Laura De Leon sings before a joyous crowd with Philippo Franchini and his group Alchemy

Despite predictions of poor weather, THE 11.11.11 ASCENSION CONVENTION took place as planned at RANCHO DE LAS PALMAS, sponsored by EARTH SHIFT PRODUCTS at tropical retreat Rancho De Las Palmas. Event Director Laura De Leon, with a little help from Ken Sheetz introducing her to Philippo Franchini and Renato Longato, did a masterful job crafting together a FULL DAY and EVENING of Galactic Speakers, Live Music, FREE Workshops, Exhibitors, Vegetarian Vendors, Yoga, Meditations, Ceremony and followed by a POWERFUL ACTIVATION 11:11 PM for DreamShield.org

Despite late afternoon showers that intensified into thunderstorms and rains, many braved the elements to gather together in love and consciously Co-Create a New Way of living in the world.




EVENT DIRECTOR, CREATOR and MASTER OF CEREMONIES  LAURA DE LEÓN is Co-Founder of  ‘DREAMSHIELD’ Planetary Meditations for a Gentle 2012.

“On this day we are celebrating humanity as we move from an ego based existence into living from our HEARTS.  We, along with many angels, have co-created this event for the sole purpose of holding a loving and powerful space for all humans, so that we may feel safe to open our hearts to the amazing energy coming through on this cosmically blessed date of 11.11.11.  It is an honor to Consciously Co-Create with you.” ~  Laura De León

Since Laura’s awakening’ at age 17 she has been on what she has named  ‘The Loving Edge’ of the Spiritual Movement.   Finding KRIYA YOGA at a young age, and eventually initiated into the Kriya Lineage, she was blessed to be a student of the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, at ‘The Temple of Kriya Yoga’ in Chicago.  Her teacher there was a very wise man by the name of Kriyananda.  She is a compelling LEADER, ARTIST, SPEAKER and SINGER who articulates life’s journey in an enlightened, entertaining and compassionate way while getting right to the point.  She believes, “By Healing Ourselves We Heal All Life.”

“Laura brings to our project a great depth of WISDOM and compassion in matters of the spirit that I deeply admire.  And she literally SINGS like an ANGEL.  As an ordinary businessman learning to work in the realm of angels I find Laura’s knowledge and intuition in matters of the heart and her connection to SOURCE in creating our DREAMSHIELD Sacred Ceremonies and Meditations INVALUABLE.  This 11.11.11 CELEBRATION is a day of EPIC change for our planet and I am grateful to have Laura by my side.”  ~ DREAMSHIELD Founder Ken Sheetz

LAURA is internationally known for her powerful singing voice and original Transformational Music. Her Healing Ceremonies and Deep, Guided Meditations are unique, powerful and divinely guided from the heart. Laura is Spiritual Mentor, Certified Life Coach, Forrest Yoga Teacher, Voice Healer, Reiki Master and Ordained Minister. She also has an extensive background in FILM, TV and STAGE as a Writer, Director and Performer. By saying YES to life and learning to live her passion, Laura has healed from a debilitating illness that almost took her life. Through this experience she created her own unique business called ‘MYSTIC MUSE‘.  Here she shepherds her clients into manifesting the Creative Dreams they have always held in their hearts.

“When we finally take responsibility for our own lives, our own happiness, and walk forward with passion for our HEARTS DREAM, the consciousness of humanity will lift and we will see our World, our Universe, TRANSFORMED FOREVER.”

For more information on Laura go to: http://www.mymysticmuse.com   http://www.facebook.com/musedeleon   Email: musedeleon@Facebook.com


Director of Media and DREAMSHIELD Founder, KEN SHEETZ unexpected spiritual adventure began while in Italy on a Social Media assignment in May of 2010 for his social media company BuzzBroz.  Ken reluctantly participated in the SoulDrama workshop that he was hired to film. What came to him during a meditation in this beautiful land, tucked in a yoga hall at Santa Maria Del Sole, was to change the course of his life forever.

BLUE ANGELS, Celestial beings, that were at least 7 ft tall, joined with the energy of the group and sent out energy bands around the planet communicating that it was to ensure a gentle transition into 2012.  Unsure what this all meant Ken pondered using his animation skills to perhaps share his visions via Social Media.  But just before returning to America Ken was shocked by an angelic voice in the night telling him there was far more to his vision than Social Media and that he should hold major Meditations on 10/10/10, 11/11/11 and 12/12/12 to strengthen the DREAMSHIELD.

Ken was a former Chicago Real Estate Mogul who built Oprah’s HARPO studios as well as his very own SKYSCRAPER at his career’s zenith.  He then became a Screen Writer and successful Documentary maker and decided to move to L.A.   Once here he created his Social Media company BuzzBros.  He had never had visions or heard voices prior to this momentous work-shop in Italy.  Upon his return to LA he deeply questioned his sanity and withdrew to discussing his visions in Italy with only close friends and family.

One sunny California morning in meditation, still on the fence about sharing his angelic visions publicly, Ken saw another vision of the giant BLUE ANGELS spinning the energy bands at breathtaking speeds until they formed a glowing ball at the edge of the atmosphere, complete with awesome powers to help protect earth.  Ken named this vision ‘DREAMSHIELD’ and at last set to work honoring these Sacred Visions.  These Angel Visions have a life of their own and are most potent on Binary Code Dates (any date with 1’s and O’s) and especially on the 11.11.11 date.

It gives me joy to see in so many 11/11/11 events springing up across the planet and  the uprising of the people around the world, and here in America, against the old EGO ways of those in power.  The Shift is on and I am glad to be part of what my partner in the light, Laura De León has planned for us at our superb 11.11.11 event we playfully named ‘THE ASCENSION CONVENTION.’  Enjoy the stellar gathering of EARTH ANGELS  listed below and be sure to drop back from time to time to check on our future events and meditations.”  ~  Ken Sheetz

Come be a part of DREAMSHIELD’S 11.11.11. Los Angeles event where KEN SHEETZ will be calling in the DreamShield BLUE ANGELS to help us Unlock The Heart of the World’s Financial Institutions.  Never in our history has our planet allowed callous Corporations to look so blindly at the needs of  humanity. It’s time to stop the insanity and UNLOCK this final vault as ONE.



Since age 17, when he experienced his first UFO sighting, Renato has experienced a very special relationship, one of great WISDOM and HEART with the ETs.  His mission in life is to teach humans that the ETs are friendly and to take an active role in the planetary SHIFT as we ALL evolve together to be full members of Galactic Society.  Renato has a unique GIFT where he is able to ‘request’ ET Space Ships to come forward and make themselves visible to the human eye.  These sacred moments are called a  SKY WATCH.  These sacred sightings have allowed scores of people throughout the years to gaze in wonder at the UFOs and in turn EXPAND their consciousness about life and all it’s possibilities.

DREAMSHIELD is honored and excited to say that at our  11.11.11 ASCENSION CONVENTION Renato will  hold such a “SKY WATCH.  Renato states that when our HEARTS are in the right place and we are truly READY to have such an experience all is possible.

Renato Longato was born in Lima, Peru in 1961. He studied Sociology, Law, and Political Science at the Inca Garcilazo de la Vega University, and is an author, researcher, and lecturer. Renato’s life changed after three consecutive UFO sightings in 1979.  His experiences and ET CONTACTS have increased through the years. In 1991 and 1992, he traveled extensively through Peru, working for FOPTUR, the Peruvian Found for Promotional Tourism, as a field investigator and promoter of alternative tourism, known as MYSTICAL TOURISM. During his several trips, he visited many UFO hot spots and power places.

His job has led him to meet alternative researchers and authentic shamans who shared their ceremonies and wisdom, from the Coast, the Andes, and the Amazon. His journeys and knowledge were a key element in international promotions of the mystical side of Peru. Renato also served as a tour guide when his schedule allowed him to do so. In 1993 he published his first essay book, EL MENSAJE DE LOS ANDES, which means “A Message from the Andes.” This book explained why the Andes is considered a place that plays an important role as an International field test for the new millennium.  The book is currently out of print.  In May of 2005, Renato published his second book, “DIOSES DEL PASADO – ENIGMAS DE LA ARQUITECTURA INCA”, which means:  “GODS FROM THE PAST:  INCA ARCHITECTURE ENIGMAS.” it is currently being translated into English.

In December of 2005, Renato coordinated a private meeting with well-known Mexican journalist and UFO investigator JAIME MAUSSAN and a selected group of members from the PERUVIAN AIR FORCE and other related organizations. The main agenda of the meeting was to establish a connection between countries with similar socio-cultural background through the UFO PRESENCE in their territories. The private conference was held at the Peruvian Air Force School of War.  For this achievement he was designated as an Honorary Member of the OIFAA AIR FORCE IN UNIT RESEARCH OF ANOMALOUS PHENOMENA. This was the first time the Peruvian Air Force collaborated to exchange information about the EXTRATERRESTRIAL PHENOMENA.

“An official contact with an advanced society may bring opportunity depending on how we face our challenges on our planet and most importantly within ourselves. To understand the reality that we are not alone in the universe will be the major breakthrough in human history. This is a new frontier for an integral development that started years ago” ~  Renato Longato

Renato has a unique interpretation of the UFO subject based on his research and experience of more than two decades.  He currently lives in California.

See DreamShield’s Interview with Renato on YouTube.

Visit Renato’s website to learn more about him and his research:   http://www.renatolongato.com


Famed ET Channel and Healer JACKIE SALVITTI is another STAR in Ascension Convention evening of Galactic Speakers.  We are deeply honored that of all the 11.11.11 events taking place around the world ‘Jackie and The Team’ have chosen to be with us on this sacred day.

“My adventure began in Utah in September of 1974, with a very ‘Close Encounter’ at night.  My story is not new and will be repeated many times.  I was always into SPIRITUAL GROWTH and Metaphysics; but after my CLOSE ENCOUNTER I  became obsessed.  That was, of course, exactly what they wanted.  I moved on through my life but never forgot and developed a kind of knowing about our star friends that I couldn’t explain.”  ~  Jackie Salvitti

Jackie works with a multitude of Extra-Terrestrial and Multi-Dimensional races as well as the Spiritual Hierarchy, known as ‘THE TEAM’ in her healing work.  She has done over 9,000 sessions in just 7 1/2 years.

Jackie left her career in commercial real estate in California at the request of The Team, and moved to Las Vegas to open a healing clinic. The sessions are now done via telephone. The Beings are in higher dimensions and frequencies which allow them to translate into any location to perform necessary physical, emotional and spiritual assistance. Many people experience visitation and some even see ships prior to and after their scheduled sessions.

She does weekend conferences every 3 to 6 months that always include unexpected paranormal phenomena. These conferences are transformative and beautiful for all of us.  People attending feel united with each other in a way that they have never experienced with other humans.  The direct experience of The Team is so beautiful and palpable and personal transformation is exponential.

We are honored to announce that 11.11.11 guests will be treated to a GROUP HEALING by Jackie and The Team.  Jackie has told us that she was DIVINELY GUIDED by the “SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY’  to be a Speaker at  The 11.11.11 ASCENSION CONVENTION event at Rancho De Las Palmas.  She also tells us that the guests, who are open to receive, on this special evening will experience  an opportunity to HEAL unlike anything we have ever experienced before. Jackie and ‘The Team’ will make themselves available for questions and answers after the GROUP HEALING.  This is not an opportunity to be missed.

See DreamShield’s Interview with Jackie on YouTube.

Jackie has done a weekly web radio program for 4 years called “ET HEALING AND EXPLORATIONS IN CONSCIOUSNESS” at www.BBSRadio.com.  During her radio broadcasts the energies are made available through your computer as well as when you visit her website at www.ETHealing.com.


Earth Shift Products has been the wind beneath DreamShield’s angelic wings for two earth shifting events now.   We are blessed to have them as sponsors for 11.11.11 once again.  And we are honored that Mark Daniells will introduce the evening festivities.

Before his first awakening Mark was a competitive body builder turned Muey Thai kick boxer: a six foot 225 pound aggressive warrior-like competitor who ate at least 3-4 pounds of animal flesh each day. In his main profession he was an exercise physiologist to the financially elite at Sherwood Country Club in Hidden Valley California.

Currently Mark is a student in the practice self-mastery and what he knows to be the most important purpose for being on earth: the ascension of the mind, body and soul to the realignment of The Self, or directive/Holy Spirit behind all things.

As co-founder of Earth Shift Project he currently works as the Brand Manager for Earth Shift Products; a wholesale, raw organic, Vegan Superfoods and health products company.

Mark sees his work in sharing information and the tools necessary to realize extraordinary health, self-empowerment and mastery as a worthy service to our Earth family on his path in life.



Peter continues to explore, learn, teach and taste life to the fullest.  As a singer and actor he has performed in the award winning European Touf of “Sisterella” in rhe lead role of “Ambassador Indursky”.  ‘Sisterella’ is the only show produced and presented by Michael Jackson.  Peter has been seen in films and guest staring rolls in various TV shows from “ER” to “Charmed”.  Peter is not only a gifted human being, and an incredible vocal talent, he also has one of the biggest and most beautiful hearts on the planet.

As a vocal coach, Peter has been teaching vocal therapy and technique for singers for 18 years. He has taught at UCLA’s extension program, Cal State Long Beach’s Summer Music conservatory program, has been the Vocal Coach for various TV shows including Dick Clark’s “Your Big Break”, and films including: The Forty Year Old Virgin” with Steve Carell, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd and The Rock Opera “Repo Man” working with Paris Hilton, Paul Sorvino, Anthony Head, Alexa Vega and Sarah Brightman. Peter has taught Master Classes all over the country and as far as The Music Conservatory of Munich, Germany.  He teaches primarily privately now in Los Angeles.

As a former restaurateur and producer of Indie films and large private events in Los Angeles, Peter brings his experience and skill and is honored and thrilled to participate in The Ascension Convention.  We feel so blessed to have him as part of our TRIBE on this incredibly sacred moment in and out of time.

You can connect with Peter on Facebook at PEGASUS VOCAL STUDIOS.



PHILIPPO FRANCHINI is a world-renowned Musician and pioneer in bringing NADA YOGA to the West. He is one-third Yogi, one-third Rock Star, and one-third Pied Piper; an “INNERTAINER” whom audiences love to follow as he creates an atmosphere of “Om Sweet Om” wherever he goes. He is in high demand and performs regularly throughout America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Dubai, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Spain, and Egypt.  You will also find him dazzling audiences in traditional music venues, at yoga retreats and Kirtan colleges, throughout the United States.

Currently living in Los Angeles, Philippo has become a regular at BHAKTI FEST. He has played such great venues as the HOUSE OF BLUES, the KODAK Theatre, BB KING’S, the SANTA CRUZ CIVIC Auditorium, ESALEN Institute, Omega Institute, and FESTIVALS throughout the world.  He tours regularly with the collective groove ensemble SHAMAN’S DREAM and Kirtan artist DAVID NEWMAN and Mira. His music compositions have been used in the films Mean Girls (2004) and DESPERATELY SEEKING PAUL MCCARTNEY (2008).  His newest CD ‘MAGIC and GRACE’ also features two tracks of evocative vocals by singer DONNA DE LOREY.

This event marks the first time collaboration of Philippo Franchini and DreamShield’s LAURA DE LEÓN.  Philippo and Alchemy will be accompanying Laura on the 11.11.11. evening MEDITATION CEREMONY as well as on The WORLD PREMIER of her Original piece called  ‘BABAJI’.  The Babaji song was written in honor of the ‘Mahavatar Babaji’ of the KRIYA LINEAGE  while Laura was reading  Yogananada’s   ‘AUTOBIOGRAPHY of a YOGI’  for the first time over 20 years ago.

See DreamShield’s interview and rehearsal on YOUTUBE.

PHILIPPO’S latest group of musicians is called ALCHEMY in which he blends Dance Music, Blues, Gospel and Kirtan for a Full Spectrum of  MUSICAL DELIGHTS!

For the past year Philippo has GENEROUSLY DONATED the use of his exquisite Meditation Music for use on our DREAMSHIELD Meditation Video’s. This will be Philippo’s first LIVE PERFORMANCE at a DREAMSHIELD event and we could not be more excited.

For more information on Philippo Franchini go to:http://www.philippomusic.ning.com/


AROS CRYSTOS will make his GALACTIC DEBUE as a Performance Artist at this 11.11.11. event.  Accompanied by guitarist Adam Ferrick, he will share with us his poetry and gift us with his GALACTIC DOLPHIN sounds.  AROS won the prestigious award as  ‘MOST TRANSFORMATIONAL ARTIST ‘at the 2007 LOS ANGELES MUSIC AWARDS.  His VOCAL ALCHEMY is imbued with Galactic and Dolphin energy to connect us with our divine multi-dimensional consciousness.

Originally from Sweden, he took up residence in beautiful HAWAII where he spent many years swimming and playing with wild dolphins. His ongoing lifework and teachings offer the love and ecstasy of a truly evolved soul. A GALACTIC EMISSARY and DOLPHIN AMBASSADOR, his life and work cast such a HIGH FREQUENCY VIBRATION that a message is inevitably broadcast Without Limitations.

You can play in this transcendental energy through his couture Galactic Orgasm Designs, as well as through his novels, ‘TIME IS PROMISED TO NO ONE’ and ‘EMBRACING ALOHA.’   Aros will also be teaching a WORKSHOP during the day program called:  ‘GALACTIC HUMAN DOLPHIN CONNECTION’ where he will be focused on teaching YOU about your own PERSONAL CONNECTION to the DOLPHIN’S.  Now you too can communicate with these amazing teachers.

To learn more about Aros, go to www.aroscrystos.com.


Adam Ferrick is singer/songwriter from LA band/collective, ‘All Destroyed Momentarily’.  He is also a dear friend of DREAMSHIELD and has musically supported our Ceremonies for the last year.   ADAM FERRICK was raised both here and abroad among HEALER and artists, such as CARLOS CASTANEDA,  ALAN SILVESTRI,  EMILE HIRSCH, FANTUZZI and, of course, the one and only AROS CRYSTOS.

His music and songwriting reflect his diverse styles and influences, including soul, funk, psychedelic/roots rock. He is an ORIGINAL through and through who is not afraid of combining Hip-Hop with Dolphin Channeling Meditations. He is currently working at local radio station, 88.5 FM and is often seen around town performing, and shooting his new documentary, “THE DRIVE” about the Los Angeles MUSIC SCENE. He is a true Angeleno and he and his band ‘ALL DESTROYED MOMENTARILY’ are indeed part of the fabric that give this city its pulse.  Adam is one of our favorite people in the world and we are overjoyed to have him as part of our tribe for this amazing event.

For more information on Adam go to facebook.com/alldestroyedmomentarily or alldestroyedmomentarily.bandcamp.com

DEEPAK RAMAPRIYAN and the Breath of Life Tribe – A Shamanic Kirtan Journey

Deepak Ramapriyan, also known as “The Other Deepak,” is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, teacher, and universal polymath.  We feel blessed to have him as part of our incredible celebration of life.  Deepak will be adding his music and magic to our ‘Sun Set Meditation Ceremony’ taking place at on our beautiful, spiralling Terrace called ‘The Portal of ISIS’.  Aptly named as we will be lovingly melding the Feminine and Masculine energies as Father Sun and Mother Moon dance through the skies.

Deepak started playing the violin at the age of four, while reciting the Bhagavad Gita and practicing high-level mathematics. At the age of 12 he taught himself the piano and guitar, and began composing and creating original music and singing in various choirs and ensembles. He later completed his degree in Neurobiology-Physiology, while beginning to teach breath-work, and his own form of Quantum Learning, which involves the clearing of fears and mental ideas that hinder one from their own infinite intelligence. He now is a performer and producer, and is the lead singer and writer in his rock band – The B.O.L.T. as well as being the leader of the world sacred music ensemble – Breath of Life Tribe. He also plays violin and sings in countless other projects of all genres ranging from rock, hip-hop, classical, kirtan, indian, funk etc… Through various mediums, he shares his discipline of being in awareness and breath every moment, and applies that to his own daily practice of mastery of all arts, crafts, and sciences. He currently teaches math, physics, music, meditation, sports, and is a life coach, and is the owner of the FUNdamentals of Music and Movement San Fernando Valley franchise for music therapy for daycare children. In addition, he is on the board of several not-for-profits dedicated to education, exploration, self-expression, and sustainable living. www.breathoflifetribe.com



DreamShield 11.11.11 is pleased to announce that producer Tess Cacciatore has chosen our scared event as the world premier for an important new song, VOICES OF AFRICA.

Tess Cacciatore is the Founder and Executive Director of the World Trust Network, whose mission is to mentor the future leaders, and give youth of the world a voice, to create a sustainable future.

For the past 20+ years, Tess has been an award-winning Multi-Media Producer/Writer, who has produced events, products, projects and programs that help shift the world in a dynamic and visionary way. Tess has recently written and produced a documentary short “A Voice from the Congo” as well as a song “Politics of Love” that is to raise awareness about the atrocities that are happening to women and children in Congo.

A further compilation of music, to be released 11-11-11 is called VOICES FOR AFRICA www.voicesforafrica.com will present amazing artists to raise money for shelters and schools. We are blessed to be part of the World Premier of Tess’s award winning song which will be played at our event ‘The Ascension Convention’ at a special 1PM presentation at Rancho De Las Palmas.  CD’s of ‘Voices For Africa’ will be available for purchase. All proceeds will go to raise money to build shelters and schools for abused women and children. See Charity section for details.



DOROTHY DONAHUE is the Founder of ‘ENERGETIC ALCHEMY’ and Conscious Co-Creation courses which she teaches internationally.   She describes herself as an AWAKENER, AN ACTIVATOR AND AN ACCELERATOR.  She is described by many of her students and fans as a Spiritual Counselor, TRANSFORMATIONAL TEACHER, Energy HEALER, Channaler  of the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and the Star Brothers and Sisters.  This extremely GIFTED HEALER is also a Non-Denominational Minister.  She is the HOST of her own RADIO SHOW called ‘LOVE AND MIRACLES’ that can be heard weekly on the Cool Change Network.  She is the producer of the ‘LIFE CHANGES with FILIPPO’ show on the BBS Radio Network.   You can learn more about her and her incredible work by visiting her websites:www.energeticalchemy.com and www.dorothydonahue.com


This workshop will assist one in preparing for the SHIFT of the ages through exercises and guided meditations focused on UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS.  It is only through CONSCIOUSLY loving and forgiving ourselves first that we can begin co-creating miracles in our lives and in the lives of those we love.  The SHIFT is a shift of CONSCIOUSNESS and this workshop will assist you in remembering your role in the planet’s evolution. Everyone will experience a SOUL RETRIEVAL and an INNER CHILD HEALING and will learn how to consciously connect with Source easily and effortlessly. You are truly in for a treat and a blessing when you experience this magnificent being.


NORA DELGADO is a 4th Generation Intuitive Healer, Enchanting Soul Dancer, Inspirational Mentor, Passionate Speaker, and a Cosmic Channel.  She has recently stepped aside from organizations and made a conscious decision to focus on her passion to heal & educate the way that best resonates with her soul. Over the past 6 months Nora, has jumpstarted and founded:  INSPIRATIONAL EDUCATION SERVICES™, LIVING FROM THE HEART WEB TV™, AbunDANCE! and COSMIC HEALING. Her life mission is to help people, especially the YOUTH of the world, live a healthier, balanced and loving life while fulfilling their life’s purpose


During the Cosmic Heart Living™ Workshop you will remember what you have always known and may have forgotten – that you are a DIVINE COSMIC embodiment of PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT! Experience the Cosmic Healing Profile – directly downloaded heart clearings & light body activations from Metatron.  Tim & Nora will not only explain the science behind the heart but also allow you to EXPERIENCE YOUR OWN HEART!

  • Our Times   Dancing to the rhythm of the new energies
  • Heart Living  The Science & Spiritual Connection of the Heart
  • Cosmic Channeling: Angels & Light Beings  Through a guided Meditation you will connect with your guides & angels
  • Metatron Clearings You will experience the recently downloaded Metatron’s clearings
  • Cosmic Healing and Living


(See Aros Crystos bio above) We are at the threshold of an open portal to once again access our full potential as divine multi-dimensional beings. Every single soul is being asked to stand in truth and embrace themselves as being part of the Galactic family, to prepare for full activation in their knowing as one divine consciousness. Dolphin consciousness has been a bridge and an activator for this pivotal moment in time. Join me in stepping through this portal to explore the galactic-human-dolphin connections found in breath, meditation, history, water, mantra, DNA, the stars…and more.

The Workshop will Explore:

  • How Dolphins See Us:  Divine Multidimensional Beings, Perfect, Whole And Complete Exactly As We Are.
  • Water And The Dolphin Sonar:  Dolphins As Healers Of The Planet And Us
  • The Elixir Of Breath: The Dolphins Are Conscious Breathers – What Does That Mean?
  • Dolphins And Conscious Breathing: Meditation For Living In The Present Moment Of NOW
  • Breath Exercise
  • The Galactic Human Dolphin History – Connect With The Galactic Human Side Of Yourself
  • Planetary Ascension And The Role Of The Dolphins
  • The Galactic Federation,  Nibiru,  Orion,   Arcuturus,   Pleides,   Billy Meier.
  • Sacred Clown Exercise
  • Guided Meditation


A lucid dreamer since childhood RO ELGAS is uniquely steeped in Metaphysics, Divine Feminine and Shamanism. She has an interest and talent for these, along with a passion for people, gardening, writing and art. Her many years of leading WOMEN’S DREAM CIRCLES and WOMEN’S SHAMANIC GROUPS expanded in 2002 to include support of the planet through PERMACULTURE and ORGANICS.

RO ELGAS Co-Founded A BEE ORGANIC along with partner Sarah Costin, as a way of channeling presence back to business and planet.  A BEE ORGANIC  was the 100th in the WORLD with the  USDA ACCREDITED CERTIFICATION AGENCY  and the first to promote the HUMANE TREATMENT OF CLIENTS.  Ro’s blogs on the GAPS in PERSONAL PERMACULTURE  (mostly her own) and struggles to find a sustainable agricultural balance on the land they own and farm. Current passions include designing a SUSTAINABLE NEIGHBORHOOD PROJECT for Kauai and growing Lion’s Mane mushrooms.


PERMACULTURE is a sustainable systems-based approach to interacting with land and agricultural production. The point being that the elements and the whole must work as one. Permaculture offers ethics for growing and producing: Care of the Earth, Care of People, and Fair Share/Returning surplus.

The Permaculture Principals are:  Observe & Interact   –   Catch & Store Energy   –   Use Edges & Value the Marginal   –   Creatively Use & Respond to Change


There is a controversy around applying PERMACULTURE to anything other than agriculture and yet how can we not?  We, too, spring from the Earth, and are an element of the whole. It is in owning our place within the ethics and principles of Permaculture that we humans can become PERMA-CULTURED and not go the way of the dinosaurs and dodos.

You’re invited to interact and explore


The sharing will be playful, educational and instructional with ample invitation to participate in CREATIVE GROUP and PERSONAL APPLICATION as to how PERMA-CULTURE could be applied to :  SELF, SMALL SUBURBAN PROJECTS,  BUSINESS  and a  COMMUNITY PLAN.

For more informations on Ro go to: http://personalpermaculture.blogspot.com/        http://www.abeeorganic.com/


ELIZABETH ENGLAND  is a Writer, Publisher, and Intuitive.  A 17-year Military Veteran and 15-year Corporate Refugee, she worked in headquarters and boardrooms until starting her own insurance agency in 2007.

In 2009, life as she knew it rapidly shifted when she experienced her true essence beyond her body.  In a brief encounter with a spiritual teacher, Elizabeth left her body consciousness and freely traveled the universe as a spark of light. This portal beyond time and space reframed her reality and journey into full expression as a human being.  In 2010, working with her partner Aros Crystos, she founded www.GalacticDolphin.com, dedicated to sharing Conscious Media, Transformational Seminars, Sound Healing, and Intuitive Counseling.  Her story EMPOWERS WOMEN to awaken and see themselves as DIVINE, Multidimensional beings, by so courageously following her own heart. Elizabeth’s fascinating life experience and broad knowledge base will bring you practical application and cutting-edge understanding of who we really are as spirits in human form.


Who we are VIBRATES in us down to every last cell. So how do you love your cells?  The understanding that we are as healthy as our cells are is absolutely true.  In our fast-paced, changing, holographic world, communication connects our actions, causing ripples across our life and the world.  Local events cause a ripple effect of our actions across the globe:  WE ARE PART OF A LARGER ORGANISM – EARTH!  Our cells hold a picture of who we are, remaining for a brief moment as an expression of us, dividing, recreating us, dividing again to CREATE US ANEW EVERY 7 YEARS, so the experts say.  We are part of our community, our family, one member, expending our energy for good.  When we see our cells in this way, managing our health, life and spirituality can be approached from this simple perspective:  BREATH  WATER   LOVE

The Workshop Will Cover:

  • Cells:  What are we made of?
  • Breath: Breathe deep!  Oxygen is essential to our cells
  • Breathing Exercise:  Releasing Endorphins
  • Water:  We are Water Beings on a Water Planet!
  • Love:  God’s presence in our cells
  • Guided Meditation


Rehmannia Thomas is an initiate into the earliest official system of plant-based therapy in Human history, now known as the “Gate of Life” lineage of “Tonic” Herbalism. As personal apprentice to Master herbalist Ron Teeguarden, Rehmannia received an 8-year training, first attaining the status of ‘Teamaster’, and eventually working with Ron at Dragonherbs in Santa Monica CA, where he was head alchemist at the elixir bar. Rehmannia holds a degree as Master Herbalist from Natural Healing College, studied TCM diagnosis at Alhambra Medical University. He is a U.C. Master Gardener and pending professional member of the American Herbalists Guild.

Tonic Herbalism is the original Chinese medical system (est. 2975 B.C.), pre-dating Lao-Tzu’s creation of Taoism by 1500 years. Ancient Chinese folklore states that reclusive Taoist hermits developed powerful elixirs of these herbs and attained immortality. Shamans of this lineage discovered the natural law of Yin/Yang, and developed a thorough understanding of Human reproductive, metabolic and spiritual health. This ultra-sophisticated system of health maintenance is only now being revealed to the West.

Ron Teeguarden of the famed, Teaguarden Emporium, was the first Westerner to receive apprenticeship in the Gate of Life lineage, and Rehmannia is his direct descendant.  REHMANNIA has developed a superior understanding of Chinese herbal alchemy, and is said to be a reincarnation of many lives in this shamanic lineage.

He has written the book  ‘HEALING THRESHOLDS’ on Tonic Herbalism and Raw food, and has developed the first philosophy on the beneficial combination of these two disciplines for general health maintenance.

REHMANNIA DEAN THOMAS will take you on a journey into new ways of  looking at the world and at yourself.  What would it feel like to find a healer with a TRUE GIFT for creating POWERFUL HEALING TEAS that began to noticably work in just a few short days?  And, his teas have the ability to HEAL even the most complex of symptoms?  You can find out on 11.11.11 at ‘THE ASCENSION CONVENTION’ when REHMANNIA DEAN THOMAS shares his immense wisdom in his Work-shop on TAO HERBALISM.  He will enlighten us  on what is happening to our AIR, our WATER, our FOOD and, how it is affecting our bodies.  You will be stunned and grateful for all you will learn that will help you heal.  A word to the wise, stick around a bit after his workshop.  He may have a chance to create a TAO TEA that will be the beginning of great healing for you and your body.

REHMANNIA conducts many Lectures and Workshops, discussing the origins/history and DEVELOPMENT OF TONIC HERBALISM, the use, actions and folklore of individual herbs, and the ART OF HERBAL ALCHEMY.  He has been featured speaker at LONGEVITY NOW! LIGHTING IN A BOTTLE, EDEN RETREATS, Mind, Body, Soul Retreat, INTERNATIONAL ALCHEMY CONFERENCE and many others. He conducts classes and Festivals, providing free  ‘Tongue and Pulse’  HEALTH EVALUATIONS and DESIGNING CUSTOM HERBAL FORMULAS TAILORED TO THE CUSTOMERS NEEDS.  These herbal tea formulas provide 2-3 weeks of tea therapy.

Rehmannia currently lives in Los Angeles and is president of  ‘Shaman Shack’  specializing in whole herb ‘U-cook’ formulas designed to support the 7 CHAKRAS, as well as other herbal products.

You can reach him at www.shamanshack.info – Email: rehmanniadeanthomas@gmail.com  – Phone: 310-873-7236


Regine Vavasseur – Intuitive Conscious Giving Spiritual Counselor, Angel Therapy Practitioner, DNA and Healing Practitioner/Teacher and Reference Point Therapy Practitioner who has studied with such Spiritual Leaders as Dr. Doreen Virtue, Dr. Patricia A. Bilman and with the Vianna Stibal’s DNA and Theta Healing technique. Regine’s stumbled upon her newest modality RPT and was certified by Suzanne Peters   Regine is one of the core members of the AGAPE Well Being Ministry.  She lectures, educates and services Universe by sharing her gifts with clients, helping them to recognize their true nature to receive the healing they need.

L’AMOUR, L’AMOUR SERIES  ‘ Romance Angels’  RPT & You”

Angel Therapy is a non-denominational spiritual method that involves working with a person’s guardian angel’s and arch angels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life.  Angel Therapy also helps you to more clearly receive Divine Guidance from the Creator and the angels.  RPT is a gentle use of metaphysics to go to the point of origin of trauma patterns. Working with traumas from your experiences, starting with conception and going further with generational lineage. The client is gently guided with question to the point of origins (trauma) and releases it, allowing the client to feel a major release of old patterns and beliefs.

1.   Invoke the Romance Angels & Arch Angels Chamuel  & Ariel

2.   Introduction to Reference Point Therapy & Angel Therapy

3.   Romance Angels and their purpose

4.   How to come from your heart and not your head with all relationships and interactions. Take class through beingness exercise.

5.   Talk about Forgiveness & Ho Oponono”  Dr. Hew Len

6.     Piggyback on Forgiveness w/Arch Angel Uriel, the Angel that heals discord between people and their relationships

7.     Relationship fears and issues w/RPT

8.     Healing your Heart exercise w/ the Romance Angels

9.     Calling In your Soul Mate Meditation

10. Downloads (Theta) energetic perspectives on Love

Regine Vavasseur – 400-424-1450 Cell – 310-316-1284 Home


Filippo has incorporated his love of singing, speaking, interviewing, Healing Arts and Radio and started his acclaimed radio show  ‘LIFE CHANGES WITH FILIPPO’ Live every Monday night 7PM on the BBS RADIO NETWORK.  Now one of the FASTEST GROWING RADIO SHOWS and on the INTERNET; about the changes going on in our Bodies, our Lives and our World.  Surely a sign of the times, this show who’s time has come, is the answer to the question, “WHAT THE BLEEP IS GOING ON?”  According to FILIPPO VOLTAGGIO, the answers are amongst us.  As the HOST of LIFE CHANGES FILIPPO brings these answers forward from the in depth interviews he conducts every week on his SHOW.  From celebrities such as, Penny Marshall, Jack Canfield, Mariel Hemingway, Lisa Nichols, John DeMartin, Les Brown, Ken Sheetz, Bob Proctor, David Wilcox, Shadoe Stevens, Barnet Bain and Carushka to ordinary people who are doing EXTRAORDINARY things!


Filippo has studied the field of energetic healing and became an ENERGETIC ALCHEMIST MASTER and TEACHER, a Reiki Master and Teacher, a Theta Practitioner Healer, a Reconnective Healer and an Ordained Minister.

How fitting to note that an interpretation of his name Filippo Voltaggio means  “LOVE VOLTAGE”   the electricity of love…we hope you feel it too!

An Introduction to ‘Improving Your Life’

The rules of the art of Improv had been developed and used successful by comedians all over the world to the entertainment and enjoyment of millions.  Uncannily, the rules of Improv not only work in comedy, but apply to business, relationships and every aspect of our lives.

In fact, Improv-ing our lives aligns with the one and only constant in life… life changes.  Therefore the techniques of Improve can be the one thing we’ve been missing to make our lives work, not only effectively and efficiently, but may very well be the key to finding the “funny,” interesting, and playful part of living.

Improving Your Life!

1.  What are the steps to learning to ‘Improv Your Life’ and how it applies to you?

2. ‘Get up and do it!’ Exercises to hone Improving skills.

3. Taking the exercises deeper.  How did you feel about the exercise and what did you notice?

4. Putting it all together.  Discussion on the relationship of improve to our lives.


Joan has been described as an “extraordinary dancer/healer who understands Sacred Geometry, space energy, color and the human body,” and a “medicine woman, who channels angelic energies and carries within her the deepest wisdom and insight.”

Joan is best known in the healing community for developing the body technique known as Cellular Recall Therapy: a soft, non-invasive, hands-on type of bodywork which addresses cellular memory and optimally hones the connection between mind, body, and spirit. Prior to innovating this approach, Joan was an acclaimed dancer in South Africa, and dance teacher in Paris and other cities worldwide.

As her life path continued to unfold, Joan became drawn to the teachings of Carlos Castaneda, under whom she studied personally, as well to the Feldenkrais method. Combining the similar philosophies of the Nagual and Moshe Feldenkrais of economizing energy, retrieving lost energy and exploring personal history, Joan’s technique of Cellular Recall Therapy was born. Joan uses this approach to help people worldwide access a spiritual path through the body.  Joan currently lives and teaches in Los Angeles, California. She is the author of the exciting new book:   ‘STALKING CARLOS CASTANEDA’   available in 2012.

For more info on Joan go to: http://cellularrecalltherapy.com/ or http://cellularrecalltherapy.com/about/massage-magazine-profiles-joan-wulfsohn/

Healing Light

True enlightenment comes the moment that we realize that we are already enlightened. The journey is not a struggle to reach a goal but to reach a moment of recognition, the AHA! rediscovery of our true nature,– when we “see’ in the mirror of our Body/Mind that when Bodymind recognizes its Oneness a portal to all that we are and all we can be opens onto a pathway to Spirit.

The Healing Light Workshop aims to reunite us with one aspect our deepest potential; that of innate Healer.

We can be the rabbi, the guru, the priest, or priestess and make intimate connection to our Divine Light—somatically. Enlightenment resides not through an intermediary, not in the mind, nor even in systematic meditation. The body is the temple and house of the soul; the key and the secret to Everything.

Starting with the breath, we will explore two techniques of “Circular Breath” coming from Hindu and Mexican Shamanic tradition respectively.

Then we will learn to “channel” or open a gateway to a stream of healing light. We will learn to pass this light through the heart chakra so as to imbue it with unconditional love and clear it of any judgement coloured by our personal agenda.

The first step in healing consists of removing and cleansing the “mud” of negative energy—a technique borrowed from the Pranic healing traditions of the Philippines.

The next step to be taken after destroying the negative is creating the positive to fill the void left by the departing darkness. Working with a partner, we will learn how to “weave” a grid of pure light, form it into an “egg” of potent energy that we will place in the body of our subject providing him or her with an extra bank of energy.

Next we will recreate an esoteric rite undergone by the priestly initiatives of Ancient Egypt where we enclose ourselves in a pyramid, “break’ the shell of our energy egg and stream the contents in a rising Kundalini flow. Then, creating an open window in our pyramid, in order to allow the entrance of our personal guides or angels, we can receive their council and messages. We will have taken three important steps in acknowledging and empowering ourselves as healers.


Maria Magdalena, ‘Mago’ for short, is a self-described Mexicana.  She studied Shamanism, Reiki, Theta healing, and Doreen Virtue’s Angel workshop.  Mago started to make angels 7 years ago. her angels are called Bogagem Angels.

Bogagem gets its name from the Virgin Mary, divine source, bogagem mind, divine love, divine light.  Bogagem angels are here to remind us about taking care of mother earth and mother nature, and help us to become one again.

We are all connected with the divine and nature we need to remember where we come from: the love and light.  When we do, we create a better world of peace and harmony, a world of unity. That is why Mago has chosen to conduct her workshop, to remind you, our true angels, about these things.

Come join Mago’s Angel workshop where she will teach you how to channel and then create your own Bogagem Angels using simple materials.   This workshop requires a small additional fee to pay for materials for those who would like to make their own angels along with Mago.

You can contact Mago at “Boga Gem Angels



Sri Thillet

Sri Thillet, certified yoga teacher, has been sharing yoga’s blessings since 1999. She brings an intuitive, dynamic and joyful approach to her yoga teaching that is rooted in the essence of going deeper physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A lifelong student, Sri has sourced a variety of yogic and healing traditions that continue to enliven her practice and deepen her knowledge in order to serve her students’ unique needs.

Sri is a graduate of numerous trainings including Swami Satchidananda’s Integral Yoga levels I and II, Ana Forrest Yoga, and Shiva Rea’s Prenatal Yoga.  While living in Asia, Sri studied Astanga with Patahbi Jois, received attunement as a Reiki Healing Master and certification in Thai Massage. Sri has been a resident of Integral Yoga ashrams in both San Francisco and Coimbatore, India.

In addition to nurturing her passion for practicing and sharing all branches of yoga, Sri has dedicated her life to educating kids as well as coaching and training teachers and mentors in public schools for over two decades.



Grace Garneau is an artist and healing practitioner who creates unique photographic images that synthesize visual art and profound healings. Primarily a figure painter for many years, Grace’s fascination with the life force of the human body triggered her interest in studying the ways that light creates the illusion of form. Her photographs of crystal grids activate specific states of consciousness – and direct awareness to the areas in which The Light, and our life force is needed. Grace received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Fine Arts. She also attended The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a four year curriculum for energy healing. She lived in Sedona, AZ for 14 years where she immersed herself in many modalities of healing. The creation of Crystal Illuminations began for her as a journaling practice in which she made crystal arrangements every day, meditated upon them and wrote about the inner process that took place for her. As she mastered her knowledge of how to work with the stones for healing, she was able to create these elegant and activating crystal grids for others. www.crystalilluminations.com

Grace Garneau will be creating a one-of-a-kind Crystal Grid for our 11.11.11 event.  These grids have proven to subtly shift clients out of limiting mental, physical and emotional states of being. Grace makes her grids by tuning in to the energy field of the person making a request for healing or for manifestation. She finds the ways in which the person is energetically resisting what it is that they desire. The grids are designed to create an opening in the places of resistance and to shift their energy field in the ways necessary to allow for transformation to take place.


One of our workshop extraordinaire, Elizabeth  has been a blessing to us as a volunteer in the co-creation of this this beautiful 11/11/11 event. She brings all her considerable talents forward to us with love and compassion.  More about Elizabeth’s workshop is above.

In 2009, life as she knew it rapidly shifted when she experienced her true essence beyond her body.  In a brief encounter with a spiritual teacher, Elizabeth left her body consciousness and freely traveled the universe as a spark of light. This portal beyond time and space reframed her reality and journey into full expression as a human being.  In 2010, working with her partner Aros Crystos, she founded www.GalacticDolphin.com, dedicated to sharing Conscious Media, Transformational Seminars, Sound Healing, and Intuitive Counseling.

Her story EMPOWERS WOMEN to awaken and see themselves as DIVINE, Multidimensional beings, by so courageously following her own heart.

Elizabeth’s fascinating life experience and broad knowledge base will bring you practical application and cutting-edge understanding of who we really are as spirits in human form.


As a skilled interviewer with a hit YouTube station Create Your Health, we are excited to have Peter volunteer to conduct video interviews of exhibitors and workshop leaders, along with Ken and Laura, on LiveStream.com/DreamShieldTV.

Originally hailing from San Jose, CA Peter Bedard is a true hybrid: actor, designer, community activist, and passionate alternative health investigator/ advocate.

Having survived an astounding five close-to-death experiences in his lifetime, learning how to walk (again), and healing himself from a number of medical conditions over the years (fibromyaliga, chronic pain, arthritis, learning to walk again, etc.), Peter has now turned his attentions to his personal passion for alternative health and healing.

As a community activist, Peter is responsible for founding the Manzanita Street Community Garden, and creating the Myra Avenue Mural Project. Sponsored by the Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council and the Franklin Hills Residents’ Association, MAMP has so far created three murals, two with the students from the Thomas Starr King Middle School, with a goal of creating a minimum of three school murals within the Myra Avenue underpass and beyond.


Sri & Guillain Thillet are a gifted and loving couple, dedicated to growing in consciousness and helping others do the same.  It  is a great honor to have them as part of DreamShield’s growing TRIBE OF LOVE.  We are truly blessed to have them on board.


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