If you can imagine it, it’s real. – Pablo Picasso

Dream Blogger – Ken Sheetz

Hey fellow DreamShielders.  I’m back from the New Age mecca of Mt. Shasta with lots of visions and dreams to report.

I am delightfully exhausted after the busiest day of DreamShield 2012 work so far this 11/10/10 evening. Today, with the help of angels, our small dream team of 3 from Hollywood, Cali and Chris Rossen and me, all three of us filmmakers, meditated at Mt. Shasta on countering 2012 fear to: #1 Reduce Earthquakes and Tsunamis, #2 Reduce Volcanic Activity and #3 Invite First contact with a tiny race ETs known as Nanonites to seek their help protecting us from asteroids and comets.

Yes, a very big day.  So I am ready for a great night’s sleep and more gentle 2012 dreams.  Cali, a superb actor/producer, found the team a charming bed and breakfast for the mission’s 2 night stay, named appropriately the Dream Inn.  My cozy room a short distance from Cali and her writer/web guru hubby Chris’ room, where their two adorable, if rambunctious, dogs, Emmy and Ricki,are also nestled in for the night,  has a breathtaking view of the volcano north of the town. A volcano that last went off in 1840 with enough explosive force to be viewed by ships in the Pacific over a hundred miles away.

I thank the angels for the great work our dream team facilitated today and I begin a sleep meditation to reach the Galactic council beneath Mt. Shasta.  I visualize myself as Superman, my hero since childhood, boring through the earth with ease.


There’s a security field around the secret base 3 miles beneath Mt. Shasta.  But I’ve been told in advance by an ET expert from Arkansas who prepared me for all this important 2012 dream work to dispel fears of Earth’s destruction, that I will be allowed to enter the secret base by holding positive thoughts. I am buffeted by mild current surges designed to disrupt my dream field, but I shake them off moving deeper in to the earth along the 3 miles journey deep beneath Mt. Shasta to confer about with the ETs about DreamShield’s important mission.

Soon, I am deep in a conscious dream state.  My secret alien self slips from sleeping my 58-year-old human body.  I tiptoe for the closet, careful not to wake my human self.  Invisible until I touch it, I gather a boring standard-wear Galactic Council tunic from hiding and slip into it.

The veil of forgetfulness lifts like a cloud from my alien mind.  I am Ohom.  Sneaking from the Dream Inn, I am happy no humans are outside at this hour.  No need to hide the fact I am over 7 feet tall and blue, not unlike the creatures director James Cameron channeled in the movie AVATAR.  Except we Telosians have wings that cause primitives like my human self to often describe us as angels.  With a graceful leap I soar into the starry night sky over the peaceful little town of Mt. Shasta City.

As I fly for Mt. Shasta I recall that it is one of the last volcanic remnants of Atlantis, back when there  was but one continent and my people, the Telosians as we are sometimes called, first started visiting Earth.  Unfortunately, we were not the first ETs to find this blue world, already teaming with primitive life.  The Reptilians, clever to a fault, sent a robot ship here about a million years before us to plant their flag.

After countless years of bickering and threats of war that almost tore the fragile new Galactic Federation apart, the council caved in and deeded Earth to the Reptilians as a farm and gold mining world.  Modifying the DNA of apes, the Reptilians created a sentient aggressive gold driven worker species that remains to this day unaware they are but slaves.  Lizards love war and strife, so that was also tossed into human genetic engineering.

I check my star watch as I glide the cool night sky.  It’s 2:59 AM Pacific Earth Time: 11/11/10.  Unless there’s an emergency, our Galactic Council meetings take place on binary code dates on this world for the 49 of us who comprise the Earth Supervisory Sub-Group.

I land in the marsh at the base of the mountain.  A startled heron flaps off into the night.  Pressing stones and twigs in a secret sequence I activate a hidden stairway.

Hurrying down the granite stairs I hear the secret passage ratchet closed behind me.  Reaching the crystal tram that leads the 3 miles beneath Mt. Shasta, I am greeted with a hiss by GRAK, ambassador for the Reptilians,

“Ohom, what nonsense waits tonight’s council?”

“The welfare of billions of life forms, ‘nonsense’?” I say, realizing talking to this snake, with a Cobra-like head, is foolish of me. But our rivalry runs too deep for better judgment to prevail.

“Life forms my people own!” The Reptilian spits in my face, a slimy hand slithering for his holstered ray gun.

Cara, a pale green Illumion of great beauty, enters the tram car with a greeting, “Morning, Ohom, Grak.” Cara’s beautiful voice is music enough to calm even Grak and we settle in for a truce on the short ride on the super fast tram.

A short while later in the council room,  I chuckle to myself how unspectacular this place is compared to imaginings for such settings in earth’s film world.  There are countless such secret meeting places across the galaxy and no budget for fancy facilities except at the vast and ornate giant meeting hall at the galactic core, headquarters to the Galactic Federation.

The officious Aquas, a fish person who wears a space helmet filled with water to breathe, drops the gavel. “Agent Ohom, you psycho-texted for the floor.”

I stand to gaze over the eclectic group of races from 49 worlds.

Before I can say a word Grak leaps from his seat, “I move this meeting be adjourned.”

“Again, Grak?” groans Aquas.

“Aquas, with all due respect, it serves no purpose to rehash a million years of Ohom’s bleeding heart for our supposed cruelty to these human creatures!  Creatures the Reptilian’s created and own free and clear!” blusters Grak.

“I am here to call an end to your “free and clear” domination of this world, Grak.” It’s my calmness that most disturbs Grak.

Aquas pounds the gavel, “Make your case, agent Ohom, and none of your usual showmanship.  My helmet water needs changing.”

“To the point then, Chairman Aquas. ” I click a remote and a projector rises from the table that throws a section of words on the screen.

“What fine print are we looking at, Ohom?  Your human self’s bankruptcy papers?” clucks Grak as a few of the council laugh along.

“Magnify,” I say and the words become crystal clear.  “Sub-paragraph 2012: Earth treaty of the Pangean Era.”

Grak says putting his ugly feet up on the the conference table as he tries his best to look in charge, “Fool.  The treaty reads clearly: Any Worker Species created through genetic engineering by a Master Species of the Galactic Federation for any purpose, such as planetary mining or experiential enjoyment, are the complete and total property of such Master Species.

“Yes,” I say with a grin, happy Grak has taken the bait, “But further on paragraph iii B. also clearly states: However, when a Worker Species evolves to harness the power of positive visualization on a planetary scale, then such Worker Species reaches Protected Status as a “Developing Intelligence.”

“Humans, a “Developing Intelligience?” chides the lovely Cara to the admiring looks of all.  “Do you have any idea how destructive the humans would be if Grak and the Reptilians did not keep them confined to Earth.”

“You honor me, Princess Cara,” bows Grak.

I feel the sting of jealousy.  “Human spillover emotion!” I worry to myself that my human form and Telosian form are merging.  I quickly say before my thoughts are read,”That’s changing.  I’ve been testing to see if the human mind can access Telosian thought technology.”

“Not only dangerous, but Impossible for a Worker Species,” laughs Grak.

“Not dangerous. Not impossible.” I say.

The group murmurs with excitement.

“With only a small sample of 17 humans, myself and three other Telosians we activated a planetary DreamShield in Italy.” I exclaim as a view of the Earth protected by the DreamShield spins on screen.

“Trickery!” shouts Grak, needing to be restrained by our giant security robot that looks a lot like a black bear.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Galactic Council’s Earth Supervisory Sub-Group, I assure you this planetary DreamShield, which appeared first as a giant cross of energy bands on May 6th 2010 over Puglia Italy, is 100% genuine.”

Brainwave charts appear over the faces of the humans in a yoga hall in Italy.

“Wait!” shouts Grak.  “Back one human.”  The view on screen slides back one human to me, Ken Sheetz.

“Is that not your human form, Ohom?” chides Cara.

“Changes nothing.” I say feeling the loss of Cara and the group’s confidence.

“Your findings are tainted, Ohom,” adds Cara.

Grak’s reptile teeth flash me a triumphant grin.

“Cara, how many times have I’ve pleaded with the council to lift the Veil of Forgetfulness for Earth?”

Aquas checks his monitor screen with a watery chuckle, “Over the past 5,000 years alone, the longest we keep records on file, there are 20,000 requests you’ve made to remove the Veil.”

“None of which have been accepted, my brothers and sisters.  I was in pure unaware veiled human form in Italy. — See?  My brain activity is no different that the other humans until my three Telosinan brothers and sisters fill in the empty yoga mats.”

Nods and smiles become applause as the group watches the Italy footage.

Cara sings as she dances for joy, “Incredible.  A Worker species evolving to Developing Intelligence status has no precedent!”

I add, riveting in the good news of hope for humanity, “Paragraph 11.11.10 concludes: Such Developing Intelligence through planetary visualization wins total sovereignty and complete freedom from said Master Species and the full protection of the Galactic Federation.”

Grak storms for the door and shouts without a gaze back, “You’ve not won Earth’s freedom yet, Ohom.  This requires a 2/3’s vote of a Special Meeting  of the Galactic Council.  All the worlds of the Reptilian Quandrant will side with us!”

“Sound like you’ll only have 25% of the vote to me, Grak,” I gloat gathering a disgusted look from Aquas.

Outside in the marsh, as the sun begins to tug at the horizon, Grak hides in the reeds as I exit the portal arm in arm with Cara.

Cara caresses my cheek, “Sorry I was opposed you all these eons, Ohom. How can I make it up to you?”

“A kiss?” I say with a coy smile.

Cara leans her head for a kiss.  I move a tentacle from her forehead when a green beam from the reeds blazes.  Cara’s people have super speed and she takes the shot meant for me.

“Cara!” I sob as she slumps in my arms.

“Save the humans…”  Cara’s beautiful golden eyes close.

My rage makes the marsh lands tremble as I race for Grak.  A saucer beams Grak away before I can reach the evil Reptilian.

I leap from the marsh and soar after the ship when…

I awake back in human form, in my bed at The Dream Inn in Mt. Shasta, vowing to never let the Veil of Forgetfulness fall again.

But as I lay in bed, heart pounding and unable to get back to sleep it all begins to seem like a dream.  Then Cara’s musical voice assures me,

“You are not the mortal you seem to be.  Awaken the planet.  The DreamShield cannot fail…”


I am off to see SKYLINE tomorrow.  The premise of the movie is that SETI contact brings a hostile alien race to capture us.  Yet another of the 2012 doomsday film visions that are an increasing part the media’s unwitting participation in manipulating humanity into visualizing its own destruction.  A loophole in the Galactic Federation treaty?  And just look at this ad’s negative message “Don’t Look Up”.

But fear not!  DO LOOK UP to your rightful place among the stars!  The DreamShield dream team is on the job for positive planetary meditations leading to an assured gentle 2012.  And we hope you’ll join our website and Like us on Facebook to learn of Gentle 2012 meditations coming to your part of the world.  Join us as we become a one billion member planetary dream team by 12/12/12.


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