Waiter, There’s an ET in My Soup

11074993_10152791912642029_131663135680974163_nPardon my random musings over a meal at the Red Planet Diner here in Sedona. Renamed ET Encounter Diner after a change of owners. The food is mediocre at best, but I love the decor and spirit of the crazy one-off.  My favorite place to dine solo. Something I do a lot here in Sedona where my energy is so different from the social animal I am normally in Chicago and LA.

It’s March 20th as I nosh on a Galaxia Burito. For first part of of 2015 all has been a blur. Perhaps that’s because according to a powerful local healer here I am suffering the after effects of mold poisoning, suffered at the hands on my 2014 negligent as hell landlord, who shall remain anonymous.

The healer said mold poisoning is the root cause of my amazing anxiety attacks in public, plaguing me in Sedona. A year long mystery solved. Still, mold needs treatment, and that, in our phoney Obama Care world, means getting sizable chunk of dough together for a visit to a leading black mold specialist in Atlanta.

But I am powerful self Reiki trained healer. Now that I know the source of my issue. which I could not see myself for some reason, I am working on it the best I can self-healing for now. Nasty stuff black mold. Mold causes neuro toxins that casuse inflammation of the entire body, brain and nervous system. Panic attacks are a common mold symptom.

For about 16% of the population mold stays in the body and ruins your life without treatment.  I am going to beat this thing by digging deep to put the cash together, though I’d rather be off to Italy and the Damanhur.

So time is not passing normally for me. I feel cut off from spirit. The healer said I chose this hard path to accelerate my next stage of development. That also rings true. But I miss easy connection to my guides these moldy days. Where the abundant health I enjoyed my whole life up through Antartica on 12.12.12 and the profound connection to the ETs seems so far away. Sedona has been hard for me. My healer says that’s exactly what my higher self wanted for human me. My higher self, in that case, is something of an asshole. Just as I am when you really get to know me. Makes sense.

Still, black mold buzz or not, a song of the solar system came through today for the eclipse I will share.


Channeled by Ken Sheetz

Nine planets in all.

In the system of Sol.

Once all had life.

But in a time of strife.

Only one world was saved.

It’s name is Earth.

In the system of Sol.

In the system of Sol.

As life on other worlds lay dying.

To Earth many migrated crying.

A new home for nine worlds in space

All crammed together in one tiny place.

On the Planet Earth.

In the system of Sol.

Today on the Eclipse of the Equinox 2015.

There are far too many humans acting mean.

mother_earth_eyeEarth is in trouble. – A delicate blue bubble.

Innocence shatters.

Like nothing matters.

In the System of Sol.

On the Planet Earth.

But hope remains.

An awakening in chains.

Will soon break free.

For all humanity.

Gaia’s had enough.

Enough crazy stuff!

Nine Planets in All.

In the system of Sol.

United as one.