I was having coffee here at the lovely B&B of Terra Sonora’s this morning. Sipping away and looking out at red rock mountains when I heard an angel’s urgent whisper, “Thou must tarry not on the road to Antarctica!”

Patrick Flanagan 12.12.12 Antarctica, A 24 Time Zone Sponsor

I’d been driving myself crazy for days with variation of travel plans since the amazing super scientist and author Patrick Flanagan, who many consider the reincarnation of Nicolas Tesla, had made a $1500 donation that really set the afire.

What made things so complex that I got confused was a good thing. I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to head a panel about the Antarctica mission to shift the polarity of human consciousness in Chichen Itza, Mexico. How cool is that I also get meet up with my friend, teacher and client Miguel Angel Ruiz who is keynote speaker?

So instead of getting back to the states from Rio, my first stop, as my guides tell me as I must visit the Christ statue which I have seen in visions was once a space elevator the ancient astronauts gave us that we were not ready for evolution-wise and so lost our rights to, I needed to be in Mexico, precisely on 12.21.12.  What a wonderful way to have my travel plans complicated.

I meant to get working on it again today first thing, but I dillydallied on this distraction we call the web.  A few days ago I created a destination bubble diagram and was getting ready to look at it after coffee.  Before I left my room to start the day a Scot I channel frequently, well, more like shouted at me, “Stop making this trip South so bloody damn complicated, Kenny lad! Get your ass to Rio on a one way ticket and let it all flow like ten damn healers in Sedona at have been trying to get through your thick 13th crystal skull for three week.  FLOW!”

Angus McPherson was right I realized.  I listen to my spirit guides far more these days after kicking myself for ignoring them so often these past 2 years. Still I delayed, after coffee I would make a ticket to Rio. Just one problem, I was about $600 short on the donations based on first quotes for tickets.

While sipping on coffee and pondering, I heard a much sweeter angelic voice than Angus’, “Thou must not tarry on the road to Antarctica.” That’s all the clue I needed.  I tarried not and rushed to my computer, amused at the angelic dialect I’d heard.  I am staying in an angel channel’s B&B after all.  And “lo”, to angel speak myself, here was a button on the search page on Priceline for flexible time travel that “doth” witnessed before. I pushed it and the One way ticket price dropped by $1,200. I “jest” not. The power of 12 in action for 12.12.12.

So I leave beautiful Sedona on the 17th with time to visit my family in Vegas on the way. I am going to bet $12 on #12 on the roulette wheel on my layover, baby!

I arrive in Rio on 11/19 at 2AM. Keep supporting on the link below. We’re halfway to Antarctica!

Support the Coolest Meditation Ever 12.12.12 Antarctica

Mashup vision art by Ken Sheetz as an activation to WAKE UP! 

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