Don’t Feed the Trolls… Hamburgers

“I wouldn’t touch a hot dog unless you put a condom on it! You realize that the job of a hot dog is to use parts of the animal that the Chinese can’t figure out how to make into a belt? ― Bill Maher

By Ken Sheetz

I may do angelic work with DreamShield Planetary Meditations, but relish being human.   I still like to eat meat, play violent video games, have the occasional drink and, yes, have meaningful sex… when I can manage.

Lately, spirit women in general are making me a nuts, but that’s a whole other blog. Perhaps a screenplay.

Hey, doing spirit work does not make you a ghost.  I’m human.  I’m male.  I meet too many in the work of the Shift who are not grounded.  My humanity connects me to the world in a profound way.

A Vegan attacked me yesterday on Facebook for posting I like hamburgers.  I was kind and responded that I always honor the animals who died so I might eat.  But she was unmoved and questioned the validity of my spirit work.  No matter how much love I gave her and respect for her position, she was unrelenting in her attack on my integrity.

In the social media biz I run that supports my world travels, BuzzBroz, we call these hostile personalities Trolls. Trolls don’t want healthy debate.  — So I banished the righteous Vegan to the “cornfield” (refer to Marc Zicree’s book “The Twilight Zone Companion”).

Until I took another SoulDrama workshop with Connie Millier I felt a little guilty about this philosophy, dubbed “Don’t feed the trolls”, source unknown.  Connie showed me that my letting anger go with a person or situation we detach and get on with our lives.  I have no time or use for negativity.  There’s too many awakening souls to reach.

If more people block them, the trolls out there would soon learn it’s a lonely life being a sourpuss.



Super scientist Patrick Flanagan of PhiSciences and wife Stephanie Sutton.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Feed the Trolls… Hamburgers

  1. Dear Ken,
    I would like to have eaten sushi with you two!
    Believe it or not, for about ca. 20 years a was vegetarian (not vegan)- but not anymore.
    The interesting thing is, that I can understand both – Trolls and not-Trolls 😉 No, I have never been a Troll, because I never said to someone he shouldn’t eat meat. When I was visiting school I worked at Mc D. – yes.
    And I know someone who says: Anyone who rejects something, that separates him from God. This person is the biggest healer on this planet – as far as I know. And he grabs steaks on the grill, if he sees that someone needs it. After a visit you might not be a vegan any longer… 😉
    His name is Thomaz Green Morton from Brazil. And he sais: Everything is devine. I think the best we can do, is to feel in our own hearts what we want to do, enjoy live, enjoy everything.
    And don’t worry about what others may think. And don’t worry about Trolls, they just think that they are right. But I guess we all think sometimes we know something better and we criticize others – perhaps only in thought. I personally try to take different points of view, to see, to understand, a lot to learn. And then I see how little I actually know. If we all do, then we would probably attack anyone. If we would all focus on loving others, to accept them as they are, then we would not have to try to know everything better. Than we could even love Trolls… 🙂
    Loving regards from a beautiful lake, Bavaria, Germany


  2. Hey Ken~ Your knew Facebook friend Sindy Sue here. I also eat meat but kind of feel bad about it. I would not tolerate being attacked however. lol I have been using the cornfield technique for years now, and thought I had created it myself, never even heard of the source you mentioned. Just goes to show we are indeed “One Mind.” I also eat chocolate.

    As far as women and sex goes, you just need to meet someone who sees you and you her. It goes beyond the exterior though, you really have to see the Being. Then you will be able to ground all you want. lol

    It has been a pleasure connecting with you, I think you are funny and cool. I have many great, great friends here at Word Press and would be happy to introduce you to them. Have a great but Hot Arizona day. I think here in Phoenix we are looking at 108 today.


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