The Importance of Listening to Spirit Guides in Troubled Times

Elizabeth and I are off on a little honeymoon camping trip to the parks in Utah. Yesterday we recorded our wedding for Youtube and live broadcasted it on Facebook.

Our decision was based on the fact there’s so little positive story-wise these days. We hope our sharing of this normally very private ceremony warms your heart  during these trying times.

None of this would have happened without my listening to my ET spirit guide Ohom as you see in the video below.

Now more than ever it’s vital to stay in a place of love and listen to your spirit guides, ET or otherwise. They have the big picture and will never steer you wrong.


4 thoughts on “The Importance of Listening to Spirit Guides in Troubled Times

    1. Sorry for being so slow in responding. Ohom, my higher self in another dimension, has said in the movie Coolest Meditation Ever Antarctic .12.12.12 on Vimeo he will not be doing any dating advice until earth is in better shape. I am blessed he helped me find my Elizabeth. His advice is to let go of desire and live as your most genuine self and the person will appear and you will know it. Ken


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