New Vision Art of Katy Perry as an ET Angel in Antarctica

Boy, you’re an alien Your touch so foreign It’s supernatural Extraterrestrial, extraterrestrial, extraterrestrial – KATY PERRY – E.T. LYRICS

By Ken Sheetz

While I was in Antarctica 12.12.12 I was granted a view of a land without cities, or even trees for that matter.  And the ETs that guided me there celebrated the human mind, body and soul.  The ETs say that the bad news we watch everyday is such a small sliver of who we are that it’s simply a way of making humans feel small by the corporations who seek to control us.

I love the work of Katy Perry.  She’s out there and free as a penguin.  After her Grammy outfit she wore I became inspired to celebrate her as the ETs have taught me.  Enjoy.

Katy Perry in Antatctica With DS And while we are celebrating humanity take a look at our Titans in Antarctica meditation which features such great of the human species as JFK, Gandhi, Marilyn Monroe, FDR, the Dalia Lama, MLK, George Carlin, John Lennon and Carl Sagan.

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