11/01/10 +9/11+10/10 = A Global Healing For the Lost

We are such stuff As dreams are made on; and our little life Is rounded with a sleep. -William Shakespeare

Dream Blogger – Ken Sheetz


Still energized by the vision from yesterday on Halloween at the monument I spring from bed on 11/01/10, next in the series of binary meditations for a Gentle 2012, like a kid on Xmas.   Huh?  This was not how I’d been expecting to feel at all about the vital work of clearing the negative energy trapped revolving and evolving around 9/11.

My groggy roomie shuffles past, wondering at my cheerful grin.  In the shower I sing “AHA AHA HE AH!” from THE GOOD BAD AND THE UGLY, the album I was guided to select music from for today’s work.  Stepping from shower I wipe away the steam on the mirror and start to shave.  I am doing my usual “How’d I get so damn old routine?” to my half shaved face, when I hear a voice and almost cut myself.

“9/11’s ancient history after today.  About time.”

The light east coast accent is unmistakable. “David?” I ask in my head.

David, first name on 9/11 monument at Tujunga Park for the lost Californians on flight 11 where today’s meditation is about to happen, led the angels amazing the pre-work at the site the day before in my vision on Halloween.  (Learn more in the FINDING AMELIA ERHART blog post here.  Did I really see and David Angell?  I mean no disrespect to David or any of the lost of 9/11.  I’m just reporting on the visions, folks.)

“Stickin’ til the job’s done,” says David.

“I’m so honored to –”

“Move it, Sheetzy.  Shamans are gonna get lost today,” chides David the way you’d talk to a kid.  David, no time waster, was a great writer and creator of such great shows as FRAISER.  I wish he could write this blog for us, but we’re stuck with me for now.

“Speaking of light. Keep it light today, Ken.” a deep voice adds.

All I could think is, “Great, now I’m hearing voice(s). Bossy voices.” But I quickly dismiss this old thinking and keep up the chatter in my head with a,”Will do.”

The pair of unseen angels chuckle to each other. “You ain’t nuts, pal.  See you at the monument, ” David reassures me.


Heading for the door, my roomie, head of an anti-addiction charity that I donate videos and social media to via my social media biz BuzzBroz.com to, claims he is too tired to join us for the 9/11 meditation. Too tired to take an hour to work with his closest advisor for media?  In the past I would have guilt-tripped the roomie into coming since I’ve been Mr. Dependable for his stuff.  But I smile sadly and tell him it’s OK.

Without my roomie’s ride I am on foot.  Good exercise.  As I walk the mile or so to the corner of Magnolia and Tujunga in North Holllwyood, he bucket handle for washing the 9/11 monument cuts into my hand a bit, but my step is light.  And I have lots of time to think about my roomie/client pooping out on the DreamShield party at the last minute.  I realize it’s more likely overexposure to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.  My missing roomie becomes an inspiration to also mediate today on freeing people’s minds form the 24/7 media’s manipulation.


At the corner there are no DreamShield guests yet. Checking my watch I see I am 45 minutes early. Not my usual routine. To kill some time I walk over Amelia Erhart’s statue on the opposite corner from our meeting spot and stop to take a picture for the blog.  I see the plaque proclaims Amelia was lost at sea on her 1937 flight.  I look for binary code clues in the date of 1937 when Amelia vanished and sure enough 1+9=10 and 3+7=10.  10/10.

Still half an hour early I decide to inspect the site, worrying as I make my way past happy squirrels about a few haters who had been giving us some trouble on Facebook before I blocked them.  Then I remind myself this work is anti-fear and say to myself, “No fear.”

A middle-aged man sits silent, paying respect at the 9/11 monument.  He looks at my water bucket wondering, simply gets up and leaves.  The site is ours.


My cheap but dependable Boost mobile phone rings.  It’s Isabella Stolofff, DreamShield’s shaman, coming for today’s important work all the way from Orange County.  Lost, just as David had predicted.  I guide her in, thrilled we have our shaman.  Isabella arrives in her shiny new black Honda and pops out wearing a cheerful bright yellow top.

As the group assembles at the corner, one after another are dressed in happy attire. Not what you’d expect for a 911 meditation for the dead.  Somehow I am wearing all bright happy colors too.  I suspect a heavenly Hollywood wardrobe angel is at work behind the scenes to keep things upbeat on this bright sunny day.

Matt Kelly, my bro for buzz and a talented producer and media champion for green energy, shows up next.  Matt kindly offers to play cameraman so I can focus on the meditation.  I give him a big bear hug of thanks.  Matt points out a girl with angel wings wandering the park across the street.

The lost human angel is busy watching a squirrel chatter in another vortex tree as I tap her on the shoulder and introduce myself.  Amea’s relieved I found her as she was not quite sure where to be.  Turns out the angel wings I saw she owned on Facebook came in handy for spotting her.

Next the amazing healer and palmist Dr. Sarah Larsen arrives, looking gorgeous and rested up from the mega ‘DreamShield 10/10/10 Sowing the Seeds for Gentle 2012″ event she hosted for DreamShield that drew 200 amazing guests to Rancho De Las Palmas a few short weeks ago.

The beautiful Reyna (pronounced Ree-nah) Calvo, who helped name the vortex tree of love at the monument, is next as the group builds to about 15 souls.

We’re about to head into the park to the monument when my phone rings again. It’s Lee Hanks who has been on many UFO TV shows. Lee’s one of our country’s top ET experts and who has personally experienced a documented alien encounter.  We are blessed he is in town all the way from Florida.  Meeting over the phone a few days earlier, Lee has told me DreamShield’s kind of work, preparing for the New Age which is finally upon  us is happening everywhere on the planet for 2012.  And end point for 24 other calendars besides the Mayan.


After Lee makes it to the group with his wife, and we’ve all had a chance to meet, I worry to him that I forgot to bring a tissue box for the group’s tears. Lee says, “We can wipe tears on our sleeves.” he demonstrates.

But I finally get what the deep voice said while I was shaving today.  “Keep it light.”

You see, dear reader, I forgot the tissues because this meditation was not going to be about tears.  It’s was to be about warming the heart of a humanity that’s lost it’s way in the pursuit of oil.  The meditation was going to about our finding freedom from oil in the next Mayan 5,000 year cycle.

Last but not least, Laura De Leon, an opera singer and shaman herself, graces the corner gathering.  The dazzling brunette’s dressed in black with pink accents and a bright pink parasol.

The time has come.  I take Laura by the hand and we all finally head for the monument in a joyful procession beneath the canopy of the park’s trees.  Behind me, Isabella and Sarah sing joyously.  We gather curious looks from squirrels and park goers.

Arriving at the 9/11 site and the first thing I do is wash the monument plaque for the lost Californians that has grown dirty with mud and bird waste. Cali, new to all this sort of work like I was six months ago, tells me after,” I felt a huge release of negative energy as the monument as you lovingly cleaned it that brought tears to my eyes.”

I spot the lone piece of tissue on the ground I saw from last night. The one I mistakenly thought was a signal that we’d be doing a lot of weeping today.  How it’s still here I have no idea… when I notice it’s soaked to the grass. Laura’s about to remove the little angel wing shaped tissue when I tell her,  “Leave it.  The angels have done most of our crying for us.”

OK, David’s telling me to get lost and let the video do the rest of the talking.

This blog post is dedicated to my Great Uncle Pete and pal Tony O’Donnell’s mother, both Irish and both who left us recently, and the lost of 911 on both sides.

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