Shining the Light in Dark Places – 4.6.11 and 4.11.11

When someone was hitting me, or like sexually molesting me, it just seemed normal to continue to do that to myself.

–Tatum O’Neal

Dreamblogger – Ken Sheeetz


After a series of meditations with Laura De Leon that began in Chicago. It was cold April 6. 2011 and Laura was not feeling well.  So when we reached Milenium Park I did not want to keep Laura sitting outside long.  My intention had been simply to grab a quick still and hop back into a tazi.   But as I was snapping pictures Laura meditated to help heal the world of child abuse.  And I began to see visions instantly.

This all happened so fast it stunned me.  Laura is a powerful shaman.  I’d never reached a vision state so quickly.

Laura and I returned to LA elated about the 4.11.11 LA “Shining the Light in Dark Places” meditation that Dr. Larsen and Ramon Govea were going perform a very intimate meditation.  Laura planned the work all the flight home in her lovely maticulous style that honors you to be a witness and be a part of.  Her idea was that we’d each to share personal stories of our sufferings as kids, heal that and turn that light outwards to the world.  It was pure genius and I knew it would work.


4.11.11 arrived.  I was a  bit late arriving to Laura’s home on my bike, I have been doing fine without a car in LA for 2 years now.  Laura was not upset as it had given and Sarah Larsen had a chance to chat privately.  All was for the best.  I was sorry to report that Ramon’s work busy work schedule meant he would not be able to join us.  These binary dates for the powerful work of DreamShield do care not about week days and our work schedules.  They are 1s and zero dates are powerful the big work of DreamShield and we all do our best to honor them.  Ramon would join us in spirit however.  We’d all feel his presence.

Laura set the stage for the meditation is her lovely sanctuary of a backyard, beside the swimming pool shaded by giant palm trees.  Laura’s place , nestled in the Hollywood Hills near Universal Studios is truly a spiritual oasis of unsurpassed beauty.

We each shared our personal stories and Laura asked us to give up something about ourselves that was burden.  Again this is private but I will tell you my own thing I gave up, much as it might surprise some of you who know me.  I gave the thought of ever killing myself.

It had become a morbid fascination I had been using to self abuse myself over the guilt I’d been feeling for years when I someone near and dear to me had tried to take their own life when I was not there for them.  Not there physically or emotionally to my shame.  In seeking to heal that wound I had somehow taken on the suicide thoughts for the past decade, thoughts I’d never had until this terrible rip in the fabric of my life.

As soon as I set the “thoughts of suicide” piece of paper ablaze in Laura’s fire pit I felt a burden lift.  Never would I think of suicide as a personal option again.  Laura has taught me that as a natural healer that I tend to take on the ailments of my subjects.  That’s good for healing people but bad for me.  What Laura has taught me you is to send that transferred negative energy deep into the earth or burn it off like we did in her fire pit.

We sat back down beside the pool and Laura guided us through sending the light within us out into the world to shine the light in dark places to heal child abuse wherever it might be hiding.  I saw a vision of the light racing out from Laura’s home, scouring the earth like tsunami of light.  Then I saw a view from space as every pyramid on earth came to life as a brilliant green, the color of the heart charkrah.

The meditation ended and we were all elated.  Our joy is clear in the photos, more on Facebook here.

As with many visions of this epic scale there would be after-visions.  And this would be the most epic of all after visions of my life in this spirit realm so far.  A vision of a cleansing for the earth and the Holy Roman Catholic Church.  A vision I will share next blog.

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