Giving Musk’s Twitter The Bird

Twitter was already a cesspool even before Musk overpaid $44 billion for it and took control as the Chief Twit on October 27th. But with a rapid succession of what can only be described as either sabotage of the biggest political social platform on earth or downright stupidity, and I fear the former, Musk has nearly bankrupted Twitter in less than 30 days. All made the worse by firing half of his staff, mostly women in the purge.

Hey Elon, Hate is not a commodity! It’s a time bomb! Wake up and get a new CEO and back away from the vehicle!

But unwilling to wait for such a miracle, as a Thanksgiving gift to myself, this Twitter addict officially gave Musk’s Twitter the bird and deactivated his account. The bright spot in all this, besides starting to kick a Twitter habit taking up far too much of my time and creativity, is that Musk has completed the job for us all, started by billionaire buffoon Trump, of demonstrating that ego maniac billionaires must be reigned in to put an end this modern-day gilded age.

Many people with followings far greater than my humble 8,040 and over 10 million impressions of my Tweets, garnered thanks to some viral short videos, have left Twitter too. I’m also in the company of 50% of Twitter advertisers who have left Musk’s growing ever more unsafe and chaotic Twitter universe for greener pastures. I even made a hashtag for the occasion I invite you to share #GiveTwitterTheBird.

I utilized Twitter from 2009-2022, but I really got hooked in 2015 when using Tweets to join the fight to put the brakes on Trump’s 2016 run for president. All the while my Twitter mission was to bring some perspective to fellow voters that there is a middle road between the overly bureaucratic ways of the Democrats and the “look Ma no government” approach of the Republicans.

In the end, unwittingly subject to sneaky Russian disinformation, I voted for neither Hillary or the Donald. So even this politics junkie, who produced and directed a 2000 PBS special called A KID’S VIEW OF THE US, that aired as the lead into the presidential debate, and which garnered raves from The New York Times, Educational Magazine and Reuters and who again took to the road to in 2008 for KIDS TALK POLITICS to cover Obama’s win over McCain, to produce a hit web series with over 11 million views on YouTube, was effectively neutralized as a 2016 voter.

After Trump won I naively hoped, thanks again to shitload of Russian bot fueled disinformation fostered by the GOP and a billionaire owned complicit media, which America was as yet not fully conscious of as yet, that Trump would rise to the occasion of the office the POTUS. And so I traveled from sunny Sedona Arizona with my beautiful wife Elizabeth to the gloomy Trump DC inauguration. My mission was to film a series of meditations visualizing a term that would somehow Trump would miraculously, I had no delusions about Trump’s inept brand of pettiness, serve the planet’s best interests, even if unintentionally. Yeah, we dream big at, Antarctica big But before my producing partner wife and I even packed up our cameras to exit DC, Trump showed us with his rolling over the Standing Rock tribe with DPAL, what incredible optimists we were for getting sucked into covering the start of the launch of Trump’s “American Carnage” shit show.

That’s my love Elizabeth in the penguin hat

Thankfully, my wife and I had also come to DC to cover the very first Women’s Day March. We saw firsthand that the crowds of passionate bright women, and the men who loved them, protesting Trump’s election far outnumbered the angry Trump inauguration crowds of the day before. Yeah. You heard me, Sean Spicer.

Within the course of his first catastrophic year in office Trump’s constant pressure on the desperate for power MAGA/GOP evolved it from a party I once loved as an independent choice into an openly racist, anti-vote, anti-abortion, pro-gun, anti-LGBTQ, sausage-fest nightmare.

Flash forward to 2018 and despite the growing toxicity of Twitter, and I decide to do penance for my 2016 gullibility. As Covid ravaged the country in 2020, under Trump’s disgusting ruler-ship, I used my Twitter following to promote a dark science fiction comedy about a Trump from a parallel universe handling Covid even worse than our own Trump on this meditation blog. But the tales are so dark I’ve moved it to it’s own web page It has 12 work in progress chapters, seven reposted so far, complete with a scratch score voiced by my talented wife and I who play all the parts. Check it out some time.

I was for Bernie as the 2020 elections got into full swing, but I stuck with Biden when he got the Blue nod. Soon I went all in for Joe’s kinder and more honest (for a politician) approach than Trump’s patented brand of rage. And so I became nearly a full time Democracy fighter on Twitter, offering up quality videos and memes for Tweeps to share as my donation to the cause for preserving democracy!

Soon after Joe won I was one of warning voices, along with my wife Elizabeth a vet 17 years, that Trump was inciting MAGA to violence on January 6th. And sure enough, when the sad day arrived, we watched in horror as our capitol was ransacked by White Supremacists, emboldened by Trump’s lies of a stolen election.

When the dust settled Twitter served a valuable purpose of banning Trump for his insurrection and spreading lies. The Trump Twitter ban showed him mortal and broke a lot of the spirit of the racists who had debased the capitol. So it’s beyond disgusting Musk has undone this ban on Trump in the false name of free speech.

Post J6 has been, and still is, a precarious time while democracy hangs in the balance. Sadly, 2021 was not a time I could walk away from Twitter. Nor is today. But it feels safe enough to shop for a new place to fight. I am exploring Mastodon and Tribel and leaning more towards just sticking to my own platforms. My handle on twitter the last year was KeepItTogetherAmerica and I have reserved that URL. Fact is, I feel so burned by all the time I put into Twitter only to have Musk pig it up so I am reluctant to invest time into any pages except my own.

But I will always be glad I was on Twitter since 2009. There, in addition to my own posts and my wife’s we joyously shared truth from great accounts like Rachel, Don Winslow, The Lincoln Project, Jo, Defiant Dad and more, spreading the word that the vote was not stolen, that masking saves lives, that supporting Ukraine is our noble task as Americans, to name but a few.

Later we shared the posts admiring the competent handling of the Covid plague that Joe was implementing through vaccines, free to all Americans. What a change from Trump who seemed to relish in the fact the virus killed more Black people than whites. And all the while I was making great video content and memes for Twitter fighters for democracy to share. This vital work carried me right through the 2022 mid-terms where I was thrilled to see my predictions of red drizzle come true. Here’s some of my favorite videos I created just for my Twitter fans below.

Critical to keeping me motivated for Twitter work, which reached 6 to 10 hours a day at its peek, was the passion to keep democracy alive for my grand-kids. My Twitter following was modest but potent. Boebert is the most recent confirmation that a little influence can go a long way after she only won another painful 2 years in Congress by a little over 500 votes. Frisch came so close that it us my hope is she’s done after 2024.

But all this Tweeting was creating 12-15 hour work days to create and spread content and still do my marketing work to earn a living. So reaching the tender age 70 this fall I was thinking of quitting time consuming toxic Twitter when Musk snapped it up with suspicious Saudi backing. In less than a month Musk’s ego tripping Right wing mismanagement and his intentional reduction of safety standards sent me packing. I’d almost be grateful but I miss the many friends I made on Twitter.

Trump has yet to tweet again as it’s a conflict with his failing Truth Social platform, but Musk is behaving as Trump’s surrogate, dragging decent, and not so decent people of the Right, deeper down the rabbit hole into becoming puppets of hate. It’s like J6 all over again and we’ve lost a valuable tool for democracy in the Musk hostile takeover.

Good news, a week into quitting Musk’s hate fest and I do not miss Twitter much more than kicking my sugary Coca-Cola addiction back in the 80s. But, LOL, did you know sugar is as addictive as heroin? Yep. I am missing Twitter’s buzz if I am honest. Rubbing shoulders with politicos and celebs is intoxicating.

Musk made a bad situation worse letting Trump, Ye and Greene back on Twitter. He did this perhaps because he thinks, as it certainly has been in past, hate can be a profit center. But my hope is Twitter’s karma lesson for Musk – one he’ll likely never learn as he’s a fish in adrift in an ocean hate flowing from the South African apartheid childhood teachings of an abusive billionaire father – will be that he learns to the tune of losing $44 billion that hate only sells when it’s not the obvious profit point. Hateful racist magicians like Musk cannot show their tricks and last very long.

Looking back on the whole fiasco, the more toxic time passed on Twitter the less I felt like a person in the middle as the right moved to Nazi levels of insanity. I am a proud independent but Twitter’s MAGA made me feel like a liberal when Blue became the only sane choice for 2022. But most of all I am glad I gave up Twitter for my wife Elizabeth sake, who worried for both my sanity and safety. Good news, Elizabeth says I am smiling a lot more since giving Musk’s Twitter the bird.

Who knows? Maybe Musk destroying Twitter at the behest of his Saudi partners could end up as a blessing and sign for all Americans to chill out on politics and religion. Trump used Twitter to drag Evangelicals into the quagmire of supporting swine as saints.

And so I invite you, dear reader, to join me, millions of good people and advertisers leaving Twitter in order to speed Musk’s hate-soaked version of Twitter to its 404-demise. I for one am happy to have more free time for fun with my wife doing yoga, tennis and meditation and more time for developing my many films, screenplays and my coolest meditation ever work, all meant to foster love and compassion for the left, right and center rather than Tweeting for king Musk’s wicked pleasure.

Above is the last video Tweet I made to Twitter to help Warnock crush hate puppet Walker.

August 2022 TIME MAGAZINE article that foresaw Musk’s fall from grace.

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