No. Biden and Trump Did Not Switch Faces

The title of this week’s blog (sorry, still working on Chapter 9 of TRUMP’S FEVER DREAM where I visualize and alternate “what if” timeline where Trump’s heinous and traitorous insurrection sadly succeeded) is in response to the latest desperate attempt by Q to maintain its stranglehold on the hearts and minds of far too many gullible Americans.

IMHO Q is quite simply the biggest mind control on ever propagated on a populace, likely to get more converts to White Supremacy. My conspirocratic theory to shine the light is that this criminal act was done in desperation to build a bigger world of white privilege base. This in turn created a large segment of the USA more vulnerable through spreading fear of the other, all to be enslaved to the cause of racist- fascism.

The attack happen in two fronts. A full frontal advertising attack and deployed weapons grade mind control and a covert mind control payload delivered via social on a civilian population. Spitballing more ideas how we might have got into this mess we are embroiled in here in the land of the not as free as we think when…

1. A racist like Trump rose to highest office in the land. We’re all weary because we have survived a herd immunity, do as little as possible covid plan that evolved into a bio weapon, likely because Covid kills 3 times as many Blacks as whites. 4 years of 30,000 lies and an insurrection run by this Russian asset at worst or useful idiot at best. But we are not out of the civil war woods if Trump fostered GQP mind control goes on.

2. Power drunk business person(s) rose to Bond-villain multi-billionaire status. So many now and growing. Some player may think it’s if it’s cool to manipulate people to buy shit like reality TV and poorly made tennis shoes, heck, why not enslave them to hate and division? Divide and conquer!

3. Religion seeks to reinvent itself and doubles down on the magical thinking they foster in the church every Sunday by duplicitous evangelicals. All to recruit more believers and remain in power. See THE FAMILY on Netflix to understand the huge role religion played in putting Trump in power.

4. Going sci fi: An advanced alien race is harvesting angst consciousness. Yum.

5. Going super high tech: Might the gross manipulation of bio harmonic universe engender a universe for one master conscious AI? All to be able to launch from man-made ultra super computer into infinite number of lives.

6. Last maybe just the good old Ruskies looking to incite a civil war here. The USA has meddled in toppling governments for a century. I hope our seeing our capital sacked by Neo Nazis might give is pause for future meddling.

You get the idea. Who the hell knows? But without question, someone or some group is fucking with human consciousness in ways we cannot grasp, only theorize about. Our collective angst on this topic has left almost half our country in a self-destructive state of mental illness, still enraged about the BIG LIE that the election was stolen from Trump by the rightfully elected Joe Biden.

And no. Biden did not switch faces with Trump. The idiocy of this latest Q drop is that one only need look at the slender build of Biden to compared to the fat stack of burger build of the orange deposed wannabe dictator to know its mind control nonsense. GET REAL!

If you went down the rabbit hole, you must undo the Q in your life. You were sucked into a cult. Seek help if you need it to break free. Only then will you can see there is only one one reality here on the blue planet, one universe which we all enjoy in divergent and creative ways. Time to grow up and love reality. Magical thinking, with I do lots of, is fine if don’t start to buy your own stories as literal truth. Let’s honor all religions not as literal fact but as beautiful stories to help us be better, not worse, people.

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