Jackie Salvitti at 11.11.11 – Healing from Our Star Family

“We have come because we love you and want to help you accelerate your growth and change for yourself and for Planet Earth.” – Jackie Salvitti and her ET Healing Team

By Ken Sheetz

11.11.11 was a huge global phenomenon DreamShield is proud to have been part of with our playfully named “The Ascension Convention”.   The gateway to 2012, an ascension of the heart of humanity.  I will be posting videos and blogs about the big day for months!

One of our biggest missions in DreamShield is fear reduction, hence the playful event title about ascension.  There are many dark conspiracy claims out there of an alien invasion, that ETs are in fact demons.  ET phone home to hell?  All nonsense meant keep humanity locked in fear.   Think about it.  Any ET species advanced enough to get here that wanted to conquer this world they could have it in an instant.

So imagine my excitement when, through my stay at spirit retreat BushWillows, I made a connection with Jackie Salvitti, an amazing woman who channels ETs for healing and has a website called aptly EThealing.com.  ETs healing not invading us!  It made so much more sense to me than the version of the fear mongers.   Through this synchronicity Laura De Leon, my partner in DreamShield became client with amazing results for her.  Of course, always check with your physician before any therapy.  And through the relationship Laura developed with Jackie, the great Et healer agreed to appear and do a healing  with her  “ET Team”, as she playfully calls them, for all the earthlings who attended our 11.11.11 event sponsored by EarthShift Products.

So enough talk.  Watch and may the healing powers Jackie channels reach you, wherever they come from, be it her own amazing heart and inner universe or our ET family that lives in the stars.


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