Passport to Free Videos About the Antarctica: 24 Cool Meditations

“The only way out the mess we are making of our world is for humanity to evolve to the next level.” – Ken Sheetz

We are currently in final post-production for a feature film featuring all 24 meditations, one for each time-zone of the world. Working title THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12.12, due to release theatrically and digitally fall of 2016.

But rather than keep you, and the rest of this weary world, waiting we are proud to begin releasing the 24 meditations individually. They’ve already been viewed and helped millions of people on Youtube, but we feel they are too sacred to be monetized by ads; over which we have no control. So we are thrilled to give them to you here on Vimeo to support our ongoing humanitarian mediation work.

The password is “penguin” and you can use it on every one of the 24 meditation videos. This saves $24 or feel free to support our work and pay $1 per meditation.  I promise each and every one of the 24 meditations, one for each time zone of the world, are gems and can make real improvements in the world.

cool poster for vimeo 2




2 thoughts on “Passport to Free Videos About the Antarctica: 24 Cool Meditations

  1. Kan fuldt ud forstÃ¥ dine tanker omkring fænomenet &#g8;0;bloggin2&#82212. Jeg har selv et par venner, som ikke forstÃ¥r, hvorfor jeg har et behov for at blogge og dele mit liv pÃ¥ nettet, men jeg har fra start accepteret, at der er folk, som ikke forstÃ¥r ens interesse. For mig er blogs en interesse pÃ¥ lige fod med alle andre interesser! 🙂


    1. Translation:
      Can fully understand your thoughts about the phenomenon & # 820; blogin2 & # 82212. I even have a few friends who do not understand why I have a need to blog and share my life online, but I have initially accepted that there are people who do not understand one’s interests. For me, blogs are an interest on an equal footing with all other interests! 🙂


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