Exactly 4 years from its original filming, THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12.12 premiered to a sold out the Sedona Film Festival Mary Fisher theater on 12.12.16.

This happened despite a crowded local press field due to the holidays and resulting drought of normal local press.


“Director of Buzzology Elizabeth England packed the theater using our many page on FB, Twitter, Instagram and our highly targeted email list,” says Ken Sheetz.

“I was happy to step up and free Ken to finish the movie in time for the premiere,” adds England.

“I needed that time to add the great notes Elizabeth gave me on editing,” says filmmaker Ken.

A meditation event followed the film along with the Q&A. A successful format that will be repeated at a number of special screenings.

BuzzBroz plans to show the film theatrically in Sedona in January and be onto other markets like LA and Chicago.  And you can now watch on Vimeo OnDemand!

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