us!

Do they come from the stars?  In a way, but only as science will tell you we all do.  In fact, you likely have at least a pair of these amazing multi-dimensional beings hiding in your family tree somewhere.  They are identical twins.

These DNA doubles, identical twins, I theorize are the same single soul, living two alternate realities at the same time.  Science is saying that identical twins, triplets, quadruplets and up and up, have identical DNA at conception, but very quickly what the fetus experiences in womb will create subtle differences in their genetics.

Dr. Flanagan’s Neurophone

I am no scientist, merely a thinker, a filmmaker taping into to cosmic field through amplified meditation using Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s amazing Neurophoe in my meditations here in the powerful energy field of Sedona.  Techo-meditation as I have dubbed accelerated meditation using the Flanagan Neuirohone is literally unlocking the secrets of the universe to me.

My hypothesis about the “Twin-i-verse” is it gives a way for the soul to double it’s exploration of life, the whole basis for many worlds in the first place.  So simple, millions of our lives times two.  A doubly ambitious soul exploration to be admired.  I hope a scientist reading this blog will one day check out my musings.


Yesterday, as this mystery kept unfolding, I saw that Twins not only live among us… they live within us.  This next piece of the twin puzzle of Many Worlds within came to me over ice creams at the Dairy Queen with my friend Mica Monet.  Two universes experienced within the same body at the same time in twin fashion is what is commonly called Bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is a condition I believe my father suffered from.  He would shift from one inner twin’s universe, one the loving father to the drunken abusive father with visible changes to his outward appearance.  Booze was what opened his inner portal between the two multiverses within him.

My father died in 2011 at the age of 82.  He always seemed like a kid.  That was, I see now, because his soul was living life in two shifts living 41 years each in the same body .

Better understanding my bipolar, inner twin, father allows me to love more fully the twin dad within who that taught me to hunt, fish, to draw, to play the piano, and have fun in life.  It was this twin within who always provided well for us all and who never abandoned me.  This also allows me see he had an evil dark twin that was exploring in our world.


Inner twin soul exploration, time cut is in half.  This slower unfolding of time, would be useful for intense soul exploration that would permit resting time for each twin sharing one body.  Sounds crazy but makes total sense.  Outer twins in our reality can explore the worlds twice as fast, perhaps for lighter discovery.  Come to think of it I’ve never met a twin that was not bright and bubbly. Have you?  Inner universe bipolar twins sharing a body for slower more intense soul discovery are dark and dangerous personalities that confuse the hell out of us.  We learn some hard lessons and experience as kids of these inner twins a lot chaos.  It’s a touch childhood but so many light workers I meet had a bipolar parent I see it has a purpose too.dionnequints


So that the why what about the what.  What do our soul do forming this twin life? My theory is that twins are the souls way to manipulate time.   A loop-hole in the EMC2 reality we are all creating by agreement.  Outer twins give you faster soul exploration doubling the multiverses, and we are seeing identical quintuplets now.  Think of that for accelerated soul exploration. While inner twins, expressed as bipolar and multiple personalities is a was for the to slow down time for soul exploration.


Not bad theorizing for a non-scientist.  Patrick Flanagan’s genius has rubbed off on me with his gift of his IQ boosting Neurophone!This insight into my past using this new knowledge of twins and the multiverses is a new Big Bang within me of infinite healing across all my souls multiverses.  And I thank both my father’s personalities for that.  Namaste, Dad, if you and your reuinted soul aspects are reading this .  Your life led me to a breakthrough others may concur with.  In writing this close another discovery.  After death our million of multi-dimensional soul aspects come back into oneness and rest for the next exploration.
Enjoy this great DVD extra from the movie SOURCE CODE that explains much about Quantum Physics in just 1:24.

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