A Visit to Robin to Sea What I Can See

The blue whales first began connecting to me in 2011, shortly after my awakening in Italy, as I flew out of LA to do meditations in Nashville to end addiction on earth. So I guess it came as no surprise to me that in the visitations I have enjoyed so deeply with the spirit of Robin Williams, or at least as I imagine him to be, that he would tell me a few months after his passing that he has chosen to reincarnate as a blue whale.


One morning here in Sedona in 2014, Robin’s sweet ghost, after he had made me play tour guide to his ghost pals Mother Teresa and MLK, explained to me passionately, in that amazing voice of his, “Kenster, I wanted you to hop a ship of the coast of LA and channel me in.”

“Why? I asked in. Or maybe it was more like, “Huh?”

Long story short I said no to Robin. I was too busy launching the NEO Neurophone project. Yeah, I can be slow accepting these spirit visitations.

But I am finally taking time starting tomorrow to go to the ocean and escape the desert of Sedona for a while. Robin’s spirit forgave me and still visits, even though he is about one years old as a blue whale now.

As the former stone-cold real estate mogul I once was making millions I asked myself, “Is visiting a ghost in the ocean a tax deductible thing?” Then realized who cares?

And as I write this post that I hope blows the doors off your mind, I see for the first time the blue whales powerful connection to freeing earth from addiction and so much more!

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