The Hologram of Integrity

There are currently a number of quantum physicists proposing our reality may be nothing more that a computer simulated hologram. That does not ring true for me and my spirit guides.  We are the real deal.  But who can blame the gurus of science for dreaming?


Nonetheless, I have for many years used the theory that integrity operates like a hologram in the sense that any piece of hologram, or integrity in this case, can be used to know the whole.

I once had a top broker I caught stealing coffee from the office. I told my partner we should fire the broker because his coffee snatching showed he was dishonest.  My partner was incredulous at my severity and said, “We can’t fire a top broker over one lousy bag of coffee!”

I explained we were seeing a window into the broker’s character. He was a thief and would one day steal bigger things from us. I was only 37 and not the seasoned old wizard I am today. So relented to my partner and we kept the top gun broker on.  Sure enough, only 6 months later, the coffee pilfering broker used our company name to steal $30,000 with a forged check I was forced to cover.

Integrity is a hologram. You see a piece of person’s character you can can glimpse the whole nature of person, just as you can glimpse the whole object from a piece of its hologram.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 9.57.39 PM

Modern day example: I’ve know Trump’s crooked since his book THE ART OF THE DEAL from the unfair business practices he bragged about in his book. So I never feel an ounce of surprise, no matter how low he sinks or ever will sink.  But for many people it’s a new thing to see how much of a hologram people are. They are shocked as Trump sinks lower and lower.

Last night before heading off to Mara-a-Lago for another taxpayer funded golf boondoggle (in one year Trump’s exceeded Obama’s entire 8 year travel budget) Trump had Jeff Session cruelly fire Andrew McCabe, who took over the FBI as Deputy Director after Trump fired Comey last year, just hours before his retirement.

It’s all part of our rather rude awakening when we see how much damage his lack of integrity will do to this nation. But what worries me is what we are not seeing of Trump’s misdeeds.

This morning the highly decorated 4-star General McCaffery declared Trump a serious threat to national security.

The bright side of this nightmare is that it’s exposing the weaknesses in America’s own integrity and the depth of our hypocrisy as as a third of we Americans still support his insane, racist, sexist regime.

How ironic porn star Stormy Daniels is accelerating the bringing it all to light. Be glad she’s on the case.  Mueller is a paid bureaucrat who can be fired. Stormy, on the other hand is a free agent and can’t be fired.

Does Stormy have the holographic integrity to go the distance and not take some huge payoff from Trump or to fold under his legal attacks? Well, interestingly, I met Stormy in 2008 on while I worked on a failed idea for a PG rated reality show about the porn biz. And base on my impression of her I’ll venture to say the typically clueless Trump is in deeper shit than he knows.

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