Our Laughable Sad Elections

Early in this election I decided to sit out voting. I am still of that mind. More so, as the doo-doo of these two dodos float to the clogged toilet of our politics’ surface.

After all, why vote for one of two rotten choices?  Our two party system has failed to produce a viable candidate. Bernie, we miss you, old man.  You were right, Hillary could not win.  You were the one.  All water under the gate.

But take heart, the President is not really running much of the show anymore. This sicko circus “the man” is putting on is all to distract us from the oil pipelines illegally being shoved down on our Native Americans throats, endless war, global warming, rotten treatment of our vets, the destruction of the middle class, failing Social Security, a failed Obamacare, a collapsing Department of Justice, a paralyzed Congress, ETC.

These elections are, in other words, political mind candy.  The sad joke is people think their vote for Trump or Clinton will make any difference. Did we learn nothing from Obama’s milk toast presidency where the only hope was we’d have some change?

I confess, I watched all three Clinton/Trump debates. My excuse was I am doing this strictly as a media expert and observer.  Much to my surprise, the debates were worse than I expected.  All three “epic” debates amounted to nothing more than a nerd wrestling match. No serious topic was ever truly discussed.  Blah, blah, blah until I wanted two do an Elvis and shoot my TV set.  Flat screens are not as fun to blow up so I simply went to the toilet.

“Idiocracy” the film has come true.  Hillary only won the trilogy of nonsense debates on the momentum of Trump “locker room” wisecracking about his pussy grabbing and a host of women stepping forward to say he molested them. All of whom he’s threatened to sue after he wins the rigged elections. What the hell?!   Is this really happening?

Eat your heart out George Orwell.  “1984” pales in comparison to all the insanity of brain washing dumped on our heads daily, along with increased chemtrail activity and frequency broadcasts. all to make us stupid cattle.

But what fascinates me most about the craziest election ever is that the FBI, despite Trump’s obscene behavior has without question decided to do their best to derail Hillary. And FBI efforts have indeed made this a horse race for Trump. Lucky for him. He was nearly DOE, dead on elections.

Then last night the FBI reopened investigations in a 2005 pardon Bill Clinton made to a wealthy backer who was in jail for tax evasion. This FBI action clearly shows we are in the midst of an unprecedented internal government revolt.

Strange as it is, I see all this as ultimately healthy. The system is trying to purge itself of corruption. The FBI made the choice of Trump as the lesser of two evils when it began to be apparent the Clintons were on their way back into office. Why wait until now?  Seems 2005 is a bit in the rearview mirror.

How to stay positive in all this I ask spirit guide Ohom?  He says, “Laugh.  It’s all part of a systematic destruction of the old, no matter who wins.”

Speaking of laughs. Trevor Noah makes a serious comedy statement video complete with penguins below.

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