Vision Art

My journey as Hollywood filmmaker began at the age of 50 after a successful real estate career of 25 years, A career that saw me transact over 1 billion dollars, build a $162 million skyscraper and Oprah’s Chicago Harpo Studios. Near the end of my 10 years in a Hollywood only interested for the most in comic book movies. A 2010 social media assignment led to my 2010 spirit awakening and took me all the way south to Antarctica in 2012 to film THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER. It’s onto the North Pole for 2020.

My major in college was interior architecture and my minor in college was oil painting. Today I express my art digitally in films and digital paintings.  I’ve gathered a few of my favorites here for you to enjoy.  – Ken Sheetz.

Ohom Banner FB

Back to France

Atomic sharpie

Robin the Starfish

Soap and Tootbrushes poster art

CoolestMeditationEver under reconstruction

5 6 vision

A better day is coming

July 4th Eve 2018 Art of Powerful ET download and visit from Ben Franklin.

Art for blog

From my Meditations on Trump with he as a Jackson Pollack-style political artist.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 5.23.37 PM

From my short story of a visit from Kirk and Spock to stop Trump from launching WW3.

Kirk and Spock laugh about Trumps diet

warning abort mind meld


cropped-10985215_10153518113557029_6379335949987927344_n5.jpg_DSC4312telepathic penguinAbundance Poster With Elizabeth

cropped-the-league-of-ghost-worlds1.pngcropped-sub-levitation11.pngPeter Pan and the battle of area 51A talk with 1991 meFlanagan and NatalieThe Flanangan Experiments Sedona486153_10151145534227029_694404148_n(1)Cure for Human Insanity

Photo by Stephen Collector

Angels in italy393427_336211663060513_169754619706219_1550636_2112870605_nget-attachment-9

Ramon Govea and Kara Mooney at the 3/11/11 DreamShield event.
Dr. Sarah Larsen in Nashville on Valentine’s Day

Cool change New personal for brad73912_490260621457_607501457_7203794_1968246_nKen 2 at Dreamshield

This last piece is inspired by musical artist Julian Forest. Julian makes music that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  During a Julian sound healing on June 30, 2016 I had a vision of an entire universe getting born, living and dying.

%22Julian Forest's New Universe%22 - Vision Art By Ken Sheetz

Enjoy some of my favorites from my series of my vision videos.

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