Music artist Paul Temple, a master of Tibetan bowls and chants, and his lovely wife Kerry just visited Sedona on their tour of the southwest. Many thanks to Lane Badger for helping make Paul’s visit a huge success. Elizabeth and I were honored to host them in our home.

Their first night here I filmed Paul at a beautiful private Sedona venue. Here’s his entire July 5th performance for your enlightenment and enjoyment. Skip in past the video intro a bit and listen to his Tibetan chants and bowls to gain a deeper experience in reading the story Paul’s magic.

We were honored to host Paul also in 2017, he visited Elizabeth and me only a few weeks after we got back from our LOVE TRUMPS HATE meditations in DC.

So this year Paul naturally asked me over breakfast how that tough Meditations on Trump work was going here in 2018. I rubbed my hands through what’s left of my hair and told Paul and his wife Kerry that Elizabeth I were, each in our own way, finding these times when the light seems to be losing require a lot more positive visualization to keep our vibe up, but that we were managing. I then told the beautiful power couple how important Paul’s work, along with Kerry’s as a yoga teacher, are in these Trumpy times to help light workers maintain a healthy frequency.

On the second night, July 6, 2018, Paul performed his Tibetan chants and bowls again. This time at Sedona’s Unity Church to a sold out crowd. I worked late the night before to get s clip from the above video posted to help Paul generate some sales. But tonight I was not busy filming again so I was free to drop into deep meditation. Despite the AC being way too chilly, I had a profound healing vision of dark energies, both personal and global, being defeated as Paul performed. Here’s just a part of the cosmic I witnessed.


Paul sits spotlit atop a vast canyon’s wall. Below him only the spires of dingy skyscrapers of a modern day city peek above a thick black clouds that shroud the canyon valley in despair. The residents of the dark city have adapted as best they to the constant gloom by lowering their frequencies. A clear sky is a forgotten memory.

As Paul chants in his superb deep Tibetan monk sounding voice, and plays his many harmonically arranged bowls high above the city, the dark cloud begins to compress. The inky foul blackness is surprisingly helpless against Paul’s sonic healing and starts to shrink rapidly.

Shopkeepers and their customers step from the stores and look in awe up as the dark clouds lift under Paul’s waves of healing light and sound. The condensing clouds rain sparkling diamonds on the overjoyed crowds. People dance in the glittery street beneath the stars they had long forgotten.

I realize, as I huddle up to my love Elizabeth to ward off the excessive AC of the Unity hall, that I am being blessed with a vision of what effect Paul’s work might have on our own somber post-truth world; lost in a dark cloud of today’s meanness, lies and greed.

Paul Temple wakes things up. He is a destroyer of darkness.

In the final part of my Temple vision I spot my sometimes loving and sometimes deeply abusive father Bill approaches. There’s menace in his black glassy eyes. Bill, dead 7 years now of bladder cancer, is pure blackness from head to toe, Vortices of black strings of dark energy swirl over Bills angry body. He clenches his fists, ready to strike.

But I am no child in fear anymore, I am a full grow servant of the light, and before Bill can a move to abuse me, I simply stand aside and let Paul’s toning pass me. My father instantly dissolves into a pile of black dust. I am stunned as I feel all that is left inside my heart are the loving moments of our past, his teaching me to draw, fishing, hunting, his wonderful laughter. Bill’s soul is freed of his human role as an unstable father.

Then my – sometimes times loving, sometimes abusive and most times self-abusive brother, Fred – appears as a figure of pure blackness to take Dad’s place. Ah ha. I see a sad truth here that makes me weep. Fred is far more akin to my father’s pure dark energy than my own which is more light than dark.

Fred challenges me with an angry pose straight out of a martial arts movie. BTW I’ve been the 1990’s KUNG FU on Amazon.  Feels so relevant because I also feel like David Cassidy’s Kane as a peace loving guy who only kicks-ass when he forced to.

Back to the Temple vision, again I simply sep aside let Paul’s Tibetan chanting and bowls do their work. After a few moments of strained resistance Fred’s darkness crumbles to dust beside my father’s vanishing dust pile. Once more, all that is left in my heart are the many loving moments of our lives past, xmas mornings, Fred’s comforting me after a bitter divorce, his loving man hugs, present. Fred is now too free of all negative karma between us and we can now be true brothers of the light.


The morning before Paul and Kerry take to the road for the rest of their Southwest tour, he plays Clair De Lune on our wonderful secondhand piano.  I am shocked because this the only piano song my father knew how to play; having learned the complex tune in the Korean War as a soldier. When I tell Paul he smiles wryly and plays on until he must resume packing.

All too soon it’s time for Paul and Kerry to continue on their tour. As we all hug goodbye I realize I smile at my Elizabeth over Paul’s shoulder, my smile seeming to say, “We are hugging our spirit brother and sister good-bye.” My love nods silently “Yes!” her smile beaming.


Please, after watching the important new Paul Temple video above share your story in the comments about what Paul’s work means to you. And please share this blog to help get the word out about Paul’s incredible planetary and personal healing work with Tibetan bowls and chant.

Learn more about Paul and his tour at https://www.facebook.com/RadianceMatrix/

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