Bluehost Sucks

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 1.45.17 PMFYI if you are looking for good customer service avoid Bluehost. The hosting service did not start out that way when someone near and dear to me, my partner in our social media biz, started using them 10 years ago. But that’s another story today.

About 6 weeks ago Bluehost suggested Elizabeth upgrade her service with them, for a higher fee of course. She had already prepaid for a 5-year plan.  And oh how the sales person at Bluehost promised it would improve her service. WRONG! Ever since the “upgrade” it’s been one problem after another, starting with all of her sites being black screen for two weeks after the ‘Upgrade.’

Now for another 2 weeks, the site for one of her lines of business, thank goodness not a client site, is forwarding to another website, rendering her income producing page useless and her customers scratching their heads.  And no one at Bluehost can figure out why or how to fix it.  She can’t even restore with a back up because her Bluehost dashboard is broken, too.  Total fail of service and support.

Despite service that’s been so bad from Bluehost that it eventually brought Elizabeth, a tough vet with 17 years as master sergeant, to tears after 6 weeks of tech after tech fails that went in total circles after two hour calls that have now added up to a dozen hours of wasted time.

Clearly in this world of robo-service from the likes of Bluehost, Google, YouTube, Facebook and more, service is a forgotten word.  No one in management has stepped up to help and now when she calls she is told that it’s being handled by a senior tech adviser but the “senior tech advisers don’t take calls.” Take heart, there are a few bright spots for good service on the web. GoDaddy and Vimeo are two.

How long until these good guys devolve into the bad service joke that is Bluehost’s circular “we cannot help you” brand service who can say? But long as they keep up good service, Godaddy and Vimeo will benefit from the vacuum left by the Bluehost bad service losers of the web.


Update, after a flurry of attempts and many more hours of Elizabeth’s time at service the pages remain a mess.

Why Has YouTube Banned My Hit Show “Kids Talk Politics” in America?!

OK, no more Mr. Nice Guy, YouTube!  Why in the heck can’t you get your act together and get my popular political channel KidsTalkPolitics fixed?

6.4 million views, real views not paid views, and 6,695 subscribers are denied hearing kids we interview talk about these crazy 2016 presidential elections.  This despite the fact we’ve been doing this show since our PBS debut in 200o for the Gore Bush debates lead-in, popular reviews in Parent Magazine, CitizenTube and have the #1 Amazon video for kids and politics 8 years solid.  Outrageous to be shut down!


Looks nice above doesn’t it?  But when you click a video link you see this:


OK, so Trump’s sexual exploits and now Bill Clinton’s affairs are all over the web and sweet videos about kids talking politics is banned in America? Disgusting.

I have tried repeatedly to get this fixed, YouTube.  Even visiting YouTube’s plush offices in LA personally only to be given a robotic runaround. Granted, KTP is an old 2008 account from before Google bought YouTube. The access got lost in cyberspace when the AOL email account that ran it got hacked.  But I can prove who the heck I am!  My name Ken Sheetz is listed on every video for crying out loud. It should take a tech all of 5 minutes to fix this nonsense.

Bottom-line, I see no sign of human life, no real customer service at either Google or YouTube.  I can’t even get an answer on why the USA ban!!! And this is one of my largest income producing channels.  Not cool.  YouTube owes me an apology and some bucks for dropping the ball on this mess.

Rant complete.  Hoping we are back online for election day.  If not look for the show on Vimeo soon.