I am reblogging this on a weekend where 2005 off camera audio has exposed Trump as thinking celeb status allows him to kiss any woman and grab her pussy. That’s rape in a lot of states. Hillary is officially now the EVIL OF TWO LESSERS choice. Which is sad. She’s a war monger like Trump. Sadder even to think both these jerks are still in the race.

I had a vision a few weeks ago where, and I not religious so it mystifies me, but Jesus was captaining a ship, to his right stood a poster of Hillary, to his left a poster of Trump. And Jesus said to me, “Stop worrying. Either one who wins will bring about an end to the sham of your elections.”

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As a filmmaker with a PBS show that led into the Bush-Gore presidential 2000 debates and a hit 2008 Youtube political series, I am something of an expert on the presidential elections and the usual gamesmanship.  But the outrageous 2016 elections have left me mystified.

Normally, because politicians have become pawns of corporate and the 1%’s interests, we are at least given a choice of a lesser of two evils. But the shady and shoddy way Hilary does politics and the race baiting hateful way Trump operates have left us with a choice I can best describe as The Evil of Two Lessers.

The Evil of Two Lessers

I base my harsh assessment of our wicked choices this November on the fact both Trump and Hilary are hawks and ultimately servants to our military industrial complex.  This will mean more war instead of focusing on our troubles here at home.

For a time the opposing…

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